professor xavier


“Imagine being Charles’s little sister and falling for Erik.”

Y/N: Chuck…I need to talk with you. About…something. Well…someone.

Charles: First of all, don’t call me like that. Second: If it is about Erik, I think I already know everything you want to tell me. *smiks*

Y/N: I…wait WHAT? How did you, I mean…*sudden realization* Oh. Stupid Mind-thingy.

Charles: Don’t say anything against my mutation!

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“You know you’ve come a long way since we first met.” Charles inquires, watching water flow freely between your fingers.

“Well what can I say, I had a good teacher.” The water evaporates as you send him a small smile, which he returns.

“Ah yes, that Xavier fellow. I hear he’s quite the charmer.” He teases, causing you to giggle.

“He certainly has his moments.”

What X-men essentially is
  • Magneto:We need to do something about Anti-Mutant violence perpetuated by Humans it's going to end up in a Genocide
  • Xavier:But what about Mutant on Mutant Violence?
  • Magneto:What?
  • Xavier:How can humans respect us if we don't respect ourselves?
  • Xavier:We need to learn to love ourselves first.