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omgcpwomenfest femlash/wlw day

Georgia Martin/Suzanne Bittle based on @des-zimbits Gay Hockey Moms AU

#DateMeBuckyBarnes (Part 6)

Summary: When Hollywood’s heartthrob Bucky Barnes breaks up with his girlfriend, you jokingly tag him in a selfie on Instagram to express your desire to date him. What you don’t expect is a response from the man himself [Modern AU].

Word Count: 1,312 

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5

A/N: Got a little carried away writing this one…

Originally posted by closer-to-the-edge-of-glory

Are you kidding me right now?

Once again, you were in the presence of Bucky Barnes, the beautiful boy you thought you’d never see again after your meeting with him at the coffee shop. Though you maintained consciousness this time around, you weren’t sure if you were able to handle his company once more.

Steve’s gaze flickered between you and Bucky, confusion adorning his features as he spoke up. “You two know each other?” he asked, perplexed towards the predicament at hand. Unlike your friends, Steve was clearly unaware of the uncanny situation you had with Bucky. This was just a continuous mess with no plans of ending soon. 

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The comment section on anything relating to the Thirteenth Doctor’s reveal is a virtual goldmine of sexism, misogyny, homophobia, and transphobia. Wasn’t able to capture everything, but here’s a small sampling of the vitriol I came across.


Alright, so I found out something weird today that has really unsettled me and I just needed to say something. (I want to preface with I’m not mad at the person who did this, ok so—)

Today I found out that ‘call me beep me’, a voltron fanfic I wrote, has been listed on Goodreads. After I laughed for a few seconds at the absurdity of a fic I wrote being my first piece of work on Goodreads, I started to feel a really horrible sinking feeling in my stomach. My first piece of work on Goodreads, under the name I want to when (if) I become a published author, is a fanfic. A fanfic I adored writing but a fanfic that is also not professionally edited not anywhere near the professional publishing standards I would expect from a book listed on Goodreads.

And then I realised that cmbm wasn’t the first fanfic of mine that has been added to Goodreads, but one I’d written earlier and am nowhere near as happy or proud with. So I click through that profile and there’s a comment from someone insulting my writing which - fair enough, reviewers are entitled to that but my fics aren’t professionally edited and published pieces of work. Goodreads is largely a space for published books that have been professionally edited so to have my writing picked apart on held onto the same pedestal as actually edited and published work when it is clearly nowhere near that standard and never should’ve thrown in the same league…just made me feel so bad.

And what’s worse is that nobody even asked my permission to list those works on Goodreads. Please don’t do that guys. I’m sure there are fanfic authors who won’t mind having their fics listed on Goodreads, and I’m happy for them, but there are also plenty of us who do. And I’m one of them. I don’t want my unedited work I wrote for fun listed under my name on a site where one day I kind of want to have a for real published book. It’s not a good look.

Anyway, like I said, I’m not mad at whoever did it, I doubt they even gave it a second thought, but please…if you’re even thinking about listing a fic writers work on a website they haven’t already posted their work…at least have the decency to ask them.


What I also love about Luke and Penelope’s little cute teasing banter is the facial expressions on JJ and Rossi’s afterwards.

JJ smiles every single time when the word newbie comes out. She gives Luke a little glance, smiling because it’s just interesting that Penelope Garcia, the holy grail of sweetness can be this sassy and aloof with somebody. She knows that her best friend is a creature of habit and the nickname will stick with Luke Alvez forever.

Rossi has the funniest facial expressions every single time he’s around Luke and Penelope or when he hears Penelope say what she always says around him. He has this “look at these kids” expression. That little smirk when the word newbie comes up or that little twitch of intrigued eyebrow when Penelope “profiles” Luke with comments like - “He just wants us to think he’s a smoldering mass of mystique and contradictions.”

I just can’t with their adorable cuteness, they literally melt my heart. The season finale is in a few days and due to the heaviness of the plot, I doubt we will be able to see any Luke x Penelope scenes anymore. This is why I look forward to Season 13 and hope they can give us some more of their chemistry and cuteness. Especially the facial expressions of the other members around them because it’s hilarious.

