Professer Irwin!

Words: 2.5K

Warning: Smut!

Summary: Y/N sees her professor at a club and the next day at school she can’t stop thinking about him. 


You saw him about 30 minutes ago, hoping he wouldn’t see you, you were 18 and having a night out with your best friends. Yes, by 3 years you were underage but you had fake ID and you didn’t expect your extremely attractive science teacher to be in a this club.

Professor Irwin had started last year and you’d been intrigued by his bubbly personnel. He always wore a long white lab coat and them stupid plastic goggles. All the girls would fawn over him especially me. But tonight he was wearing a sexy leather jacket with black skinny jeans and a black tank top.  His hair was nicely swept back which was revealing his arousing stubbly beard and hazel eyes.

He was surrounded by three of his mates, which they all were clung to a girl and professor Irwin looked lonely. I walked over to the bar ordering a shot and chugging it back. Even though it was a school night, It was thursday and you’d finished your last exam today. Tomorrow was your last day of full lessons. Yes you still had to go in, but most of tomorrow will be spent watching films or just talking to everyone and saying goodbye. 

“Should you be here?” I heard a gruff voice come behind me, I turned a round to be met with a beautiful pair of hazel eyes boring into my skin. I saw him quickly check me out before his eyes met mine. Today I had worn my tight grey dress which had a cut out showing off my boobs, it was one of my favourite dresses as it showed off everything. I leant on the bar smiling at him innocently.

“You’re not going to tell me off are you?”

“You’re underage Miss Y/L/N” He sternly said, I pouted at him as he looked over to his friends who were making out with the girls they were with. In a way I felt sorry for him, I felt exactly the same. I wasn’t the best looking out of my friends and they were all off with there boyfriends, the few that weren’t were on the dance floor.

“I’m only underage by 3 years, plus no one here knows” He looked back at me and gave a sad smile. 

“I won’t tell if you don’t” I smiled biting my lip. He shook his head and I called the bartender to get me two beers. He brung them over and I gave one to Professor Irwin. Who looked at me sceptically as I gave the bartender the change.

“Y/N I can’t take this”

“It will be our little secret Sir, why are you sad?” Professor Irwin cautiously looked at me before sitting on the barstool next to me. 

“Well every time I come out with my friends they always manage to hook up with someone, all three of them and I’m not into that. I want to find the one you know, the one who will make me happy no matter what”

“Ok but what if you find a really attractive girl who makes you hard as a rock and all you want to do is fuck her” 

“I’m not talking about this with you” he laughed, sipping on beer. His perfect lips wrapping around the end and tilting his head back showing off his perfectly sculptured jaw.

“Why not, its not like your friends are much interested” I spoke as he looked back over to them. Two pairs were leaving and the other one with red hair was dancing with his girl on the dance floor.

“Well, they’re just a bunch of losers who still attend uni, they’re younger then me one is even 19 there other 2 are 20″

“Oh do you think I could hook up with one of them, its been a while”

“Don’t even go there”

“What you scared of, I’m not exactly a virgin, I love a good cock thrusting into me and your friend with the blonde hair is pretty fit, they all are really”

“Really?” He asked questionably and swallowing thickly

“Yeah” I half moaned. I threw my head back taking a sip of the beer and placing it down onto the counter, I licked my lips tasting the beer remains. I saw Professor Irwin’s eyes look over my tongue and his jaw clench as he looked down at his lap. I saw my friend run over to me as she told me we were going. I downed the rest of my beer  placing it down on the side grabbing my purse. 

“Goodbye Sir”

“See you tomorrow in class” he smiled, I reached up kissing him on the cheek before smirking at him and leaving him sat there watching me saunter out of the club. I made sure to shake my ass and I turned round at him and he was laughing shaking his head at me. I winked at him and left the club.

