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There are ponies out there who do jobs, every day, that make sure the rest of us can live our lives without the looming threat of accidentally ingesting a cockroach, getting a cheese sandwich far past its sell-by date, or served to us by a pony who hasn’t cleaned their hooves since they wrapped up winter. This drink honors one of these unsung heroes.

It’s Profferheart!

This snow-white saint of sanitation is an official health inspector, and, while he might seem a little prickly, he’s devoted to his work, his family, and his cat, Princeton. He really does do a yeoman’s work making sure that the places most of us take for granted are safe enough for us TO take them for granted.

A Profferheart


  1. 1 oz Godiva White Chocolate Liqueur
  2. 1 oz Frangelico
  3. 2 oz Stolichnaya Vanilla Vodka
  4. ½ oz Grenadine
  5. Cocoa Powder
  6. A Chilled Martini Glass

Special Equipment:

A Cocktail Stirrer (This is a glass or plastic stick you use to stir a drink once it’s been poured. It’s also referred to as a Swizzle Stick.)

Making a Profferheart:

  1. Chill all the involved liquids
  2. Pour all liquors, with the exception of the Grenadine, into the Martini Glass.
  3. Admire its pristine white coloration.
  4. Pour Grenadine into center of glass.
  5. Stir gently, letting the Grenadine turn the white to pink.
  6. Dust with Cocoa powder
  7. Drink!

Congrats! You’ve just finished making a Profferheart!

The transition from White to Pink that will occur with this drink represents the transition from Profferheart’s white coat to his chocolate-box cutie-mark. The use of white-chocolate, hazelnut, and vanilla in the flavors are also intended to denote his capacity for telling the nature of sweets at a bare sniff. The use of the Martini Glass allows you to consume your drink without ever allowing the heat of your touch to disturb the chilled liquors. In effect, Not Touching the drink. It only felt fitting to make a drink that doesn’t involve touching, for Profferheart.

Keep sending in suggestions as to who you’d like to see made into a drink, and Stay Thirsty, my friends!

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