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Well, I don’t know why srsly

But, well, my friend watched X-men some days ago and we both want to draw fan-arts now. hard. I’m a bit busy with comms so I can draw NOTHING SERIOUS AGain. It was emoji meme and we picked characters from my list and emojis randomly… SO I MADE LOGAN CRY

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My Masterlist!

All of these contain smut, unless specifically stated, and the reader has female anatomy.


Peter Maximoff x Reader

My first attempt at writing anything! Peter Maximoff x Reader (Thigh Riding)

Peter Maximoff x Reader Drabble (Mommy Kink)

Just Desserts Peter Maximoff x Reader 

Closest Thing To Normal Peter Maximoff x Reader

Santa Baby Peter Maximoff x Reader (Santa Kink)

Flustered Peter Peter Maximoff x Reader Drabble

“You’re seriously like a man child” Prompt: Peter Maximoff x Reader Drabble

“Did You Just Hiss at Me?”  Prompt: Peter Maximoff x Reader Drabble

Laundry Day  Peter Maximoff x Reader Drabble

Riding Lessons  Peter Maximoff x Reader (Cowboy Kink)

Untitled Peter Maximoff x Reader Request - Virgin reader, Thigh Riding

Lucky Penny  Peter Maximoff x Reader

Just Pretending Peter Maximoff x Reader Smut                                                     

Good Morning Peter Maximoff x Reader Smut

Smut Free:

This Smut free Drabble is based on Peter reading all the Harry Potter books at super speed to impress you

Twinkies Peter Maximoff x Reader (Smut Free)

A Very Groovy Mutation Charles Xavier x Reader

The Perils of Dating a Telepath Charles Xavier x Reader Request

“Vodka”  Prompt: Erik Lensherr x Reader Drabble

I Love a Man in Uniform Scott Summers x Reader

Energy Alex Summers x Reader

Untitled Jean Grey x Reader


Hot Bucky Barnes x reader smut (oral sex)

No Foreplay Bucky x Reader Smut - Part of the 100 Banging Kinks for Bucky’s Birthday Celebration

Third Base Bucky Barnes x Reader Smut Written for Kate’s cards Against Humanity Challenge

“You’re such a nerd” Tony Stark x Reader  

Harry Potter

Cooling Off Charlie Weasley x Reader Smut

American Horror Story

All of my AHS writings can now be found on my side blog @evandarling

AHS Masterlist 

Writing Practise 

Fictional Kiss Tropes  I wrote these with Peter in mind but they are pretty open to interpretation (No Smut)

Update 27th of July 2017 

aka I am a massive hoe for Steve Rogers rn

Distraction Steve Rogers x Reader 

Frustrations   Steve Rogers x Reader

Drunk  Steve Rogers x Reader

Who is Legion?

FX premiered its first X-Men related TV show Legion on Wednesday, which is about a man named David Haller who thinks hes mentally ill or an incredibly powerful mutant. Despite some close ties to the X-Men, David isn’t an A-list mutant in the X-Men world so below is everything you need to know.


David is an omega level mutant, but being a powerful mutant runs in his family as his father is Professor Charles Xavier, founder of the X-Men. Davids mother is a human named Gabrielle Haller who met Xavier while he was working in Israel as a Doctor. The two eventually fell in love which resulted in Gabrielle becoming pregnant, but Gabrielle hid her pregnancy from Xavier until he left Israel and when David was born she hid his fathers identity from him.

David life as a child was filled with horror and tragedy as he witnessed his step father being killed by terrorists, the trauma of the situation triggered Davids psychic mutant powers. In a fit of rage David destroyed the minds of the terrorists but in the process David became psychically linked to all of his victims, experiencing the moments of their deaths while he also absorbed the mind of the terrorist leader Jemail Karami, into his own. The shock was too much for a young David and he fell into a coma and was brought to Muir Island under the care of Doctor Moira McTaggart who is a close ally to the X-Men.


The stress of using his powers for the first time didn’t just send David into a coma, his mind split into different pieces giving him multiple personality disorder. The primary personalities in Davids mind include Jemail Karami, adventurer Jack Wayne and Cyndi who is a rebellious teenage girl. These personalities fought for control for Davids mind both during and after his coma. Davids powers were so out of control that he wound inadvertently absorb the minds of people around him without meaning to. Xavier was eventually told the David was his son and he help him suppress his multiple personalities.

Although most mutants only develop one ability but because of Davids fractured mental state and his ability to absorb peoples minds he can keep adding different powers of mutants he comes into contact with. However each personality control a different power, the Jemail Karami persona has telepathy, Jack Wayne has telekinesis and Cyndi can control fire. David himself can only absorb peoples minds.

Other powers that David has manifested through his mind absorption include super strength, speed, flight, teleportation, sonic scream and reality manipulation. He even traveled back in time once to kill Magneto but ending up causing his fathers death instead and created the alternate reality called Age of Apocalypse where the villain Apocalypse ruled the world. Theres also been rare occasions were all of the personalities have merged to become “Legion” which is a quote from the bible. “I am Legion, for we are many.”  

Over time David has leaned to control the personality without the help of Xavier, Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four created a device called a Neural Switchboard Wristband which allowed David to access his different powers without the split personalities taking over. But in the Avengers vs X-Men storyline in 2012 ended with the death of Xavier, it made David once again loose his grip over his personalities and abilities.

Not an X-Men

Despite his strong ties the X-Men through his Father, David tries to keep himself separate from the events and goings on of the X-Team mostly because of the dangers he poses to them and the rest of the world. Although he has been an ally to the X-Men, hes mostly been their foe in several stories through the years when another personality takes over and attacks the team. Because of this and his loner nature, David tends to keep himself isolated from the world.

In fact David doesn’t currently exist in the Marvel Comic Universe. Back in 2014 during the Legacy storyline David learns thats he gonna eventually kill all of mutant kind. So to prevent this he once again merges all of his personalities to become Legion and uses his reality warping powers to wipe himself out of existence with everyone’s memories of him gone. But with the premiere of Legion on Wednesday and its first episode having positive reviews, you don;t need physic power to know that David Haller will make his way back to the Marvel Universe in the future.