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hello, everyone! this is my masterlist for ‘the 100′ (as made obvious by the title) lol. I will update this either the day that I upload new content, or the day after. upcoming works may be listed, but I’m a little hesitant bc my updates are always oddly timed, I don’t have a set upload date. once I get back into the groove of things, the updates should become more regular.his cute lil bolt symbolizes smut/mentions of it, so beware. every time I reblog/edit this, the new additions will be bolded. so please check them out. thank you for all the positive feedback guys! much love xoxox.

their names in your phone

sorted into hogwarts houses

Bellamy Blake

Commander Lexa

Jasper Jordan

John Muprhy


Monty Green

Octavia Blake

Raven Reyes

arthurian music

A list of arthurian music! Please add anything that I might have forgotten!

The Arthurian albums list

Age of Avalon (Arthurian Shield)
Arthur the King (Maddy Prior)
Avalon - A Celtic Legend (Enaid)
The Book of Taliesin (Deep Purple)
Camelot in Smithereens (Deliverance)
Celtic Heart: The Story of Tristan and Iseult (Simon Cooper)
Dreams of Avalon (Mike Simmons)
Excalibur (Grave Digger)
The Final Experiment (Ayreon)
Galahad’s Suite (Anton Johansson)
Graal (Catherine Lara)
The Green Knight (Heather Dale)
High Noon Over Camelot (The Mechanisms)
Land of Merlin (Jon Mark)
May the Blood of Many a Valiant Knight Be Avenged (The Soil Bleeds Black)
May Queen (Heather Dale)
The Myths and Legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table (Rick Wakeman)
The Trial of Lancelot (Heather Dale)
The Once and Future King I (Gary Hughes, and different artists for each character)
The Once and Future King II (Gary Hughes and different artists)
Queen of Camelot (Karliene)
Queens of Camelot (Heather Dale & S. J. Tucker)

The Arthurian Songs list

All King’s Horses (Blind Guardian)
Am Bròn Binn (Dòchas)
Arthur (The Kinks)
Avalon (Professor Green)
Avalon (Blackmore’s Night)
Bright Eyes (Blind Guardian) suggested by anon
Excalibur (Blaspheme)
Fata Morgana (Fates Warning)
Galahad (Josh Ritter)
Guinevere (Crosby, Stills, and Nash)
Grails Mysteries (Amorphis)
Haunted Shores (Cradle of Filth)
If I Die Young (The Band Perry)
King Arthur’s servants (The Waterson)
Knights of the Round Table (Commander)
The Lady of Shalott (Loreena McKennit)
The Maiden and the Ministrel Knight (Blind Guardian) suggested by anon
Merlin (Kayak)
Merlin am I (Dahm the Bard) suggested by @effulgentpoet
Mordred’s Song (Blind Guardian)
Morgan le Fay (Heate) suggested by @queen-le-fay
Morte d'Arthur (Miriam Stockley)
A Past and Future Secret (Blind Guardian)
Pour l’amour de la Reine (Tri Yann) suggested by @argillia
Return of the King (Bruce Dickinson)
Shadow of Uther (Kamelot)
Shalott (Emilie Autumn)
Shores of Avalon (Tina Malia)
Sir Galahad (Susan Court)
Sweet Sir Galahad (Joan Baez)
Sword in the Stone (Benji Cossa)

(I did not add movies’ sountracks albums or musicals)

The problems with Miles Morales atm

 First article for hellyeahteensuperheroes so I’ll just say this: I am an avid Spider-man fan. Spider-man is the prototypical teen superhero after all so while Peter Parker is grown up selling his marriages to the devil, owning a tech company, and not having life insurance, we would be remiss if we didn’t acknowledge that Spider-man’s mythos started as the awkward teen in high school. In fact, that is how the majority of his media introduces him to the audience as, a kid.

So honestly, someone needs to fill in the void of teenaged Spider-man. And that person was…Peter Parker himself in the Ultimate Universe which was a modern take of Spider-man. This is probably the most acclaimed, adapted, and successful comic series in recent memory to the point, Marvel honestly considered making the Ultimate Universe the default Universe…Until Loeb took that idea and flooded it with the most notorious comic event that is comparable to One More Day.

So Ultimate Peter Parker was still the teenaged Peter Parker with a lot of great stories. However, with plans of Universe shifting derailed, Ultimate Peter Parker ,as great as he was. had one glaring problem: He was becoming 616 Peter Parker over again.