I had just finished my last ever maths lesson and honestly I just felt so tired, at least I only had one ever lesson left to go. My last lesson was Scince as much as I love science I had been dreading ever since Professor Irwin saw me last night. I haven’t been able to stop thinking about what he said, what if I could change the way he feels and give him an night he won’t forget. God I have so many visions of him fucking me. He’s so good looking…and his fucking smile, his hair and his beard. I rubbed my head in frustration as I entered the science lab. I looked at the front row of girls and today they looked like they’re jaws were going to fall off.

I looked out to what they were looking at and I bit my lip. Professor Irwin was wearing a black shirt and black skinny jeans and his hair was combed back. Obviously the girls had never seen him in casual wear and he was a tasteful sight. I went and took my seat at the back of the class.

The whole lesson was Proffeser Irwin congratulating us on all our exams and giving us pep talks about what the future holds. To be honest I wasn’t even paying to what he was saying, I was watching his lip and the way his hands moved as he spoke about something he was passionate about, like what he did when he left school.

The final bell had rang and all the students had ran out of the school, celebrating, now that they had finally left. Me however I was sat at my desk slowly putting away my books into my bag as Professor Irwin packed away his things. I walked over to his desk as he looked up at me. 

“Well I guess this is goodbye” I said smiling at him sweetly.

“Last night, why did you kiss me?”

“You have kissable cheeks I guess” I blushed, not wanting to tell him the actual reason.

“I’ve been thinking about what you said” he started getting up from his chair and moved his way round to the front, sitting on the desk. I walked forward, tilting my head at him. “I found someone who makes me hard, all I want to do is fuck her, but theres a problem”

“Whats the problem?” I asked him placing my bag on the desk next to me and sitting on the desk opposite Professor Irwin.

“She’s a student at my school, she’s in my science class. But fuck she’s amazing, smart and she has this beautiful ass” he groaned, looking at me but now his eyes seemed darker the usual. I got what he was getting at as I stood up and walked forward standing in-between his leg.

“Technically, as of this minute, she’s not your student no more” I whispered edging my face forward. Our breaths mixed together as I lightly swiped my lips against his. He grabbed the back of my neck pulling me forward and crashing his lips to mine. I moaned, wrapping my arms around his waist leaning into him. His other hand came around to my ass pulling me close to him as his tongue entered my mouth. He tasted like peppermint and chocolate, and his lips were soft and felt like I was kissing a cloud. 

“Professor Irwin” I moaned detaching our lips

“Call me Ashton” He kissed over my neck and both his hands came under my skirt grasping my ass cheeks. I ran my hands through his soft hair as his fingers toyed with my panties pulling them down my legs. His fingers came up to my pussy, swiping his fore finger against my folds. Due to me thinking about Ashton all morning my pussy was already wet. Ashton backed his face away from me running his fingers over my folds.

“You’re already wet?” he questioned raising an eyebrow at me

“Have you met my science professor? God he’s so fucking hot” I whimpered reaching forward and unbuttoning his shirt. He let out a groan turning me around to where he was sitting and now he was stood in-between my legs. I pushed his shirt off his shoulders as it fell to the floor and Ashton pulled my shirt apart, a few buttons flying across the room. His lips instantly attached to my boobs, I shrugged off my shirt and leaning back on my elbows as Ashton sucked on my skin. Ashton reached around un pinging my bra and slowly smoothing it down my arms and pulling the cups away from my breasts and groaned.

“So perfect” His hands came around tweaking my nipples and rolling them in his fingers. He leant down sucking onto my nipple and I felt him slowly grind into me. He pulled my nipple, letting go and attaching his lips back to mine. I stroked my way down his chest feeling his few hairs and his muscles, loving the way his body tensed under my touch.  I tugged on his belt bringing him closer. 

“Ashton” I whined

“Yeah baby”

“I want you”

“What do you want?”

“Your fingers and mouth” 

“Is that so?” he grinned like a cheshire cat getting onto his knees. He inhaled my scent licking a line to my pussy circling his tongue over my clit. I let out a whimper as he paused looking up at me and smirking.

