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What's Legion about?

Legion is basically a drug trip but in TV form

no okay though -

So comics knowledge is brief here, but basically David is the son of Professor X in the comics, is a very powerful and unstable telepath who goes by Legion.

In the TV show - its all a bit different. We meet David in a mental hospital, because his powers have been written off as a mental illness, and follow the story from there through a series of jumps and uncertainties what is real/what isnt and creepy horror bits of the yellow eyed demon and a bit of romance and a lot of evil government organizations

basically you can go into it knowing nothing about xmen comics and thinking its the weirdest fucking horror drug trip show

or you can go into it with xmen comics knowledge and still come out the exact same???

After Logan, Patrick Stewart is leaving the X-Men franchise
Now it’s been confirmed another major actor is done: Patrick Stewart, who has played Professor X since the first film 17 years ago. The actor made the announcement today during a SiriusXM Town Hall event alongside Jackman and Logan director James Mangold, according to Entertainment Weekly. During the event, Stewart talked about how the three had watched the film together last week in Berlin, and were moved to tears. Read more
After Logan, Patrick Stewart is leaving the X-Men franchise
Now it’s been confirmed another major actor is done: Patrick Stewart, who has played Professor X since the first film 17 years ago. The actor made the announcement today during a SiriusXM Town Hall event alongside Jackman and Logan director James Mangold, according to Entertainment Weekly. During the event, Stewart talked about how the three had watched the film together last week in Berlin, and were moved to tears. Read more

Another week of Legion, another week of delving into the scary mind of David, and things get even more wild and dangerous; not only do we see more of the yellow-eyed demon, but also the protagonist from his childhood bedtime story, The Angriest Boy in the World, and BOY, is he creepy. Still not as terrifying as the blob creature, though; now that is what nightmares are made of. After three episodes, its origin remains a mystery; the premiere implies it is a figment of imagination, but the fact that no one besides Haller can see it deepens the mystery. While Noah Hawley is saying that few, if any, X-Men will appear, Hawley makes parallels to the comics that inspire the show. The protagonist himself is obvious: Haller is the son of Professor X, though, seeing that the show is set in the 70s, it is unlikely that he is, but anything is possible. Syd cannot touch anyone for fear of activating her powers, much like Rogue, who lives in constant dread of skin-to-skin contact. They are hunted by Division Three, which captures mutants and kills those that cannot be controlled, conjuring memories of the Mutant Response Division, which deals with hostile mutants, and Melanie Bird is a telepath and wears white, much like Emma Frost. Whether or not the devil has any commonalities with an established character remains to be seen, but we can speculate. On first glance, it resembles Mojo; both are obese and observe from afar rather than getting directly involved; biggest difference is that the devil never speaks while Mojo never passes up an opportunity to speak, though one can argue that the voices inside the head of Haller are coming from it. The demon also shares similarities with Shadow King, a telepath who takes over Haller in a major storyline from comics. Unfortunately, no clear pattern emerges when you consider its appearances. Haller sees it after a meltdown that sends utensils flying and destroys a kitchen. He sees it when he is high as fuck on vapor. His girlfriend sees it when inside his mind because they are apparently linked; man, if that demon is pursuing me through a claustrophobic air vent, I would shit my pants so hard. In any case, this yellow-eyed demon will be continuing to provide Legion with nightmare fuel… See you next week?

LEGION, by Dave Nemetz.

ComicCorp News: Major Changes to Green Lantern Book Coming? Controversial Artist Stands By Work.  Black Lighting Cast and More!

Due to last night’s tardiness, I’m loading up on today’s post.  If you missed last night’s ComicCorp, that’ll be up here on tumblr in a few minutes, as soon as I’m done with this update.  So members of the Space Monkey Mafia, lets talk about things that’ll undoubtedly piss off people.

Green Lantern Shake Up - While some fans have enjoyed “Green Lanterns”, the book is lacking an impactful character that isn’t constantly dealing with social issues like racism or personalty disorders.  The double dose has turned off some readers but brought in others.  Both Green Lanterns and “Hal Jordan and The Green Lantern Corp” have made questionable moves but are both largely well received.  In order to shake things up, DC has started hinting at a massive shake up that could see either Jessica Cruz or Simon Baz leave Earth and join up with the Corp.  This is because all Green Lanterns will feature a Yellow Lantern as their partner.  This has started ramping up rumors that long time Yellow Ring bearer, Guy Garnder will trade in his green for a yellow, to help even out the yellow corp.  This would probably see him move titles as well.  DC is hinting at this by putting him back in his classic 1980-1990′s blue jacket that he used after he took Sinestro’s ring.

You can also see a “Warrior” shirt on underneath, paying homage to his former identity.  Will this happen, will Gardner take up another Yellow Lantern Ring and go to Earth to serve as that sector’s protector?  We’ll see.

Vampirella Artist Responds - Vampirella artist Jimmy Broxton has responded to the seeming controversy, which he is underplaying, by standing by his work.  He posted a message saying;

…there is no bigotry on display, it lampoons all of those outdated notions, with humour, it in no way condones or legitimises abhorrent views. Anyone who thinks it does is wrong. I created the cover, I know what my intentions were and I make absolutely no apology for it what so ever. If a few people are offended, so what? Also, for the record the woman is not trans, she is female. The trolls who kicked off this nonsense got that wrong as well.