You can make Green Goblin the Hulk, change Eddie Brock to Peter’s brother figure, make the Shocker to a joke, and have Peter Parker and Kitty Pryde date; but at the end of the day, you are essentially retelling the same story of a character who still exists in another way in the present. What is the point of Ultimate Peter Parker if he was going to become 616 Peter Parker who still had comics(terrible comics, but I digress)?

Long story short, they killed Peter Parker and Miles Morales took his place.

Miles’ entire purpose is to resemble those old classic Spider-man stories of a young Spider-man from a perspective of a person who was different than Peter, physically and mentally. There are plenty of black people who relate to Spider-man, but Peter Parker as a character cannot relate to them as black people deal with some other shit than Peter who ranted at a group of protestors for sticking to the man and was one of those white anarcho-capitalists who champion Ayn Rand.

Brian Michael Bendis initially was doing so well with Miles Morales. The first 13 issues of Miles Morales’ Spider-man should be textbook examples of how to do an origin story. And then shit happened. Here is the shit.

1. Miles lacks Spider-man esque villains

What separates Spider-man villains and everybody else’s villains is that Spider-man’s villains tie into both his life as Spider-man and Peter Parker. Mr. Negative, Martin Li, ran a charity that Aunt May works at. Dr. Otto Octavius is the mirror of Spider-man and Peter Parker in that they are both brilliant and talented minds, but unlike Peter, Otto resented his peers and embraced his status as an outcast as Peter grew out of that phase. Dr. Connor is his mentor and professor in college. Green Goblin is the father of his best friend and sometimes is that best friend. Eddie Brock, Venom, is a jealous co-worker and competitor of Peter Parker who resented that Peter was able to take glorified selfies and gain success over him.

Even in the Ultimate Universe…well even more in the Ultimate Universe, Peter’s villains related to him as not just Spider-man, but also Peter Parker. It is what makes his rogues galley different than Batman or Superman.

And Miles is honest to god devoid of that. There are only two villains that exemplify Spider-man villains: Katie Bishop and Aaron Davis. The former was not so great, but had potential. The latter was probably one of the greatest villains in the decade, but was killed off. Miles has been around for 5 years and he has only developed two villains of his own that resemble Spider-man villains. The rest of his RG are essentially Peter’s who hate Miles because he is Peter’s legacy, and that is not okay.

This is a common problem for all new super heroes in this day and age. Because their respective universe have become so cluttered with the pasts, it is hard for them to gain a foothold of their own.

2. Crossover events

This shit fucking kills me about Miles Morales. I understand that for the sake of Miles’ longevity and prevalence, you need to give him as much exposure as possible. And that is okay. I am okay with Miles joining teams like the Young Ultimates, the revamped Avengers, or the Champions. However, I am not okay these huge crossover events becoming overbearing to his development as a character.

Ultimate Comics Spider-man 13-18(United We Stand/Divided We Fall)

Ultimate Comics Spider-man 29-31(Cataclysm)

Miles Morales: the Ultimate Spider-man 12(the end was rushed because of Secret Wars)

Spider-man 6-10(Civil War II)

Spider-man 11-14(Spider-Gwen crossover)

There are 50 Miles Morales book focused comics. 19 of them are universe expanding crossover events that he is heavily involved in. Luckily Secret Empire has strayed away from having Miles’ comics involved, but that is bad. Nearly half of this dudes stories get hijacked by these events that rarely if ever character build.

Miles’ constant criticism of his stories is that he does not have a lot of stories of his own to tell and part of that has to do with these distractions because that is what they are: distractions. If Civil War II did something for Miles’ character I would be okay with it, but for most of his part in that event, Miles was just going with the tide utterly confused as to what is happening. The only thing that the event established for Miles is that he fears that his anger might make him go too far, and you do not need that convoluted mess of Civil War II to reflect that.

Miles would have more enemies if Bendis stopped with the incessant events and focused on creating enemies that serve as foils to Miles Morales.

3. Too much focus on Peter Parker

Being that Miles is a legacy of Peter Parker, of course Peter is going to be mentioned and relevant to Peter. For all intents and purposes, Peter is awesome at just letting Miles be.

But Bendis….

Let me set the tone. Miles Morales and the Ultimate Universe survived Cataclysm and Galactus. The Ultimate Universe is revamped to three comics series. You have a mostly female and devoid of white men team(the All-New Ultimates). You have another female led team that explored mythos of the Ultimate Universe(Ultimate FF). And you have Miles Morales as the face of the entire universe and it is touted for once as Miles taking ownership of being Spider-man. It was about him. This was a fresh start with new stories. There is a mystery of Miles’ girlfriend. There was a thing with Roxxon. Miles’ dad was missing after he found out about Miles being Spider-man. There were so many stories and so much possibility. 

