Leaked scene from X-Men Apocalypse
  • Professor X:I'm going to read your mind now. Clear your thoughts and relax.
  • Quicksilver:okay
  • Quicksilver:*magneto? MAGNETO? what kind of fuckin name is MAGNETO? magnet-o. all he did was add an o. where did he even get that name? what the fuck? did you sit down for breakfast one day and pour out a bowl of magnet-o's and think "shit i can bend metal like magnets does so i should call myself magnet-o except magnet-o doesn't sound so good so maybe like mag-neat-o because I'm pretty neat-o. oh shit that's so meta! I'm gonna call myself magneto and people will be like 'but why?' and I'll be like 'uh because I like cereal, duh.' shit that's so meta." are you proud of yourself? you big metal bending bastard? you look like the giant red dildo from yo gabba gabba you bow legged swamp donkey.*
  • Professor X:wtf

‘With great power comes great responsibility’ has become overused to the point of parody (and represents only one of many permutations of the original phrase, which was uttered long before Stan Lee put pen to paper), but it provides a guideline to endowing superhero characters with innate goodness while the lesser of us succumb to fear, anger, hate, and (ahem) the dark side.

In fact, it’s all reminiscent of Professor X’s insistence in X-Men: Days of Future Past that the mutants must show us regular humans “a better path.” He ends the conversation with his younger self by appealing to “the most human part of us: hope.” It may sound cheesy, but that’s what makes it so important. We must embrace the cheese to realize the moral messages at play here.