profile game on point

You know, for the very first time I appreciated something new about the post-fight scene in Fromage. Here is Will, the guy who CANNOT help but dissect everyone and everything he sees. He has just walked into a STAGED crime scene…and he sees nothing? I can’t even give him a pass for his illness on this one, because auditory hallucinations aside, he’s still pretty much at the top of his profiling game at this point. We see how much easier it’s become for him, Jack even comments on it–he starts reconstructing things without conscious effort.

So the question then becomes is he so fucking head over heels in love with Hannibal at this point that he is actually blind to all else going on inside that room OR is he peripherally and subconsciously aware of what’s taken place and steadfastly refusing to acknowledge it or look more closely? And if that’s the case, is he doing so to protect Hannibal, who he thinks only killed in self-defense, or is he protecting himself from the full realisation over who Hannibal is? 

Particularly on the heels of Sorbet and my new read over that final, interrogation like scene between them, I’m leaning towards the latter. And I think Hannibal is, too, with that coy, meek little head dip at the end, not meeting Will’s eyes…