First issue

Mother FUCK!

This ran for 6 issues of Miles inaugural re-debut as the Spider-man. The first 6 issues of Miles revamp was about Peter Parker. Miles was playing secondary to Peter Parker and we were rehashing the same story development as Spider-men. Miles has already received the approval of a Peter Parker. A more experienced Peter Parker at that. So there was no character development for Miles to be had here. 

This story from the looks of it was to gave Ultimate Peter Parker and Mary Jane closure…which ruins the point because Peter got closure in his death and his funeral. Mary Jane may have needed some closure, but to have it wasted on a resurrection was bullshit when she could have done something to ensure Miles did not meet the same fate or run into the same obstacles. Y’know, actually be a supporting character and taking responsibility of him? But we really just had to appease those Peter Parker fans who have so little exposure to Peter(sarcasm).

The first six issues of Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-man were about Peter Parker. Not Miles Morales.

So if we are keeping count, that is 25 issues that had fuck all to do with Miles Morales. Half of Miles main comics are not about him as a character. And that is bad. Half of those comics could have been used to develop him or his villains.

4. The switch from the Ultimate Universe to the 616

One day I am going to do the differences between Miles Morales and Peter Parker, but right now, I will summarize. To Peter Parker, Spider-man was an escapist adventure. He enjoys being Spider-man more than his normal. It allows him to be a snarky and fun character and it allows the audience to get in on the act as well because they too want to use Spider-man as means of escapism.

Miles, however, is completely different.

Miles is the classical anti-hero. Being a superhero or more specifically, being Spider-man causes more problems for Miles than it solves them. Miles, initially was not thrilled that he had Spider-powers.

It’s a burden to him. He is only Spider-man because in the Ultimate Universe, Peter Parker died. Also in the Ultimate Universe, there are very few superheroes running around protecting people. 

Being Spider-man only caused Miles problems. His genial relationship with his Uncle became toxic. His relationship with his father could be summed up as if Jonah Jameson was Peter Parker’s dad and at every dinner, daddy would talk shit about what you as Spider-man did unaware that he was talking shit about his own son. His mom was killed in a Spider-man related battle which involved him.

Miles is Spider-man because no one else, but him, can be. It is metaphorically thrusted on him. He doesn’t want superpowers. He wanted a normal life.He wanted to go to school and have fun. Unlike Peter, Miles is not picked on at school and his not a social outcast. It helps that he is at a charter school with a bunch of nerds, but the point is that his normal life was satisfying to him and as soon as being Spider-man becomes too much for him, he ditches the outfit and tries his damnest to live a normal life.

Him being in the 616 Universe ruins the point of him. It derails his character in that in a world were Peter Parker not only still lives, but there are also several superheroes who are more than happy to fill in a role and have the purpose to do so, Miles has no motivation to be Spider-man anymore. And it is not like being Spider-man has becomes less burdensome for him with the switch. Miles’ main reason of being Spider-man has vanished.

5. Poor Social Commentary

I have so many problems with these panels.

First, this girl specifically mentions the possibility that Miles may be Latino. She says that he is brown so the dialogue is disjointed and Miles problem with her becomes a non-issue and he is annoyed for no reason.

Second, he has a problem being identified as the Black Spider-man. But you are black and Spider-man so you are both. It sounds like he is ashamed of being black because he acts defensive towards being identified as black as if a person is supposed to immediately recognize that looking at him.

Third, Hispanic is not the proper identifier. Latino is. No self-respecting LatinX would call themselves Hispanic unless they are from Spain. Miles should know this and every time he refers to himself as Hispanic, it questions if he is aware of those roots that he will gladly use in defense if someone calls him black.

Fourth, how in the fuck does Miles not recognize the importance of a black Spider-man? A kid in New York in times where their is heightened racial tension does not understand the big deal of being a black superhero. “Why does it matter?” he asks when black people are being shot up by the police because they are a perceived threat. Black people are being incriminated and are being massively incarcerated and targeted. The fact that Miles does not get this yet says to Luke Cage in person that he(Luke Cage) is the only super hero that his father respects. Gee, I wonder why, Miles?

