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Tinder Security PSA

Hey lovlies. If you want to keep a low profile on Tinder setting your age brackets above your friends’ age simply won’t work.

Age settings only determine who do you see. Who sees you is a whole another issue. If you are 23 years old, you will still appear on anyone who has age settings 20-30 whatever regardless of their own age.

Be mindful of that.

What you should do is, if you have Tinder Plus, go to your profile page there should be your photo in circle, your name, your location, my tinder plus and settings.

Click on my tinder plus.

Underneath there will be a section called Who Sees You. 

Select Only People I’ve Liked. 

This way you will be protected from the public eye. You won’t get Super Likes lined up but people will still super like you only after you have already liked them and you will know if they did once you match with the blue star. 

Be safe, hoes.


“My name is Hercule Poirot and I am probably the greatest detective in the world.” - Agatha Christie, The Mystery of the Blue Train

just a little help

hey! i see a lot of you guys say you miss the notifications on the recent insta live streams the panic! dudes have been doing. i too have experienced the pain and i finally figured how to sort it. first, go to the insta app. then go to your profile and click on settings (top right of your screen). then scroll down and click ‘push notifications settings’, then select ‘live shows’ to ON. hope this helps!

New earbuds that let you turn up or down the sounds around you. 

But is not just about volume, you can also raise or lower the bass or adjust specific frequencies.

They also have preset filters that you can use to cancel out crowd noise or enhance the sound a concert venue.

“Riding on a bus? Just tap the “Bus” profile to drown out the low frequency hum. Walking around in a city? Tap the “City” or “Crowd” filters to tune out the murmurs and shouts. (There are also some crazier effects like “Echo” and “Fuzz.”)”

These have been created for the mass market but will have specific benefits to disabled people who want to block out sounds or for those who have hearing impairments.

“When you show up for a flight at an airport, the Here app could automatically suggest you switch to that profile. If you always set it to office mode at a certain location, the earbuds could start suggesting that filter when you arrive. Kraft’s ideas for Here go even farther than that, and they start to sound almost sinister. “I sometimes sit here with [the decibel setting at] +6 with just the door open and eavesdrop on the office, it’s kind of amazing,” Kraft jokes. “You can hear, like, the little conversations that you’re not supposed to hear."The Here earbuds seem ready to tackle these everyday situations, but Kraft says they’re meant for more aggressive settings like live concerts, or the hustle and bustle of a big city.”

Called the Here Active Listening System by Doppler Labs, there is currently a waiting list to buy them.

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Young Love

Young Love
Request: Hi, I’m not sure if you have a ask box, or not but could you write ma a Carl Imagine? Maybe something like he goes around asking everyone)Rick, Michonne, Maggie etc) on how he should admit his feelings to you and get you into let him kiss you? I dunno, just something cute and funny and full of embarassed flutered Carl… thanks love
Warnings: I don’t think there is any lol
A/N- I do have an ask box! Please ask away! Until about mid-October I will be busy with Volleyball but will still attempt to write. Ask up! The list all of all the fandoms I write for is on my profile:)
PS: This is set before all of the Negan stuff :D

