• RWBY vol 1:Cute and great characters, cute and funny moments, great fighing, a little but of drama here and there but in the end everyone is happy and safe.
  • RWBY vol 2:Still the cute and great characters we know, even more funny moments, more great fighting, a little bit more drama, but everything is fine in the end.

Red: Well as interesting as this is going to be there better not be some stuck up Schnee at this school….not sure if Id be able to keep my fist off their face if I met one again…

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why don’t you guard the door, Jaune?

Well, I saw some discuss about this. I won’t deny that Cinder compleate her mission because of Jaune. But is it his fault? I don’t think so.

If we watch whole episode from vision of who-know-everything, Jaune left hi duty. But in his vision, he follow Phyrra, Ozpin told him to guard the door (still know nothing but follow the order), then Phyrra’ scream.

He still have no idea what Ozpin doing. But he heard Phyrra. As a friend and teammate, I think that enough to leave everything to help (even though he can do nothing)

If someone told him about Ozpin’s plan that it so importent and might hert Phyrra “but it that much important that you must GUARD THE DOOR no matter what”. It still hard for him but it won’t end like this.

that he got blame for everything

ps. it also not Ozpin’s fault. its no one fault

  • Ozpin:Jaune Arc. You were suppose to be watching the door. YOU. WERE SUPPOSE. TO BE WATCHING. THE DOOR. You were suppose to be watching the door?! Jaune Arc. Do you know what this is Jaune Arc?! This is Amber! A fall maiden with dreams, with legs, with anger issues?! She's dead now! She's been stabbed! You can use her as a pool noodle and now Cinder's holding all her power!!! She's lost all her power because you weren't watching the door! A girl lost her powers Jaune Arc?! A girl lost her fucking powers while you were busy being oblivious to Pyrrha's flirting and the war outside! Well we had our own war in here today! Oh my god how could you do this to us?! You literally screwed us, like the scapegoat you are. And me...I'm the wizard. Im the wizard and now I gotta fight Cinder fucking Fall. And you're a limp fucking noodle disappointing everyone. LIVE WITH THAT!