Fifth, you do not need this faux post-racial commentary to make Miles sound profound. More importantly, he sounds like a white person who has no clue about racism. The fact of the matter is that the majority of Miles Morales’ fandom loves him because he is the black Spider-man and shaming them for doing so is the wrong move and turns people off. The girl literally sounds like a stereotypical SJW r what people perceive SJWs are like and Marvel already has a bad reputation of attacking those people(Nick Spencer) while at the same time trying to appeal to them over DC.

But there is more cringey Social Commentary in the hands of a writer who does not quite get it.

The oppression Olympics debate! First off, intersectionality is not a matter of whom is more oppressed than whom. It is to understand that people are oppressed in several ways. So Ganke pointing out that Miles is skinny and black while Ganke is fat and Asian completely misses the point of intersectionality because he is trying to say that he is more oppressed than Miles while erasing the fact the Miles faces racial injustice that can get him killed. And I am not erasing being fat and Asian, and I am just pointing out that there are better ways to have this discourse without turning it into a haphazard “Who suffers the most” dick measuring contest.

Also, Miles calls himself Hispanic as if his mom does not look like Beyonce and it counts as half.

There is a lot holding back Miles from developing into his own Spider-man. Hopefully in the future, this gets rectified because I want Miles to succeed.




Back at it again with another Comic Dub…Just been dealing with RL stuff.

@rainyazurehoodie I finally got a chance to do this comic, I hope you enjoy!

@sonicmega Thank you for your voice of Blue/Green and Prof. Oak


Hello, everyone! This is my masterlist (as made obvious by the title) lol. I will update these at the end of every day that I upload new content. I’m going to update this tomorrow with things that I will write this coming week, just to motivate myself. Once I get back into the groove of things, the updates should happen a few times a week. This cute lil bolt symbolizes smut/mentions of it, so beware. Every day, the new additions will be bolded. So please check them out. Thank you for all the positive feedback guys! Much love xoxox.

The 100

their names in your phone

sorted into hogwarts houses

Bellamy Blake

Commander Lexa

John Muprhy

Octavia Blake

Monty Green

Jasper Jordan

Raven Reyes


The Originals

Niklaus Mikaelson

Kol Mikaelson

Rebekah Mikaelson

The Vampire Diaries

their names in your phone

ships on the show (i think they‘re called OTPs)

ig (race swap)

Bonnie Bennett

Elena Gilbert

Jeremy Gilbert

Kai Parker

Matt Donovan

Lorenzo St. John

Damon Salvatore

Stefan Salvatore

Teen Wolf

their names in your phone

Scott McCall

Malia Tate

Stiles Stilinski

Isaac Lahey

Derek Hale

Jackson Whittermore

Theo Raeken

Jordan Parrish

Lydia Martin

Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Grant Ward

Gossip Girl

Carter Baizen

Chuck Bass

Nathaniel Archibald


Archie Andrews

Veronica Lodge

Pretty Little Liars

Caleb Rivers

Criminal Minds

BAU Team

Derek Morgan

Emily Prentiss

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

their names in your phone



Brooke Maddox

James Buchanan Barnes

Snap Pt. 1 [M]

Genre: Angst, Fluff, Smut, Comedy; Exorcist!AU

Pairing: Yoongi X Reader; Hoseok X Reader (As of now)

Word Count: 1.1k

Note: The smut will be coming in later parts, I promise. Additionally, any connections to Ao No Exorcist are purely coincidental, but I guess you could say this is lightly based off it? I’m not sure about the end-game pair yet, but we’ll see :)

It’s silent, save for the sound of ragged breathing. There’s something else mixed in there too; something that screams raw, bloodthirsty—something primal.
“You dare return?” An imperial voice, dark with promises of fire.

A groan, then:

“I do.”

There’s the sound of metal shrieking and everything fades to black.

“You know,” You look up when you hear someone clear their throat, “It’s basic manners to know that when someone greets you, you’re supposed to greet them back.”

“Right, I’m sorry, how could I forget?” You roll your eyes, words biting, “Hello, Your Highness.”

The boy in question sneers down at you, making you raise a defiant eyebrow in response to his haughtiness; seeing no reaction, he exaggeratedly runs his hand through his tresses of pitch black hair and shakes his head.

“I suppose I shouldn’t have expected anything else from you.” He sighs in mock bemusement, before he’s walking away, “I hope, for your own sake, you learn to treat your betters with respect.”

Your hands curl into fists at the jibe, obviously not in good humor, and it’s only the slight feel of a hand on your shoulder that knocks you out of your rage.