“Beg for it”

“Oh god-Ashton I want you so bad, I want you mouth, your fingers and your cock, just like I imagined” He growled sucking onto my clit and kitten licked between my folds, my eyes rolled to the back of my head as his pink lips were attached to my glistening pussy. His long fingers were rubbing small circles on my thighs and keeping them wide open as I kept trying to close them due to the pleasure. I felt his stubble scratch my entrance and I clenched my thighs around his face, it felt fucking amazing.

“More” I whined, he nuzzled in further licking over my entrance and swirling his tongue around my walls teasingly. He moved back up to my clit as I felt his long fingers lap at my juices.

“Suck” He said bringing his fingers to my mouth. I placed them in my mouth making sure to coat them and licking over the tips. He pulled them out and bringing them back to my pussy and delving one finger in. His fingers were so long, which meant they were touching all the right places deep inside me. 

“Oh fuck” I moaned, Ashton grumbled sending my legs trembling around him. He entered another finger thrusting into me. I let out whimpers as he looked up at me smirking. I bit my lip as I saw my essence over his chin and around his mouth. He wiggled his tongue and started to curl his fingers in me. 

The combined pleasure of his fingers pumping in and out of me and his tongue flicking my sensitive bud was enough to put me over the edge. I rocked into him and leant back on his desk.

“I’m going to cum”

“You better fucking not” He moaned. His fingers slid out of my pussy and he pressed one last kiss to my clit. I gave a whimper and pouted. I was so close and he decided to make me hold up.

“What why?” 

“I want you to cum around my cock” he said biting his lip and standing up. He undid his belt pulling it out of the belt loops and throwing it on the floor. Then he pulled down his trousers along with his boxers. His dick stood proud and leaking out pre-cum, the sight was mouth watering and I reached out slowly jerking him off. I tilted my head back as he sucked on my lip.  

“You’re so perfect Y/N, you know that right?”

“As are you Ashton” I moaned as he tugged at my hand making me pulling off him.

“Bend over the desk for me” I did as he said bending over the desk and bunching up my skirt above my hip. He came behind me with a foil packet tearing it open and rolling the condom onto his dick. He pushed into me grabbing my hips and slapping my ass lightly. 

“Fuck sir”

“You like that Y/N?”

I grabbed a hold of the edge of the desk as Ashton thrusted into my hole, there was a crude sound of squelching and the occasional sound of our skin slapping together. I edged as far as I could onto him and I felt his balls blow against my clit. He stroked over my ass and lightly spanking me once again.

“Feels amazing Y/N” he groaned tucking his hand around to rub my clit, I lifted up leaning my head on his shoulder and bouncing off him. Ashton’s dick rubbed against my walls as he clasped my ass squeezing it in his hands and rolling his hips into mine. I felt his tip hit my g-spot and I rammed my ass into his hips. 

“There Ashton” I screamed.  He let out several groans, rubbing my clit at a faster pace. I looked down at my knuckles, which were turning white from the pressure that I was clingy onto the side of the desk. My breathing started to pick up as I felt my legs start to shake. I let out a scream and came hard around his dick as I felt him harshly grab my ass. I heard him let out a animalistic groan and cum in the condom inside me. He slowly pulled out of me, taking off the condom. He tied it up putting it in the bin but making sure to cover it up with a few bits of paper.

“Fuck you’re incredible” He groaned pulling up his trousers

“Well I’m glad you found someone who gets you hard and can make you cum”

“So next week, you busy?”

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Are any of the mods familiar with the Legally Blonde musical? (If not, I highly recommend seeing it on yt!) If so, could we get a sorting of Elle, Emmett, Warner, Vivian, Callahan, Paulette, and Enid?

We would love too! Both of us Ravenclaw Mods have actually been in this show! So we hope you enjoy! -Ravenclaw Mods

Elle Woods: Slytherin 

Originally posted by taryntheduck

Elle is incredibly ambitious, she had a clear goal, to get into Harvard with Warner and she does anything she can to achieve this goal. She is also very um, cunning using her body as something to help her achieve her goal and get what she wants. So she has to be Slytherin! 

