YEAH! What do you need? You want a viola YOU GOT IT! You want two violas? You got that too! I was born poor. I’ve been working since I was four years old, I’ve done it all: I was a lifeguard, boyah, typist, dishwasher, garbageman, wet nurse, I PICKED COTTON! Empty wallets, empty parking lots that’s not my style! Sexx Laws: You wanna defy ‘em? I wanna defy 'em too! LET’S GO!
—  Jack Black (Beck’s Sexx Laws)
Friendly reminder that if you kill in self defense, you’re doing it wrong

I know how actual self defense works, as long as whomever I’m fighting doesn’t have a gun, I’ll most likely be able to parry and counterattack, taking down the attacker without doing any permanent harm.

Now the police force in America kills lots of people in “self defense”, but that either means they’re doing it incorrectly or it wasn’t really self defense (last one is most likely).

Firing a gun towards an attacker is (unless the attacker is at distance and has a gun too) completely unnecersary, something someone that has a proffesion in which they are required to be carrying around firearms should know.

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I guess there´s a big difference between quran, sharia and fiqh. Also in this disobeying issue inside a marriage (first 2) ;) at least no holy book says to "beat" a woman, it´s just the bad character if one man does. To the clothing issue, it´s everyones choice to cover or not, but yes it´s proffesed by quran (personally I more understand when it comes to modesty, that a woman is normally dressed than covered but wearing louboutins & lots of make-up) good nights & greets

Yes there is….The Quran is the Holy Book of Islam.  This is the word of Allah.  The FINAL WORD.  Where Muslims are to respect the “children of the book” (Christians and Jews), and respect their books, when there is conflict…the Quran is the final word.  

Sharia  is not practiced everywhere….mostly Middle East.  It is part Quran, part Sunnah and part interpretation by clerics/judges.  So in a way it can be subjective—-this is where fiqh comes in…it is the understanding of what is meant.  

No, no holy book that I know of says it is ok to “beat” a woman.  Men who do this are just assholes, regardless of color, religion, or culture.  

Yes, it is choice (depending on where you are) to cover or not.  Saudi Arabia….you cover (unless you are Princess Ameera).  Even in the UAE is varies.  Dubai is probably the most western of the Emirates…look at Sheikh Mohammed;s daughters.  The only ones who cover are Sheikh Maitha (abaya and hijab), Sheikha Latifa (abaya and hijab) and Sheikha Maryam (hijab, well, she actually wears a sheyla)  (Majid’s sisters).  None of Shiekha Hind’s daughters cover—whether it be with a hijab or abaya.

Another example….the girls on the ASAAR LAdies skydive team…they cover with long sleeves and pants…but they don’t wear abayas.  And they do wear hijab….and they wear a head cover when they are skydiving… Two are from Egypt and one is Emirati.  

OH and I should clarify one this….the “disobedient” wife thing.  This does NOT mean that the man can order around his wife.  It is not a case of he tells her to do it; she does it.  She is not a dog.  You have this even in conservative Christian households….it’s more the man has the final say if it comes to that.  And again, this varies on strictness depending on where you are.  And this is not exclusive to Islam.  

Basically, if this helps….you have to completely separate the Middle East from the rest of the Muslim World (with some exceptions).  Geography is KEY.  

Have a great night.  

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How come the sub-proffeser's awful?

Maybe not awful but it’s annoying that we’re learning this new concept and she likes to skip to the pictures instead of stay on the definition slides. How am I supposed to know what we’re looking at without the defintion? I know I should probably be more vocal about it but I’m just not that type of person. I’m just glad the regular professor made the PowerPoint available to us online so I can take notes in my own free time.

I’m sure she’s a nice lady and seems very polite but I’m not a fan of the way she teaches. Sometimes that happens in college too. The teacher will be a lovely person but you won’t respond to their teaching style.

  • <p><b></b> Tfw you're up till 12 am trying to get some of your art finished.<p/><b></b> I got three pieces done. Three. I outlined three of my fucking drawings and it took four hours. What in the name of fuck.<p/><b></b> The wonderful joys of what i hope to make my proffesion.<p/></p>

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Youre a writer? Like fanfic or proffesion-goal?

 I used to be both :) I had stuff published and won/made a lot of money (few thousand) off some of my stuff, which is pretty good considering im only 17. However i am ashamed of my writing so i do not share any of it. Its not a profession i want to persue anymore. and I’m too depressed to continue it as a hobby.

Researching Logo Desgins.

Using Pinterest as a visual Inpsiration this allows me to develop my personal brand as a makeup artist. Digitally and printed.

This business card and logo i like with its simple geometric design and soft pastel colour. Its easy to read but does leave you confused to the proffesion. But I have taken inspiration through the simple text and geometric shapes.

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I’m so tired today. I ran out of vyvanse so I don’t have my energy. My mom never gets it on time for me and it pisses me off. I swear I’m not going to school tomorrow if I don’t have my vyvanse. I keep having really bad dreams like I get so scared I don’t want to move when I wake up. Or I can’t even wake up. I feel like I’m gonna fall asleep typing this. I have my red bull today tho. I wish it gave me energy. Someone smells like ass right now and I hope it’s not me. I doubt it is idk. Someone save me from this sleepiness. My teacher said her proffeser got shot in the leg. Lolololol this lady talks about anything. Omg today she got her hammer out today. God I have to pee so bad. Exhaustion. God. Kill. Me. Now.

Researching Logo Desgins.

Using Pinterest as a visual Inpsiration this allows me to develop my personal brand as a makeup artist. Digitally and printed.

This specific buisness card design has inspired me through its use os silolhouttes of makeup tools with the makeup artists name included. The simple design to me is appealing as it allows a specifc focus on the makeup artist but the lack of specific information such as proffesion and specialism on this card could also restrict the artist.