So, a while back I got a bunch of anon asks all about Sycamore and Lysandre. I really loved them and decided to draw some of them.
I hope you like the drawings! Here are the rest of the asks I got:

• Imagine Sycamore jingling Lysandre’s bells
• Sycamore starts dancing every time he hears Christmas songs. Even in the middle of summer. Sycamore is an idiot. Don’t be like him.
• Lysandre and Sycamore raising their pokémon together.
• Sycamore knows tons of irrelevant facts about a lot of things and pisses everyone off with them. (◕ᴥ◕し)
• Lysandre likes espurrs. But that’s a secret.
• Sycamore’s favourite anime character is Mew Ichigo. His love knows no boundaries. It’s an ocean of emotions. His Mewsona is Mew Banana.
• Sycamore petted Espurr’s ears. Everyone died. Good going Sycamore. You’re an idiot. Don’t be like him.
• Lysandre farted and blamed his pokémon. His Gyarados went on a murderous rampage because of that. Wow that’s stupid. Don’t be like Lysandre.
• Lysandre and Sycamore quoting Llamas with hats. All the time. Everyone else knows every single line by now because of them. They don’t know when to stop. Now everyone hates them. Good going. Now they’re dead. Do not be like them and quote Llamas with Hats in public.
• Sycamore and Lysandre reading 50 Shades of Gray together. Lysandre thought the book was about sunglasses. After a couple of chapters he burned the book.
• Sycamore is the biggest troll on internet. He has written every single geewunner entry and posted every Rickroll link you have ever seen. Even this one. I am Sycamore. I am an idiot. Do not be like me. #YOLO
• Lysandre nommed all of the Christmas chocolates. Sycamore started crying. Goddammit Lysandre, what an idiot. Do not be like Lysandre.
• Lysandre putting his dingaling in Sycamore’s fairy cave.
• Sycamore finds Lysandre’s stash of books. Not just any kind of books. They are coloring books for children. Every picture is colored messily.
• Sycamore and Lysandre played monopoly and it caused a big fight. They broke up. That’s stupid. Do not be like them.
• Sylveon and Espurr are not Kyubey reincarnates. It’s actually Lysandre. He is the one who lures young girls (and Sycamore) into their doom. What a douchenozzle. Do not be like him. If you see Lysandre you should just stab it to death.
• Sycamore played with his PSP. Because of that one PSP he didn’t get a 3DS and now Nintendo’s sales are lower. No new Pokémon games ever. What a bag of douche. Do not be like Sycamore.
• Lysandre makes dad jokes. That’s just dumb and makes you look stupid. Do not be like Lysandre.
• Lysandre is like an animal in bed. He sleeps in weird positions like a skitty.
• Sycamore sneezes like… a Glameow you think? NOT! He sneezes like a Wailord. Every time he sneeze it becomes a hurricane and everyone dies. Goddammit Sycamore. Do not be like him.
• Lysandre and Sycamore, sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G~ First comes marriage then baby carriage… Oh Arceus no!! Do not let those two on a tree unless you want a weird mutant baby. Oh sweet Mew forgive me….