proffessional fangirl


connorfranta SO this is a snapshot of every video you made this year all in one collage that i did just for you, because i know 2014 was a pretty big year. I’m so proud of everything you have done and i am glad i am part of the frandom :)

instead of crying over things we’re not certain will happen ( just a friendly reminder the script might’ve changed & that as far as i’m concerned maryse is considering marrying alec off, not planning his goddamn wędding already ) let’s talk about how we might be getting yet another lovely female character who’s: 1) in a position of power 2) most likely incredibly intelligent & educated 3) aware of her family’s history and now time for some headcanons/theories/wishes cause i’ve no chill: 4) possibly a woman of color 5) who could easily be queer ——– i read a post where someone said they wanted lydia to be a lesbian & i kinda support that opinion & if you wanna know why just message me, i don’t want this post to turn into a novel 😘 6) actual history nerd, who might whip out a random fact about any more or less important event in history of the shadow world 7) proffessional magnus bane fangirl 8) a wonderful & strong female character that hopefully won’t be killed off or degraded to ‘something in the way of malec’!!!