“Ugh, why is he so annoying, Tae?” You whine quietly, turning to face the redhead sitting beside you, “Like, does he honest to god walk around with a stick up his ass or something?”

“Yah, Y/N, don’t be so mean!” Taehyung smiles, as always, eyes scrunching up cutely, “I mean, Kookie’s trying, isn’t he?”

“Whatever.” You turn away, not even the sight of Kim Taehyung’s ever beaming face able to distract your thoughts from the self-entitled little prick, “I hate that dipshit. How on earth does Jimin even stand him?”

“It’s true love, Y/N.” Taehyung sighs almost dreamily, and you give him your most judgmental stare ever, “What? It is!”

“Sure, Tae.” You snort, hands reaching over the side of your desk to zip open your backpack and pull your notebook out, setting on your desk, “If that’s what you’d like to think.”

You continue to occasionally glare murderously into Jungkook’s back, until your professor walks in.

“Alright, kids!” Jin beams, radiant, “I’m pretty excited to announce your final projects today!”

He looks around, as though expecting applause, and with the severe lack of response, his smile drops, immediately replaced by a frown.

“Alright, fine,” He huffs, rearranging his blond strands in a show of completely fake nonchalance, “Whatever. The point here is,”

He pauses there, taking in your disinterested expressions, before clapping his hands together.

“The point here is, you’re going to be summoning a demon for a time period of five days, before you send them back. Doing so successfully, without any hiccups, would reward you the highest possible marks.”

There’s a wave of silence.

“Wait, what?” Jungkook is the first to break it, and that seems to open up the dam, so to speak, because the other students begin to mutter amongst themselves as well, “I don’t know, that doesn’t sound very safe!”

Loathe as you are to admit it, you’ve got to agree with the pompous ass there. Summoning a demon is like inviting trouble for yourselves. You might be practicing exorcists, but you’re nowhere near prepared enough to handle this on your own.

“I KNOW!” The sudden shout from the normally demure professor gets you all quietened down, and he sighs, pinching the bridge of his nose, “I’m aware of that, Jeon. That’s why you need to let me finish my entire explanation.”

He looks up then, broad shoulder straight.

“For this assignment, all of you are going to be assigned with a mentor, of sorts; basically, you’ll be receiving guidance from your seniors. They’re all accomplished with these summons, so they’ll be able to help you out, capisce?”

You immediately look to Taehyung, expecting to find a similarly horrified expression. Of course, this is Kim Taehyung. Of course, he looks excited, of all things.

“Uh, sir!” He waves excitedly, making the blonde sigh and nod in his direction. He beams, propping his head on the palm of his hand, “When do we get assigned to them?”

“That’s a very good question,” Jin admits, “I’ve got the list right here with me. I’ll be reading it out towards the end of class, because I’d like you all to actually concentrate here, thanks.”

There’s a general sigh of disappointment from the rest of the class, and you disbelievingly drop your head against your table with a soft thunk.

“I give up,” You murmur to yourself, “I…I don’t even know anymore.”

Everyone else seems happy enough, though. You hear some girls behind you giggling dizzily about hoping to be with Hoseok oppa.

As if.

You snort, propping your elbows on the table. Jung Hoseok is that typical senpai from those anime; always kind, and surrounded by tons of fangirls, but never really interested in them. It doesn’t help that he’s actually pretty good looking…not that you’ve noticed or anything. Definitely not.

As it turns out, though, Jin fails at capturing your attention, unlike how he hoped, and you and Taehyung take immense pleasure in passing around tiny notes with the weirdest things scribbled into them. Eventually though, Jin has to concede defeat, and he does so with flair.

“Alright,” He slams his book down, flipping it open and extracting a thin sheet of paper, “I’ll give you kids the names, seriously! Why can’t you ever focus?!”

There’s no response, but everyone looks vaguely uncomfortable, even Jungkook: the supreme asshat.

“I’m going to announcing your goddamn partners,” His eyes twitches rather dramatically, but it’s not as funny as it ought to be, “Once you hear your names, you better get out of my class, or I will get you detention with Professor Kim, don’t try me.”

“P-Professor,” Taehyung looks vaguely green, and you pat his back comfortably, “N-not him!”

Professor Kim Heechul is notorious for his…rather interesting disciplinary actions and sense of humor. Well, no one really understands the latter, but that’s part of his ‘appeal’, supposedly. You’re not exactly sure, since you’ve never run into him before, but Taehyung has, quite a few times, in fact.

