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lmao but the amis grew up in the same town right? so grantaire had this ridiculously fucked up crush on enj in 3rd grade and still being in that insulting-your-crush-is-flirting phase he would pick fights w him ALL THE TIME and once he even flat out walked up to enj and slapped hIS BLUE BUBBLEGUM AND RAINBOW SPRINKLES ICE CREAM CONE OUT OF HIS HAND WTF (it was on a school party night so there’s a very beautiful printed pic of the moment too. Enj’s older brother took it. Years later R scanned the pic and made it his fb profile photo with the caption “didn’t they tell you that i was a savage” smfh r)
So the years went by and R grew and read more and became this super artsy boy with adorable hair, a successful art tumblr, ink-stained fingers and a caustic sense of humour while enj became fucking homosexual as fuck he was so over the fuckin moon for R in high school it was a lil embarrassing ay yo enj i feel u tho and so???? he kept getting red in the face and VERY aggressively defensive whenever R addressed him and OFC R was still In Love™ like enj was his first crush and that never faded and????? also Enj kept becoming prettier??? and R kept becoming gayer lmaO but he kept it under wraps bc CLASSIC GRANTAIRE he didn’t think it was even a possibility and that it was insulting towards enj to even deign to hope so he was SUAVE ASF and excruciatingly casual which only served enj’s thirst more HAHAhahahxfnjcocis but anyway fast forward after college grantaire proposes with a blue bubblegum and rainbow sprinkles ice cream cone and fcK me Up bahorel FILMED A 15 MINUTE SEGMENT OF THEIR ENGAGEMENT PARTY A LA SHIA LABEOUF JUST FILMING HIS FACE W TEARS STREAMING DOWN IT i love him


Rinrei White Day Gift Exchange 2016 for Makaria

Prompt: “Rei seeing Rin in his old maid outfit for the first time”. 

oh gosh i misread the information things were supposed to be done and submitted the 4th but OH BOY i skipped right over it and thought it was the 14th (which is the last submission day oops). anyways, i’m so unimaginative i didn’t know how rei would react to rin wearing a maid dress, so i kept it really lowkey ahah orz. i hope you still like it.

@rinreigiftexchange | @makariaartisabout

چھنتی ہوئی نظروں سے جذبات کی دنیا میں
بے خوابیاں افسانے مہتاب تمنائیں
کچھ الجھی ہوئی باتیں کچھ بہکے ہوئے نغمے
کچھ اشک جو آنکھوں سے بے وجہ چھلک جائیں

فسردہ رخ لبوں پر اک نیاز آمیز خاموشی
تبسم مضمحل تھا مرمریں ہاتھوں میں لرزش تھی
وہ کیسی بے کسی تھی تیری پر تمکیں نگاہوں میں
وہ کیا دکھ تھا تری سہمی ہوئی خاموش آہوں میں

فیض احمد فیض

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I hate straight ppl omg they don't know what it's like to be LGBT+ they don't know what we feel every fucking day they don't know why we choose some things and they're don't even care and yet they still open their ugly mouths to say ridiculous homophobic shit I'm so fucking tired when they're gonna shut the fuck up I hate them

and they wonder why we’re so cautious and distrusting of the straights all the time this is why

why do old people share so MUCH on facebook i only ever go on fb to update my profile pic if it didnt get enough attention on tumblr/gram yet everyone 40+ shares like 20 inspirational quotes memes and animal pics a day not knocking it just how do they find the time with all their kids and mortgages and crap


Just wanted to say a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who made my Birthday last Sunday so special for me - every gift art, gift fic, hilarious Birthday messages, belated Birthday messages, non-unfollowing - every single second that you guys have spent on me has made me SO so happy and I couldn’t ask for more. I HAD to make a collage of everyone’s gifts and messages from Tumblr…It is now my profile pic on FB ^-^ And it’s never coming down mwahahaha!

So, from the Pigeon Gang over here at - THANK YOU SO MUCH WE LOVE YOU!!!!! <33333

Edit: Plz full view the gif I promise it don’t look as shitty as Tumblr has made the preview look T_T

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Do you think its possible Henke's go fuck yourself tattoo was directed towards Tobias? He just made it his fb profile pic a few days ago when this all started to go down

Smh… it’s a quote from Lemmy Kilmister. Henke’s a huge Motörhead fan.

He’s had that tattoo for a while from what I understand.

You guys are reading too far into this.


been wanting to replace my FB profile pic but I’ve forgotten my camera angles and my nose haunts my every selfie

I’m planning to grow my hair out bc reasons, but I’m mildly worried that my hair will lose its volume. a good 80% of my identity is owed to the size of my hair.

“new” profile pic added to david’s fb page tonight | 3.30.17

HAVE I MENTIONED HOW MUCH I LOVE THIS PICTURE. maybe i have. finally david embraces my logic. the universe has reached its zenith.

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Hi can you help a cockles trash :) what is up with the spa thing I keep seeing bits and pecies about the day and writers and I am lost ?! Thanks

Hey! It basically all comes from this tweet:

the twitter user says to have screencapped this on her Facebook wall. apparently this friend of hers works at a spa in Bellingham, WA (which is where Misha lives btw). 

She says the girl is referencing “the guy in her profile pics” which is this:

and apparently she’s been posting Misha pics on her FB all day too, because it was his birthday.

The writer thing is really confusing to me as well!

also this

Then apparently people tried to figure out whether Jensen was filming or not - there is still no proof if he was or was not filming. They found a pic with him and fans from set, but it turned out to be from Wednesday.

Also a vancouver paparazzi (Wendy told me he is actually a set worker for SPN) tweeted this, and then proceeded to troll the fandom, lol

I think this is all. Sorry if I confused you even more. :’D

The girl could either be lying (not saying she is, just saying it’s a possibility), or if the thing is real, Misha could be there but not with Jensen but someone else, maybe Philip indeed. The whole writer thing really is very confusing, what would the writers be doing in Bellingham anyway?

So I’ll not get too excited about it, ‘cause it could be fake but I’ll still enjoy all the spa headcanons & fics obviously because I’m Cockles Trash™ ;)

this is getting old but i was at the craft store &saw the cardboard letters and I couldn’t not do this