So I decided to translate Karma’s profile from Graduation Album Time for the hell of it since it was part of the preview. I don’t guarantee complete accuracy, so let me know if I made any mistakes since accuracy is very important. Thank you. m( _ _ )m

*reads Okuda’s comment* …I’m starting to wish we had a list of what kind of shady things he requested Okuda to make for him other than stink compounds and cyanide-laced chocolate. And possibly chloroform. This is not a joke, you two. Lives are at stake here.

With that out of the way, here’s Karma’s profile.

E-1 - Akabane Karma (赤羽業)

Members of the Akabane Family

  • Father: Day trader
  • Mother: Day trader
  • Siblings: Only child

An only child. Because his house is enveloped by the fragrance of Indian incense, he gives off a faint scent of it as well.

Reason for transfer into Class E: bad behaviour

Due to his excellent grades, his problematic behaviour was overlooked, but using violence to save an upperclassman in Class E subsequently drops him into Class E

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raffle psa

this is a small reminder that if you’re considering joining a raffle on site that isn’t run by a dom team, PLEASE TAKE THE TIME TO GOOGLE THE HOST. a lot of people throw large amounts of money at raffles hosted by users with sketchy pasts (who often have a history of taking money and running).

seriously, just check out their user profile. look for comments about refunds. google their user name and check if any drama sites have talked about that user running off with people’s money/dragons. it takes a few minutes and can save you a headache and loss down the line.

Online (Jimin, You)

• Title: Online
•Characters: Jimin x You
•Words: 7.2k
•Genre: Fluff (angst? not sure)

Plot: You met him on a penpal kind of website, and almost immediately felt the connection between the two of you.

A/N: You might have seen this fanfiction somewhere before, and you might be right. I started this series almost 2 years ago, and never finished it. Lately I noticed it in my old computer, and I felt the urge to finish it. I posted all the parts together, so that it’s easier to read. Hope you like it! Tell me what you think about it with a message, I’d be glad to hear your opinion. Now enjoy!

2Chim: Hello there! Nice to meet you, my name is Jimin and I’m from South Korea. I’m trying to make some friends here on WorldPals. I hope you could be one of them. Have a nice day~

“Look, a message! I told you,” your friend Denise explained “it’s one of the most used websites. You can get to know people from Australia, from Japan… isn’t it amazing?” She looked enthusiast about the idea of having friends from all over the world. She’s always been interested in learning different languages, about different cultures.
“Hum, I don’t know… is it safe? What if this 2Chim is a fraud?” You murmured checking his profile. He looked cute on his profile picture, and many comments were from girls and boys praising his good looks. “You can always block them if they seem suspicious, don’t worry about that. It’s not that you have to give your personal information away” she said and finally stood up looking at her clock. “Oh my, it’s so late! Listen, Y/N, you just talk to people and see how it works by yourself, it’s not that difficult. You’ll tell me about it then.” She ruffled your hair with a strong gesture and then left. “Ouch… my hair!” You cried out, but she was already gone. You looked back at the computer, 2Chim’s profile still on it. “Let’s do this” you told yourself.

Y/N: Nice to meet you, Jimin. I’m Y/N, I’m from ____. I’d like to make some friends too. ^ ^
2Chim: Wow, Y/N! What a beautiful name, for a beautiful flower like you eheh~

“Uh! That was cheesy” you chuckled.

Y/N: Well, thank you? Ahah I like your name too. Hum, where do you live?
2Chim: I live in Seoul, but I’d like to travel a lot, that’s why I’m here. I want to improve my English! You know, English is really important nowadays… but it’s so difficult.ㅠ ㅠ
Y/N: Are you sure? Your English is perfectly fine!
2Chim: It’s all because of this website. And I read a lot. So… what about you? Why are you here?
Y/N: My friend told me this place is awesome, I’m here because of her… but I don’t really know. It doesn’t look that safe, I have to get used to it.
2Chim: Yes, sure… you should be careful. Bad people see a pretty face and always try to harass you. ㅠ ㅠ
Y/N: Thank you for the advice then, I’ll be careful.

“Even with you, Jimin” you said to yourself.

Y/N: Where do you want to travel to?

Talking to someone that distant was curious, you suddenly felt that curiosity eating you.

