You know what, Tintin fandom? You’re all a creative, skilled, artistic bunch and I think we need to put that to use. I’ve noticed we’re not the biggest fandom out there but we can keep the fandom alive for Hergé!

What I suggest we do is a little project and that is to pick out favorite Comic Panel from any Tintin comic and redraw it in our own style. I know some people did that, but the idea is nice. I’m just hoping for that to come back. And don’t just put it on tumblr! Share it with the world! Have a twitter? Put it on there! Have an instagram? Put it there! Any website you can share your art on you put that picture there. SPREAD THE TINTIN EPICNESS! SHOW THIS GENERATION THAT WHEN WE WERE KIDS THIS GINGER REPORTER WHO DOESNT DO ANY REPORTING WAS OUR HERO


If you draw the panel then please tag us in it so we can reblog it. I hope we get many people who are willing to join us on doing this.


Thank you for your time and have a good day~