And here’s my crack at Professor Pemzini’s style. Also, theirs and the work of their twin (which I may also do an emulation piece fer if I can) probably served as major catalysts for why I’m in this fandom in the first place. So thank you so much for the brilliant eye candy you provide, the both of you. ^_^

This easily took me 2-4x longer than the other challenges I’ve completed yetsofar, but I am satisfied and I believe it was worth it.

Say hello to mister Inkler (a-freaking-gain), also please to be tilting your screen? (I swear, just by existing. *Twitch.*)


Another speedpaint. I can’t remember if I put this one up yet on here before, but oh well. This is the most recent video I’ve done. Professor Pemzini, you need to watch this. :3

Well it’s been forever since I worked on this and I don’t know when I’ll get the mojo to work on it more (my mojo has been seriously low lately)

But this is what I have so far for my mimic of Professor Pemzini :>

It’s quite a challenge - Pemzini’s style seems to change from drawing to drawing. It’s not a bad thing, just hard to duplicate.

I hope I’ll be able to finish this someday soon weh~