2Chim: To be honest? Your country is the first place I want to go to. That’s why I contacted you… and you’re pretty too, perfect combo, isn’t it? ^ ^
Y/N: Oh, so kind! I’m not that pretty tho ahah

You felt your face getting hotter, and as you looked at the mirror right in front of you you saw two red cheeks, as red as two tasty apples. “What-…”

2Chim: Oh, you are. ^ ^ Anyway, I’d like to spend some time there, like 1 or 2 months. I’d like to have some friends to count on there.
Y/N: Wow, it’s a nice travel anyway! And yeah, my country it’s pretty cool. There are so many places to visit, and I haven’t seen all of them yet!
2Chim: Ikr! I can’t wait, I’m so excited, yet so scared.

A smile crept over your lips. It was so cute. Someone with such an admiration for your country, and you felt so proud of it.

Y/N: Why scared? I’m sure you’ll meet lots of friends here, don’t worry! ^ ^
2Chim: Okay, Y/N. I trust you then eheh~

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White Rabbit - Sixteen

It was Charlie that ran after her and found Alice bent over and dry heaving by the gate. He went to put his hand on her back but she pushed him off, angrily.

“You knew?”

He nodded.

“How many? How many of our friends, our family, how many have been killed because they were ill?”

“Ally, I don’t know. I honestly don’t know. I’m only a few years older than you, remember that. I didn’t know this was happening when I bought you here.”

“Yeah right,” Alice scoffed. “You’re his son, of course you knew.”

Charlie shook his head again.“I don’t get any special privileges because I’m a direct descendent. Far from it. It’s you he had the special interest in remember, you and Abby.”

“So anyone that’s been ill, anyone that we’ve been told has left of their own accord?”

“No one leaves of their own accord. I know this now.”

Charlie did look ashamed of himself and Alice wondered if he really had been kept in the dark until he’d reached nineteen. Even after Alice had been matched to Lewis, she and Charlie had remained good friends. He looked out for her and Abby, he’d comforted her the two times she’d been in the infirmary with her miscarriages and he’d always come with her to hold her hand whenever she was called to give blood, because he knew how much she despised it. It was Charlie that bought her books from his trips into town that she still wasn’t allowed to go on, and it was Charlie who had spent days slapping at her hands when she’d started to itch at the rabbit tattoo all residents of the camp were branded with when they turned sixteen.

Alice couldn’t wrap her head around this. Lewis had told her time and time again that when the world fell, they’d need everyone. All of the resources they could get. Due to the ages, some of the residents naturally wouldn’t have been around for it anyway. But for the time being, when they were still building and expanding, working to save for the future, surely it was all hands on deck?

Yet here he was, advocating the murder of innocent people. Their friends, their family.

“The measles outbreak, last year. Amy and Sara?” she named two young girls she remembered being taken to the infirmary and not coming out. She’d been told they’d been taken back into town and would recover with their grandparents on the outside.

Charlie nodded.

“Alex? Meg? Jenny?”

He nodded at each name and Alice retched again.

“Ally, comeback to the house. Lets get you some water.”

Alice didn’t want to go anywhere with him. She didn’t want to go anywhere with any of these people any more. This wasn’t right.

But she had no choice.

Lewis came to her later that night. She’d shut herself away in her room, not even saying goodnight to Abby or Marnie. Charlie had tried to talk to her some more but she wasn’t having any of it. Marnie had told him to leave her be, that she’d soon understand.

Alice didn’t think she’d ever understand.

When Lewis came in he didn’t look annoyed or disappointment. He just sat on the edge of the bed, the bed they shared a few nights a week, and looked at her.

“Alice, this will be your job soon. To make the hard decisions like I’ve had to.”

“I don’t want that job,” she told him.

“You don’t have a choice. It’s going to happen. You’re going to lead them all. You’re going to save them all, you’re special.”

Suddenly Alice found herself no longer believing this. In fact, she started to wonder how she’d ever let herself believe it. But… She sensed something. That if she argued too much, that things would change. So she listened to him, nodding in the right places as he told her that it was all for the greater good.

But now, she was questioning everything internally.

“You will do the next one, Ally. It’s your duty.”

She nodded at him, apologising for running out and panicking. She understood now, she told him. It was just a shock. He patted her leg and moved closer towards her on the bed, stroking her arm softly.

