Myers Briggs by Musical Styles

INFJ: Sara Bareilles
ESTP: Kanye West
INTJ: Muse
ESFP: Lilly Allen
INFP: Austra
ESTJ: Eminem
INTP: the Glitch Mob
ESFJ: Taylor Swift
ISFJ: 2cellos
ENTP: Gorillaz
ISTJ: The White Stripes
ENFP: Lana Del Rey
ISFP: Lorde
ENTJ: Camille Saint Saens
ISTP: Arctic Monkeys
ENFJ: Moby

*announcer person voice* and special thanks goes to professional dragon deadlyliv


Please stop complaining at me when I/my co-makers price a full suit between $3,000 and $7,000. Our FX costume work is top notch for walk-around costumes, and we are doing our best to make it affordable without putting ourselves down the crapper.


As you may or may not know, our Romanian eyeliner soldier will be turning 31 32  in August (the 13th of August to be exact). We would like to send him a book with all different kinds of stuff in it, and we need all the contribution and help we can get !

  • We’re putting together a book, initially a photobook but we’ll be putting in more than photos. Edits, info graphics, quote graphics, birthday messages, fanart and so on.
  • We’ll put this book together online and have it printed proffessionally. The quality of the book and its content is completely dependent on the amount of money at our disposal. The book itself will cost around 60€ and then there’s money needed to send it to him. More about the money stuff under the donation header.
  • send us a photo and/or a small birthday message for Seb to make him feel supported by his fans. Please don’t make it too long, we only have limited space before the costs rise massively. If you don’t (want to) send in a picture, there’s more space for text. We’re looking for lots of different faces from different places, so don’t be shy !
  • send us fanart to put into the book, our favourite will be printed on the title page ! if you intend on making new art for the book, please contact us about which role of his you’re going to do, it’d be nice to have a variety of his roles, wouldn’t it ? (:
  • we’re also looking for backgrounds and wallpapers, so please send them in if you have any
  • besides fanart, messages and pictures, edits, poems, funny things, small comics, quotes, cosplay photos, birthday cards stories about when you met him or about how he (or one of his roles) helped you in life are also very welcome. Anything you can think of, really.
  • do keep it clean. Heaven knows he is stunningly attractive but there is no need to write about seven places you’d like him to touch you. We don’t want to make him uncomfortable. Keep it family friendly.
  • fill out these two surveys, we’ll be using the results to make (funny) info graphics and put them in the book. (when you’ve filled them in click on the button in the center of the bottom that says ‘gereed’ (it’s dutch for done) )
  • send us your opinions and ideas ! They’re important to us. If you think we should leave things out of the book, please let us know and tell us why. If you have any other ideas and additions to the book, please let us know as well.
  • spread the word ! If you’re involved in any other (online or offline) communities that would be interested in this project, don’t be hesitant to let them know. This project is not restricted to Tumblr (:
  • we’ll be putting in quite some of our own money, but sadly none of us have a lot so we’re in need of some extra in order to print the book.
  • you can donate here. (if that link doesn’t work you, copy + paste this URL in your address bar: )
  • please make sure our email address is on the top of the page and the project’s name is SebastianstanNetwork, Birthday Project. To be sure you’ve got the right link you can always go to the source post on our blog or send us a message 
  • any donation is welcome. Whether it’s 10€, 5€, 2€, 1€ or even 0,50€, as long as it is above 0,40€ (PayPal charges 0,35€ per transaction), we’re grateful !
  • the more donations, the better the quality of the book. With more money, we can improve the quality of the photos and paper, have more pages (which means more space for your message and bigger pictures!) in the book and we’ll be able to secure the package better there’s a better change of the post people not screwing things up (no offense post people, we love you).
  • we promise you all money will go to this project
  • again, any donation, no matter how small, is greatly appreciated !
  • (to give you an idea of the costs, the book will cost at least 60€, good quality print is about 0,50€ per page extra, extra pages cost around 1,50€ and safe and secure shipping is usually around 30€)
  • the deadline is the 20th of July
  • we’ll print the book shortly after that, see if everything’s in order (if it isn’t, we’ll still have a couple of days to fix it) and send it around the 30th of July
  • if you didn’t make the deadline, don’t worry, just contact us and maybe we’ll still be able to put your stuff in !
  • you can contact us via our ask or submit
  • or send an email to
  • (if you’re sending stuff in, we prefer you do it by email and not via tumblr. that way it’s easier for us to organise and save, and there’s a bigger chance of us receiving your input)
  • HANDWRITTEN  LETTERS AND CARDS can be either scanned/photographed and sent in by email or sent to us by post. If you want to send it by post, please email us and we’ll provide you with the address. Same goes for original art.
  • COSPLAYERS, we’d love to pay more attention to you and dedicate a whole page to you and your profile so we can fit in more pictures of your cosplay and/or the process of making your costume. Please shoot us a message to discuss this. (a small donation of 1,50€ might be required if we’re short on space and have to add an extra page for you, but we’ll have to see about that).

Okay, let’s get this done for our beloved Captain Poop ! (:


For all of you lovely ilvolovers who haven’t already seen this! I am DYING of laughter! For those of you who aren’t ilvolovers, let me learn you thing! It’s things like the first minute of this video that give most ilvolovers their OTP. Typical behavior from Ignazio (he’s such an adorable goof-ball!) and Piero (how he manages not to bust out laughing, I have no clue!). Also, Gianluca NEVER dances. EVER! THIS PERFORMANCE IS GOLD!


connorfranta SO this is a snapshot of every video you made this year all in one collage that i did just for you, because i know 2014 was a pretty big year. I’m so proud of everything you have done and i am glad i am part of the frandom :)