Jin begins listing off names, seemingly immune to Taehyung’s sadness, and people are hardly given the chance to react, hurriedly listening for their names and leaving. You can faintly hear their cries of shock and delight, which blend into an interesting cacophony of noise from outside, and you strain your ears for yours. Despite all your talk of not caring, you actually want a nice senior who you can handle.

“Y/N!” Jin calls, eventually, finally, and you look at him, eagerly awaiting, “You’re with Jung Hoseok.”

Your smile drops.

Well fuck.

Next Parts: Part 2

Written By: (The immensely talented) Admin Midnight~ (Sangria loves to exaggerate)

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Fic: New Valentines

By @ijustwalkintomordor

4.1K words, G rated

Scorpius knows his dad is lonely, so he convinces Albus to help set him up with the new smokey-eyed potions professor. If Scorpius has his way they’ll all have a happy Valentine’s Day. 

Keep reading

green-eyed professor (not literally) (part ii, au bellamy blake one-shot)

Prompt: Professor Bellamy has a hard on, err a soft spot for his favorite student.

Pairing: Bellamy Blake x Reader

Warnings: SMUT, SO MUCH SMUT, cursing, dom!Bellamy, Bellamy with a professor kink (?), unprotected sex, spanking, dirty talk (?)

A/N: HEY BABIES. I AM BACK. I really hope you guys enjoy this. It is pure, raw, dirty Bellamy Blake smut. I loved writing this (after I found out exactly what I wanted) and I really hope you guys love reading it. Please tell me what you think!!! !!!!GIFS NOT MINE!!!!!!!

green-eyed professor part i

I let out a small gasp as Bellamy pushes me into his classroom, the door shutting behind us with a loud thud.

“You know,” I turn around, planning on mouthing off to him. “You really–”

“I really what, princess?” Bellamy turns around, eyes dark as he teasingly removes his tie. “You’ve been talking an awful lot today.”

“Yeah, well–” he brings his hand and wraps it around my throat, his thumb teasing my bottom lip.

“Well what?” He tightens his grip on my neck and I tilt my head back, a slight gasp escaping me. “You should put your mouth to use, princess.”

“M-make me,” I gasp out as his hand moves soothingly across my neck. He pulls me closer, his free hand gently kneading my ass. He brings his lips closer, hovering over mine, teasing me as he smacks my ass.

I moan against his lips, the perfectly plump set that’s just millimeters away from mine. He smirks at my reaction, his hand landing against my ass even harder this time around. My mouth falls open, eyes closed as I moan.

“Someone’s very naughty,” Bellamy whispers against my lips, his mouth turned up into a smirk.

“Yeah, you obv–” I’m cut off by Bellamy tugging my hair.

“Did I ask you to speak, little girl?” He places his mouth against the base of my throat, his hot breath fanning against me. “Only speak when spoken to. I thought you knew this, hm?”

I gulp, closing my eyes as I wait, not knowing whether that was a question or a statement. His hand landing against my ass gave me the answer I was looking for.

“I asked you a question. You know to only speak when spoken to, correct?” He tugs my hair again, leveling my face with his.

“Y-yes, sir,” I nod, blushing lightly as he eyes me.

“That’s a good girl,” he hums, kneading my ass with one hand while the other gently releases my hair and grabs the back of my neck. He buries his head against the crook of my neck, leading my hands to his curly locks. I quickly tangle my fingers into his hair as he bites down on my neck.

I whimper into his ear, gently taking his earlobe into my mouth as he sucks on the small patch of skin on my neck. I tug his hair and he moans in satisfaction. He pulls me flush against him and I moan, feeling his erection against my waist.

“Seems to me like you’re enjoying yourself far too much,” Bellamy smirks, bringing his lips up to my jaw. He pulls away from me, leaving me a trembling, moaning mess. His smirk only widens at my state; his hands grab ahold of his tie as his eyes bore into mine. “Strip for me.”

My eyes go wide at his demand, my panties only growing wetter at the husky tone in his voice. I clench my thighs together, trying my best not to completely melt under his lustful gaze.

“Did you not hear what I said?” He takes a threatening step closer and I take one step back, bumping into a table. “I told you to strip for me. Get to it, pet.”

I nearly whimper at his excessive pet names but instead opt out of that, choosing to simply nod my head and bite my lip as I look right at him. I slowly pull down the sleeves of my dress as he undoes his pants, his erect member freeing up into his boxers. I moan at the sight, letting my dress fall to the floor as I stand in front of him in my lace lingerie. Bellamy raises his brows as he takes in my attire, a small grunt escaping his mouth as he rubs himself through his boxers.