“Lewis, who did it, in the end? Who shot Thomas?”

“Rebecca did it. She’s turning out to be stronger than I initially thought. She wasn’t there before, when I left to come to this time. I don’t know if she ever was meant to be, not like you. You were always meant to be here.”

Lewis pressed his lips to hers and she forced herself to respond.

She didn’t want to be here though. Not anymore.

Spencer watched as Alice spoke. During the morning, she’d been animated and responsive. As she was talking about the killings though, her voice went flat and her eyes seem fixed on a spot on the wall. She’d emotionally detached herself from it, the way he’d seen hundreds of people do before.

He couldn’t blame her. She’d spent nearly four and half years in a place, being told she was important to a non existent future. She’d clearly craved family and love and adoration, and was lavished with that for the first few years, being singled out especially. What Spencer couldn’t work out, is why she’d been singled out by Lewis. Reid was sure that someone who had the charismatic capabilities to convince people to live in a retreat in the woods, could have had his pick of girls to choose to take as a partner. Yet for some reason, he chose Alice. Chose to tell her she was going take over from him.

Perhaps it really was what she’d said earlier. That to Lewis, this really wasn’t a scam. That he truly believed it.

“Alice, you’re doing so well. And you’ve given us so much information….” Dave began as the door to the interview room opened and Agent Hotchner strode in. She shook herself out of her reverie.

“Alice, we’re going to take another break. It’s approaching early evening and you’ve answered so many questions for us already. There’s not much more we can do here tonight. I’m going to have Dr Reid escort you home again and spend the night. We’ll need you to come back tomorrow and help us some more, okay?”

She nodded and the three stood up and exited the room, Aaron putting his arm out to stop the two Agents, but allowing her past them. She hovered out in the hallway, close enough to hear the hushed tones.

“What do you think, Hotch?” she heard David Rossi ask.

“She’s telling the truth, as far as I can tell. She’s been through a lot and I think it’s taken an awful amount of courage for her to come forward with this. It’s just a shame she didn’t sooner.”

“What now?” Spencer enquired.

“We bring her back tomorrow. There’s still a list of questions we need answering. And we need to find this place somehow, and shut it down. Shut HIM down.”

“Aaron, that may not be that easy. From the way she talks, it sounds like he thinks he’s doing the right thing here. And they clearly have weapons and have all been taught to defend themselves. It’s been five years since Alice was there. We don’t know what’s changed since.” The older profiler commented and Aarob sighed, knowing he was right.

“We’ll think of something. Reid, take her home and stay with her. She seems more at ease with you than any of us. We’ll stay here for a while longer, see if we can dig up any more information, maybe find this place by looking at satellite photos. Once we find it, then we’ll worry about how we infiltrate. An Agent has been staying with the Manchesters and he’s been reporting back. Ellen apparently seems hysterical at what she’s found out about her sister, and she only heard half of it.”

“Is it a good idea to insert Ally into that atmosphere then?” Reid asked, noting Aaron’s face change slightly at his use of her nickname.

“It could be good. She may reveal more if her sister starts asking questions. If she gets bothered by it, we can put you both in temporary accommodation for a few nights. But I don’t want you leaving her side. She still could run.”

Alice shook her head and moved the few feet back to the door opening.

“Hi…. I can hear you out there. I won’t run, promise. But, until you shut them down, I’m not going anywhere without an Agent. An armed one. Dr Reid will do. Can we go now? I can handle my sister’s hysteria or whatever. I have done for the past five years.”

Looks were exchanged between all three men.

“We can go. We need to stop by my apartment though, I need a change of clothes,” Spencer told her, nodding farewell to his colleagues and leading Alice out.

Both Rossi and Hotch watched them go before turning to each other.

“This is turning out to be much bigger than we thought, isn’t it?”

Hotch nodded. Much bigger.

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Could you explain the lark ship im so confused haha ( btw love your blog )

Hey haha yeah. Ele ( @tiberiusblacktorn ) made an ig edit (don’t have the link rn) and There was a picture of a Lamp in Mark’s profile. And in the comments everyone was like “where did the lamp come from lol” (the edited comments I mean) and that’s how Lark was born. I have no idea who started it tbh.