Broxton and writer Paul Cornell are now engaging in a war of words.  Cornell has said he’ll never work with Broxton again publicly, which is really to save face at this point.  I don’t think either man did the wrong thing.  Apologizing is something you do because you believe you wronged someone.  Just because someone is offended doesn’t inherently mean their opinion on said offensive material is justified.  People, ESPECIALLY ON THE INTERNET, tend to overreact and blow small things out of proportion by comparing a small issue with a major one.  So apologizing should be up to the individual.  I support Cornell’s desire to apologize to those who felt offended.  He felt he needed to.  I support Broxton not apologizing, as he doesn’t feel he needs to.  What I don’t like is the constant need to vilify people for their opinions.  There’s a point in which your outrage is just that, outrage.  I read the tweets of two of the offended, and they continued demanding more and more even after the apology.  Do you want an apology, or do you want a pound of flesh?  Because if you’re just looking for a pound of flesh, then an apology will never be enough, so why bother? 

This became a messier situation than necessary with Broxton and Cornell both getting into it publicly.   If I was the comic company, I’d fire both for stoking the flames to something that was, at best, a minor story.

CW Finally Casts Black Lighting - For a little while, we’ve been waiting in anticipation as to who would play Black Lighting in the upcoming CW Pilot.  Now we finally have an answer.   CW has tapped Cress Williams, formerly of Heart of Dixie, to take the lead role of the pilot.  I think the series has a lot to prove before it gets green lit for a full on series, like if Cress Williams can pull off being Black Lighting.  I’m excited to see the pilot, but we’ve seen good actors like Justin Hartley (Aquaman) and Adrianne Palicki (Wonder Woman) fail with bigger properties tied to them. 

Marvel Introducing New Combo-Character? - Call him Hulkerine, or Wolverhulk.  Or Bruce Logan!  Whatever you do, just don’t call him late to dinner…HAHAAHAH….I’m sorry….that was lame.  Axel Alonso, Marvel artist has teased an image of new character that combines Hulk and Wolverine into one, horrific, monster.   Not sure how I see this going…

Quick Hitters: X-Men Film’s EP Simon Kinberg has revealed that Channing Tatum has “Ryan Reynolds levels of commitment” for the upcoming Gambit film which has been delayed for the moment.  “Logan” director James Mangold doesn’t think Wolverine should be re-cast at all.  Hugh Jackman would ocme out of Wolverine-Retirement if able to join the Avengers cast as Wolverine.  Patrick Stewart wants his version of Professor X to meet Deadpool.  Nicholas Hoult believes he’ll be in X-Men: Supernova.  James Gunn wanted to make a Rated-R “Hitman” film.  Ben Affleck seemingly squashes rumors of leaving Batman by publicly endorsing new “The Batman” director, Matt Reeves. 

              “Nitro-9.” She explained, the smirk on her lips proud with the explosion she had created. “Invented it myself. Best weapon against a Dalek. Nah, at least one of the best weapons to get rid off them.” Her heart was still pumping blood through her veins in a speed that probably wasn’t too healthy; her hands would still be shaking if she would try to hold them still, but she put her hands into the pockets of her bomber jacket and nodded towards to exist. “We should try and find the Professor. He probably wants to know that there are Daleks HERE. — I’m Ace, by the way.”

                                          @starrysouffles | mixed starter call

        The smirk on her lips grew wider; she couldn’t help herself, as she straightened her shoulders; her eyes on the Professor. “— Told you this can’t be London in 1986! LOOK AT THE PEOPLE!Nobody runs around like that in MY time.” She was pretty proud of herself that she had recognised that it could NOT be her own time and she was also happy that it was not her time, because that meant another adventure; this was what the TARDIS always did. Throw them from one adventure to the NEXT. — Trying to take a look at the newspaper the other was holding, she raised her eyebrows. “2045?

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                “You don’t really think I’ll believe that, do you? Come on! The weird — costume, yeah. But the rest? That’s totally bonkers. I’d recognize the Professor.” And she waves the umbrella she had been holding; the red question mark seemed to flash in the sunlight. “You’d better wait here until he gets back. He’ll probably can explain that.”

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Kernels podcast episode 2: Sir Patrick Stewart talks Logan's sense of finality and 17 years as Professor X

How do films make you feel? The Independent gets personal about cinema and TV with actors, directors, cinematographers and other people from the continually evolving world of “content” in a new fortnightly podcast hosted by Culture Editor Christopher Hooton.

In episode two, we look at whether the Oscars mean anything anymore and how the films will play second fiddle to the politics this year. Later, the one and only Sir Patrick Stewart discusses (over Twixes with our film reporter Jacob Stolworthy) how interesting it was returning to a character he knows so well but is now in a completely different state of mind in Logan, and how it was so hot on set some of the crew members were on drips.

Listen to it below, subscribe on iTunes and podcasts apps here and follow the podcast @kernels and host @ChristophHooton on Twitter. You can find episode 1 with Matthew McConaughey here.