“Seems like you planned this, pet,” he walks over to me and presses his erection against my pelvis. “You wanted this to happen, didn’t you?”

“I-I could only hope this would be the outcome,” my breath comes out in pants as he teasingly grinds himself into me, my panties dripping at this point.

“And if this hadn’t happened, then what? Hm?” His hands move up to my hair, tugging my head back to expose my chin. He places his lips right above my neck as he continues questioning me. “Had I not brought you into my room, would you have gone home with that Murphy kid?”

“M-maybe,” I smirk as his head snaps back from my neck. “We live together, who knows what would have happened.”

“You little slut,” he chuckles, shaking his head as he removes his pelvis from mine. A light whimper escapes my lips, giving away my brave facade. His hand tightens around my hair as he turns me around, my back facing him. He quickly grabs my hands and wraps a soft, silky material around them: his tie! I groan at the feeling, at the excitement of what’s to come. He grips my face, his fingers digging into my cheeks as he turns my head around to face him. “You’re my little slut, do you understand?”

My eyes go wide and I’m momentarily speechless as his dark eyes bore into mine. He raises his brows and I realize he’s still waiting for an answer from me. Before I’m able to produce an answer, his free hand falls against my ass, hard. I let out a gasp as Bellamy’s grip tightens around my cheeks.

“I asked you a question. Do you understand that you’re my little slut?” He raises a brow at me and loosens his grip slightly to give me some room to answer his question.

“Y-Yes, sir. I understand.” As soon as the words leave my mouth, his hand falls against my ass again.

“That’s my good girl,”he groans, kneading my ass as his other hand turns my head back around and pushes me lower, my front parallel with the table in front of me. His hands move away from me as I hear clothes being shred. I whimper lightly at just the thought of his naked body.

“How cute,” he chuckles and presses his chest against my back, pushing me further against the table. “Is my little slut needy for me? Does she want me to touch her?”

“Y-Yes, sir,” I whimper as his hot breath fans against my ear. He smirks against me, wrapping his lips around my earlobe and sucking on it.

“Such a good girl,” he bites the area behind my ear and moves my panties to the sides as he suddenly inserts two fingers inside me. I groan and arch my back, his hard chest there to hold me back. “So responsive to my touch. So wet. Who made you this wet?”

“Y-you did… professor,” I bite my lip as I await his reaction. He stiffens against me, his fingers still inside me, unmoving. He lets out a groan as his erect member is pressed against my ass.

“That’s so hot,” he bites my shoulder as his fingers slowly move back out of my opening.  “Say that again.”

“You made me so wet, professor,” I moan out as his thumb begins playing with my clit, his free hand wrapped around the tie as he pulls my hands back against my ass. He lifts his hips up, his erection pressed into my palms as he growls in my ear.

“Grab it, baby girl. Grab my cock, see how hard it is for you,”  he nips my shoulder as my hands eagerly wrap around his erect cock. He groans against my shoulder as I rapidly move my hands up and down his cock.

His thumb keeps moving against my clit, faster than before, as though he’s trying to see who can make the other cum first. I brush my fingers against his tip and his hips jerk into my hands as I teasingly run my fingers over his shaft.

“Stop!” He removes his hand from my clit and tightens his tie over my wrists. “Do you seriously think I’d cum before you did, baby girl?” His free hand comes down against my ass and I let out a scream, the stinging sensation worse than before.

“Don’t act like you don’t like it, baby,” he kisses my lower back as his hand falls against my ass again. This time, I emit a moan from deep in my throat as the pain quickly turns into pleasure. “There’s a good girl.”

“P-please,” I whimper as his thumb finds my clit again and his index finger begins teasing my opening.

“Please what?” I can practically hear his smirk as he rams two fingers in and out of me.

“Oh, fuck!”I yell and lean forward, resting my forehead against the hard table. “P-please fuck me, professor. I-I can’t take it much longer!”

“Oh, but you can. And you will,” he tightens his grip on my hands as I feel him remove his fingers from inside me. His hands grip my ass, spreading the cheeks as he groans. “Fuck, you’re so wet.”

I whimper as I feel his breath fan against my slit, his hands gently kneading my ass. He licks his way down from my ass to my open slit, and I feel him smirk as he buries his face against my pussy. I feel myself throbbing as I bite my bottom lip, the sensation of his light stubble alone nearly bringing me over the edge.