Emmett Forest: Hufflepuff

Originally posted by missezramay

Though Emmet Is extremely intelligent, he is even more hard working, he worked multiple jobs while getting an education a Harvard. He is also incredibly kind and loyal to Elle even though she doesn’t always seem like Harvard material, he always finds time to comfort her and support her. So he has to be Hufflepuff!

Warner Huntington III: Slytherin

Originally posted by robinwright

This guy is incredibly ambitious, he knows what he wants to do in life and will do anything to achieve it. Warner doesn’t really care who he hurts as long as he gets his way. Thus Slytherin!

Vivienne Kensington: Ravenclaw 

Originally posted by bookdragonsarereal

This girl has to be a Ravenclaw, she’s incredibly intelligent and witty. She is also very accepting, when she realizes her biases about Elle were wrong, she tells Elle she was wrong. So she has to be Ravenclaw!

Callahan: Slytherin 

Originally posted by bookdragonsarereal

(I’m gonna keep this gif, it’s the only one with Callahan, Vivienne and Enid)

Callahan honestly does whatever he wants, he has these clever plans of how he’s gonna reach his goal of getting with one of his students, and he uses his proffesion as a professor to get with Elle. So he has to be Slytherin!

Paulette: Hufflepuff 

Originally posted by youre-a-godesswoman

Paulette is the first person the Elle meets around Harvard the treats her with any sort of kindness other the Emmett, who was even a little thrown off at first. She is extremely kind and loyal to Elle and they immediately become friends. So she has to be a Hufflepuff!

Enid: Gryffindor 

Originally posted by bookdragonsarereal

(here it is again, sorry guys) 

Enid is extremely brave and strong-minded, she is never afraid to share her opinion, she sees the problems in the world and she has goals on her way to fix it. So she has to be a Gryffindor! 

-Mods Abigail and Tori 

Being an Ideal Muslimah

*Catatan Kajian Muslimah bersama Ustadzah Farhat Naik*

*We have top 4 succesful women of jannah:*

*1. Fatimah (The Prophet’s daughter)*
Fatimah is the person who will lead all the muslimah to jannah.
Once Fatimah was an exhausted wife with so many thing she should do using her hands. After She told The Prophet about her problem and got advice from The Prophet she became a super woman who never forget making super power dzikr in every singgle thing of her work.

*2. Khadijah (The Prophet’s wife)*
One example of good moment: when Rasulullah got the first revelation through the angel of Gabriel (who at that time spread his wings so widely making Rasulullah so scared and trembled). The prophet had actually three options where he should go and share: his people (quraish), his best friend (Abu Bakr), or his wife (Khadijah).
The Prophet without any doubt decided to go home and meet Khadijah. Why? He did know Khadijah was the best first person to tell about His very ‘horrible’ moment. She had a maturity He needed at the moment. She didnt ask The Prophet unecessary questions as common wives do after being left so long by husbands. She didnt even get scared too seeing his husband in a terrible condition. She treated The Prophet so wisely and understood The Prophet so much. She gives us a good example how a very strong bonding between wife and husband should be built. It is the key to raise leadership.

*3. Maryam (Prophet Isa’s mother)*
Maryam is The Lady of The Quran because her name becomes one of the name of Surah in The Quran. She had glorius characters such as takwa, purification, and modesty.

*4. Asyiah (Firaun’s wife)*
As a king’s wife Aisyah actually had everything that a lady could desire, but since she understood this life is just a while she gave up all her luxuries. She was much loved by Firaun that was why He permited her to adopt baby Musa (while other babies at that time were killed by the order from Firaun). When Firaun punished her to get into the boiled water, she did it with no scare at all for the sake her tauhid to Allah. Aisyah always prayed to Allah to have a house to Allah in jannah, and Allah builds it special for her.

