Year of Birth: 1985(?)
Star Sign: Cancer
Personality Type: ESFJ
Element: Fire
Height: 5'8"

For someone who didn’t willingly become a ghoul, Ifrit is remarkably cheerful about his life as one, but he wasn’t always like that. Through a series of misadventures starting with the disappearance of his best friend and longtime bandmate, Chops, Ifrit was forced to take initiation in early 2015 after accidentally knocking over and shattering a display case containing the preserved skeleton of a several-centuries-old Papa, considered by the Church to be a priceless artifact. Sister Imperator offered him two options: he could pay with his life by death, or by devoting it to the Church of Lincopia.  
Even with his best friend there for emotional support, Ifrit’s early days as a ghoul were miserable. He wanted nothing to do with devil-worship, and the process of corruption disgusted and horrified him, his pride in his appearance shattered by the pain and ugliness of the transformation.

Meeting the Church’s mysterious, bizarre, full-blooded water ghoul changed his attitude. The pair became unlikely friends, and, eventually, even unlikelier lovers. However strange their pairing may be, Dewdrop was apparently just what he needed, helping him to come to terms with his new life and convincing him that being a ghoul might not be all that bad. 
Ifrit became the band’s lead guitarist in 2017, and not even his apprehension towards singing the praises of Satan could keep him from loving every second of it. He might not be the sharpest knife in the drawer, but what Ifrit lacks in brains he more than makes up for in energy, smiles, and charm.

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