“Does my little girl like this?” His face is still pressed against me as he speaks, his nose nuzzling my opening.

“Y-yes, sir. I really like–” His hands hold my ass apart as he rams his tongue into me, his teeth gently playing with my clit. “O-ohhhhh fuuuuuck!”

He smiles against me, his fingers reaching up to pinch my clit as his tongue continues ravishing me. My lips throb as Bellamy continues playing with me. “I-I’m so-”

Just as quickly as he pressed against me, he was gone.

“F-Fuck wh-why?” I pant, whimpering at the loss of contact.

“I almost came at the sight of you,” he leans over and growls in my ear as he rams his thick, bare cock into me. I groan in surprise as he wraps his fingers around my throat. “You were a wet, whimpering mess. Every little noise you made kept pushing me towards the edge and I couldn’t take it. FUCK!”

“O-oh, sir,” I pant as Bellamy continues to ram his cock into me, quickly finding my g-spot. “R-right there. Please sir!”

Bellamy groans as he continues hitting my spot. He turns my head to face him desperately placing his lips against mine, his tongue making its way into my mouth as I groan against him. His free hand plays with my clit as he twitches inside me, his thrusts growing sloppy. My walls clench around his cock, Bellamy moaning into my mouth.

“C-cum for me, princess,” Bellamy’s husky voice makes me whimper as I near the edge. “Cum all over my cock.”

And I do. I cum all over his cock, my orgasm taking me higher than any before this. I shudder as I ride out my high, Bellamy groaning as he quickly follows, shooting his cum deep inside me.

“Oh fuck,” we both mumble at the same time, chuckling as I lean back against him and gently place a kiss against his lips.

“This was a fun class,” I tease as he removes himself from inside me.

“The classes were fun when you were around,” he winks and lightly slaps my ass, eyes widening slightly as he looks down.

“What? What is it?” I furrow my brows and look at the side of my ass, seeing the edge of his handprint. “Someone likes to mark me up.”

“You haven’t even seen your lower back yet,” he walks closer and bites my shoulder again. “Or your shoulders for that matter.”

I laugh and gently nudge him just as the bell rings. Our eyes widen as the students run around in the hallways.


Sycamore as a parent headcanons

• Sycamore cries really hard the first time he holds his child. All the feelings of happiness and protectiveness are so overwhelming for him
• His charizard, blastoise, and venosaur are all so gentle around this new tiny human that Sycamore brought home
• Sycamore can’t say no to his child at all. He gives in to almost everything they ask for
• He would be so excited to show you all the different kinds of Pokemon
• You’d probably have all 3 of the Kalos starters on your team
• Everyone in the region knows that you’re the child of Professor Sycamore so the attention can be a bit overwhelming
• If you’re feeling intimidated or scared because of this Sycamore’s protective dad instincts kick in and he’ll come to the rescue in no time flat
• When Oak and Sycamore are doing a collaborative project, you and Green hang out
• Sycamore isn’t extremely protective over you about dating. He trusts your partner because you’ve chosen them. However, that doesn’t stop him from asking lots of questions and even having a talk with them

today on "what is my history of the English language professor wearing"

- brown and green leather shoes with blue and white striped socks
- neon yellow pants
- pink and purple patterned shirt. Idk how to describe this pattern. it has tiny birds and people and plants on it that look like Medieval book illustrations? it’s like something you saw in a dream and half-remembered upon waking up
- fringed maroon scarf that matches some of the darker pinks in the shirt (which he threw over each of his shoulders with a flourish)

dangerouswithoutcoffee  asked:

The Holts are tinny, they are all Smols pidges size is not reliant on her age because she is "small for her age" tinny pidge.

As a smol tiny human being who often gets mistaken for someone in their early teens, I feel this so much. I swear, for every time someone thought I was like fourteen, I would be rich by now. My professor once even made green jokes and insinuated I might not understand them (cuz I look like a kid.) That is my level of “smol for ur age” so smol for her age Pidge just slays me so.

I cannot begin to mention how many Shidge AUs I have thought with Shiro mistaking Pidge’s age cuz she was smol only to learn later that he fucked up. (Undergrad Shiro working as a bouncer not letting the smol kid with a fake ID in only to learn later this smol kid was a smol adult who is taking her masters and is his professor he is so fucked; police shiro getting a lead that a bar is using under-aged strippers only to meet broke college student Pidge; i have so much more.)

-Mod Lance