*5. Ummu Ammar*
Although Ummu Ammar did not survive to see the Muslim community grow and thrive, her strength, courage and faith in a period of complete darkness and ignorance shows that Islam presented hope and salvation to the weakest members of society. Ummu Ammar chose to believe in the One God and faced the consequences of this belief in a pagan society – her powerful character continues to inspire Muslims around the world even today.

*4 Important points from those successful women of jannah:*
_1. A woman should have a strong sense of purpose; a strong intention to always seek for Allah’s ridha. Anything you are doing should be ibadah. Always ask yourself: what is your purpose in life? Is Allah satisfied?_

_2.A woman should have a deep connection to Allah. Allah guarantees that if we walk to Him, He will run to us. If you are close to Allah, you’ll experience the sweetness of iman whatever you face, Allah will take care of your problems._
The keys to connect to Allah:
a. Sholat
b. Recite and understand The Quran
c. Doa
d. Dzikir in the night and afternoon

_3. A woman should make use of her time. Time isn’t money, time is more important than money! We cant save time! So, be very careful spending your time and energy._

_4. Find out what you are good at and seek for Allah’s ridha, be the best of yourself whatever your proffesion is. Whatever you do, in any field, you have to exceed._

📝 Written by Haya

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on the topic of schools!! how's education like in norway? is elvebakken a really good and popular school? (i read it somewhere) and do all 17-19 year olds attend school? i notice that Lea (Henrik's gf) doesn't seem to attend school?hahaha and thank you for answering questions!

Education in Norway is really good. First you have 7 years of barneskolen and then three years at ungdomsskolen and then when you are sixteen you are technically finished with you mandetory education. Vidregående is not mandetory by the law. How you get acsepted into vidregående is different in most of Norway. In Oslo it goes according to your grades. When you choose vidregående you have to choose between yrkesfag which is centered around ceartain proffesions like electrician, plumber, journalist etc.  and studiespesialisering (short studiespes) which is what you need to get into university. And then in year 2 of vidregående you split again in studiespes between SSØ (språk, samfunnsfag og økonomi meanig language, social studies and economie) and realfag (Biologi, math etc. the one that Sana and Isak probably attends). After vidregående you can either go to høyskole or university. In Norway higher education is completly free. Many people still take out loans to pay for apartments and books, but there is zero fees. If you join the military the goverment pays for your books and a place for you to stay as long as you use take an education that is useful for the military.

 Elvebakken is technically the school in Oslo that is hardest to get into, BUT only at studiespess.(studiespess is over 5 I think while on the different yrkesfag many are open studies meaning you can attend with any grades). Yrkesfag is much easier to get into. Elvebakken also has one of the smallest groups of studiespess students. I think it is canon that Even takes media og kommunikasjon (that is for journalism) which has a much lower grade avarage to get in.

Not to say yrkesfag students are stupid or dumb we need more yrkesfag students for Norway to go around. It is just easier to get into.

As said vidregående is not mandetory so it can happen that Lea doesn’t attend school. Or she could be yrkesfag who works instead of attendig school in year 3.

Betting Within The Proffesers
  • Dumbledore: Dammit Minerva, why didn't he kiss Diggory? I wanted him to get with Diggory dammit!!
  • Minerva: smirks and hold out hand.
  • Snape: I thought he would be with either the Granger girl or one the the younger Weasleys.
  • Trelawny: It was forseen by me-
  • Minerva: All of you shut your crap and pay up.
  • Fred who was listening outside: Snape thought Harry would get with Ron. Ew
  • George who was also listening: Its cause he's messed up.
Pumpkin Online - A Farming/Dating Sim MMORPG

An MMORPG for players who love games like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing! Craft items, decorate your house, date any NPCs and more!

Okay Let me tell you about this real quick.

Pumpkin online is a future MMORPG about farming and dating. Not like Farmville but more like Animal Crossing or Harvest Moon. You are given your own house, character, you can interact with npcs, DATE NPCS, interact with all online players, DATE ONLINE PLAYERS, have any of the many proffesions that exist in game and plenty other things.

