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Well, I don’t know why srsly

But, well, my friend watched X-men some days ago and we both want to draw fan-arts now. hard. I’m a bit busy with comms so I can draw NOTHING SERIOUS AGain. It was emoji meme and we picked characters from my list and emojis randomly… SO I MADE LOGAN CRY

so sorry


My Masterlist!

All of these contain smut, unless specifically stated, and the reader has female anatomy.


Peter Maximoff x Reader

My first attempt at writing anything! Peter Maximoff x Reader (Thigh Riding)

Peter Maximoff x Reader Drabble (Mommy Kink)

Just Desserts Peter Maximoff x Reader 

Closest Thing To Normal Peter Maximoff x Reader

Santa Baby Peter Maximoff x Reader (Santa Kink)

Flustered Peter Peter Maximoff x Reader Drabble

“You’re seriously like a man child” Prompt: Peter Maximoff x Reader Drabble

“Did You Just Hiss at Me?”  Prompt: Peter Maximoff x Reader Drabble

Laundry Day  Peter Maximoff x Reader Drabble

Riding Lessons  Peter Maximoff x Reader (Cowboy Kink)

Untitled Peter Maximoff x Reader Request - Virgin reader, Thigh Riding

Lucky Penny  Peter Maximoff x Reader

Just Pretending Peter Maximoff x Reader Smut                                                     

Good Morning Peter Maximoff x Reader Smut

Smut Free:

This Smut free Drabble is based on Peter reading all the Harry Potter books at super speed to impress you

Twinkies Peter Maximoff x Reader (Smut Free)

A Very Groovy Mutation Charles Xavier x Reader

The Perils of Dating a Telepath Charles Xavier x Reader Request

“Vodka”  Prompt: Erik Lensherr x Reader Drabble

I Love a Man in Uniform Scott Summers x Reader

Energy Alex Summers x Reader

Untitled Jean Grey x Reader


Hot Bucky Barnes x reader smut (oral sex)

No Foreplay Bucky x Reader Smut - Part of the 100 Banging Kinks for Bucky’s Birthday Celebration

Third Base Bucky Barnes x Reader Smut Written for Kate’s cards Against Humanity Challenge

“You’re such a nerd” Tony Stark x Reader  

Harry Potter

Cooling Off Charlie Weasley x Reader Smut

American Horror Story

All of my AHS writings can now be found on my side blog @evandarling

AHS Masterlist 

Writing Practise 

Fictional Kiss Tropes  I wrote these with Peter in mind but they are pretty open to interpretation (No Smut)

Update 27th of July 2017 

aka I am a massive hoe for Steve Rogers rn

Distraction Steve Rogers x Reader 

Frustrations   Steve Rogers x Reader

Drunk  Steve Rogers x Reader