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Alexandria had been going through a rough patch ever since the The Walkers got through the gates. There was lost lives, eyes, limbs, etc. But somehow you managed to stay positive the entire time.
That’s what Carl loved most about you. He loved the way you attempted to cheer everyone up before yourself. When he lost his eye, you were the first one to help him regain his original personality.
It was safe to say that he was definetly in love with you.
Carl had no idea how to aproach you about the feelings he was having. Everytime he got the courage, you would do something to make his stomach flip and tie in knots. He would chicken out every time.
After his last attempt, he sat down on the couch in defeat. He was probably going to give up now, there was no way he could tell you without getting nervous.
You were out helping in the infirmary, you had no medical skills but there still was that medical book that trained Denise. Nobody refused your service, you were a kind soul and everybody knew it. Carl even let you change his bandage when it was needed. He secretly loved the feeling has your finger tips brushed over his cheek bones.
Carl’s thoughts were interupted by the front door opening and closing. Rick and Michonne walked into the livingroom, engaged in some conversation about the upcoming run.
“Hey Carl,” Rick said as he passed. “What’s up?”
“Nothing,” Carl mumbled.
“It doesn’t sound like nothing,” Michonne said and sat down beside him. “What’s on your mind?”
So Carl told him how he was struggling to ask you out on a date. He figured that Michonne and his dad would laugh, but they remained serious and listened the entire time.
“She really likes you too,” Rick said finally. “Just man up and ask her out, son.”
“Gee thanks Dad, that really helped,” Carl snapped and walked away from the couch and up to his room.
He threw himself down on his bed and tried to reign his anger. He never was the best at controlling his temper, but the thought of you made him calm down.
After he had calmed down, he decided to talk to Maggie in the garden. She loved to work in the garden now that she was not allowed to go outside the walls.
Carl walked down the stairs and straight out of the house, sure enough Maggie was weeding the strawberries with a straw hat shading her face.
“Hey Maggie,” Carl said as he approached her. “Can I ask you something? I need some advice.”
“Sure, what is it?” She asked and wiped her dirty fingers on her jeans. “I could use a break anyway.”
Carl explained his problem and Maggie listened intently. By the time he was done, his cheeks were flushed from embarassment and he was looking at the ground.
“You’ve just got to have courage,” Maggie said. “Y/N really likes you, Hun. She’s not going to say no.”
Maggie’s decloration didn’t do much to inspire Carl, he found Glenn in the armory after the day’s run.
“Glenn?” Carl asked, cutting straight to the chase. “I need some advice.”
Glenn smiled tiredly and rubbed his eyes, “what’s up Carl?”
“How to I ask Y/N out?” Carl asked and reached for the bag to help put away the weapons.
Glenn laughed and checked the box of shells, recording the number and then putting the box away. “Take her on a picnic or somethin’, be a romantic. Then kiss her,” Glenn shrugged. “She’s in the infirmary right now, go do it!”
Glenn’s words gave more inspiration to Carl, he nodded and made the short walk to the infirmary.
You didn’t look up as Carl walked through the door. Your hair had fallen out of a messy bun and framed your face as you looked over the book. Your lips were pursed as you studied the text in front of you, deep in thought you still didn’t notice as Carl aproached you at the counter.
“Y/N?” He asked and sat down on the stool infront of you.
“Oh hey, Carl,” you said and smiled. “What’s up?”
“Not much,” he said and reached up to set his hat on the counter. “Can you change my bandage?”
Your beautiful (e/c) eyes lit up and you nodded quickly. “Of course, I’ll go get the stuff.” You secretly loved changing his bandage.
After you left, Carl took a few deep breaths and tried to calm himself down. He was going to do this, it was now or never.
You startled him by dumping all of the supplies on the counter, you smiled and plopped down on the stool beside him.
“Ready?” You asked and reached under his fringe to untape his bandage.
He nodded, asking himself the same question. You were so close, he could smell your shampoo and the mint you were sucking on.
You carefully cleaned his eye with a cotton ball, he was calm as you dried off the access liquid with a paper towel. As you taped the bandage back on his forehead, he took a deep breath.
“Thank you,” he said quietly. His voice was soft and trembling, you hadn’t heard that voice in a while.
“What’s wrong?” You asked and tucked a piece of your hair behind your ear.
He lifted his eye to meet yours, yours were filled with so much worry and sadness. How could he not see that before?
“Carl?” You asked again, gently laying a hand on your arm. “Tell me, please.”
With only slight hesitation, Carl leant forward and pressed his lips against yours. Your eyes widened in shock, Carl Grimes was kissing you!
His hand slid through your hair and then trailed down your shoulders. You had to be the first one to pull away.
“Y/N,” he whispered and looked down, flustered.
You smiled and reached to lock your fingers with his. He looked up at you and smiled.
“About damn time you manned up.”
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Super Random Thing Involving an OC of Mine in the Discarded Plotline of [Working Title]

Ok so I was looking through the plotline for my original series and found some real gems. The plotline has been heavily revised, even though I really only wrote it a few months. Mostly because I had no real main antagonist.

But before I redo the plotline, I wanted to share this:

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