Lily Luna: The Girl With No Patience

Ravenclaw Student: Yeah you should have seen her face after I told her-

And my grandpa but I’ve heard that one more than enough times

Lily: I’ll teach you how I roll, the muggle way…

Later that day

Ginny: A letter from Hogwarts?

Harry: Oh no…

Ginny opens the letter and after a couple seconds, she bursts into laughter. Harry looks at her questioningly and begins reading the letter. He can’t help but crack a smile.

Harry: *looks up to the sky and whispers* It’s your fault. She got both your genes. 

The letter states:

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Potter,

It appears that Lily has received detention and although I do not find it necessary, I am required to write to you both and explain what happened. A brawl broke out near the entrance to the Ravenclaw common room, which (according to several witnesses) was initiated by your daughter. They also told me how she stormed up to a student and began yelling at them. Then, once she was finished the other student said, “You know you’re really hot when you get angry.” Disgusting behavior, in my opinion. This is when the fight began and left the other student in Madam Pompfrey’s with a black eye and a broken arm. Lily left unscathed. I hope to see you both at her next Quidditch game. I know she misses you.


Professor McGonagell