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Can I please have a match up? I’m 5'3, Bisexual and a INFP personality type. I have long brown hair (the tips are dyed blue) and I have brown eyes. I love to sing, write and do cosplay. I am obsessed with the sound of the piano and I love chocolates. I am really insecure about my looks and my body.

yup sure thang hun! <3 

your perfect match is 

~drumroll please~


you both have a passion singing and being creative in general, zen absolutely adores your writings, and will read them out loud all the time. 

he honestly thinks your interest in cosplay is really cute, and being in the line of proffesion he is, he would be able to get super many tips and tricks from the people deigning his costumes. 

zen´s gon play you piano all the time, esp in the mornings and evening. 

he´ll also bring chocolate home all the time, and preferably a new flavour every time. ¨

i hope you like your matchup! :)

“Ok, now I can listen to whatever it is you were saying.” The man asserts calmly after pouring himself a glass of scotch – looking at his watch to reaffirm that it was most definitely time for a drink. Having such a high stress job like Asad’s proffesion typically called for a little self medication here and there, and today was certainly one of those days. “You want a drink?”