But here’s the great part that you fellow tumblr friends will love, It is not like any other dating sim becasue

  • Same-sex marriage and dating
  • Character customization not restricted by sex
  • -Facial and clothing features are never sexclusive
  • Non-binary characters
  • Racial diversity

If you look at what it’s like for now and think “Wow those graphics are kind of gross” then hold up because this is where you come in.There are 5 days left to raise $8,000 more. From past experiences I know we can do it.

If you still aren’t sold then I don’t know why, among the many professions there are fishing, mining, cooking, crafting, etc. so it’s not only a farming game.

There is a whole wide world to travel around, people you can date, you can play with friends, get your grandma to play, get your crush to play, and so many other things. Please help get this done. We need more RPG’s with diversity and this is the moment to do it. So let’s get things done people.

Let’s signal boost this so high they receive more than expected.

ugh people always think they’re so fucking cool when they say they wouldn’t want to be immortal because they’d get bored with life like cmon youre just too unimaginative to enjoy your hypothetical eternal life

if i got to live forever, never getting sick or having to eat, i would have so much goddamn fun you dont even know

  • i would travel to every country in the world at some point (but i would take my time, bc, ya know, ive got all the time in the world)
  • i would learn every language spoken on the entire planet even the ones that barely anyone speaks anymore
  • learn to play every instrument even the ones no ones ever heard of
  • try out every form of art from painting to sculpture to interpretive dance to poetry (in every single language i’ve learned duh) and get REALLY good at them
  • try out all kinds of different proffesions and see which one i can get good at the fastest before moving on
  • make a ton of friends everywhere i go and learn their stories
  • did i mention writing poetry in every language spoken on earth
  • learn about all sorts of different cultures and customs from around the world!!!!!
  • keep journals upon journals of where i’ve been so i never forget
  • write so. much. goddamn poetry
  • see what the future is like
  • see the world generally become a better and better place every decade
  • document history
  • fuck with history
  • either of those
  • tbh it’d be so fun to be immortal

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Proffesions of the seven??

Percy: I love the idea of him starting a non profit that takes him around to schools teaching kids about keeping waterways clean and endangered species and he travels around talking to water spirits asking what he can do to help! But I also like firefighter Percy so idk lol

Annabeth: architect obviously. Olympus eventually moves to a building that she designs. Athena gloats for a whole millennium.

Piper: a counselor! I think she would be great at coaching people through their feelings and helping them embrace their emotions.

Jason: I like to think this goober runs an after school program, tutoring kids and coaching them in various sports cause he’s got such a big heart or maybe even a local politician who pushes policy to better the community

Frank: a vet seems like the easy choice but part of me really digs Park Ranger Zhang cause he would look killer in that uniform what a babe and he’d get to be outside all day and listen to nature all around him

Hazel: i love the idea of Hazel having crazy culinary skills and she opens a restaurant called Hazel’s Bayou and it is this super intimate little place with a huge willow tree in the back covered in fairy lights and she cooks all her mom’s recipes, earning rave reviews and she’s just so proud of herself

Leo: he opens Esperanza’s Garage after moving back to Texas


Halfway through sketching I realized I’d never be able to do a clean sharp sketch like all those talented people.
Solution? Take the messiest ink brush in the whole library. Scratch away. What are clean lines?

I got some items as gifts and this is my new Medic loadout, finally with depth perception similar to his player’s.
I spent my evening surrounded by four Heavies who sprayed “Seer’s Army” everywhere. They even changed usernames to “Seer’s loyal <insert chosen proffesion here>.” That was surprisingly touching.
The handsome Heavy here is the one who gave me items.

“Ok, now I can listen to whatever it is you were saying.” The man asserts calmly after pouring himself a glass of scotch – looking at his watch to reaffirm that it was most definitely time for a drink. Having such a high stress job like Asad’s proffesion typically called for a little self medication here and there, and today was certainly one of those days. “You want a drink?”