professor satyr

PJO&Co. at Hogwarts, according to me

(for the purposes of Because-I-Said-So, I’m levelling the playing field and making the main characters the same age)

First Year

  • When Percy gets on the train, he has his compartment to himself in which to eat the blue lunch his mom sent with him
  • Hazel and Nico meet, almost for the first time, when their dad picks them up for the train
  • Piper is terrified of getting on the train, because both her parents are famous actors, and it’s well known that she and her mother are metamorphagi
  • Leo nearly starts his entire cart on fire at the station because he’s so excited to finally be going to Hogwarts.
  • He also almost lit the delivery owl on fire when it came.
  • Annabeth spent the summer practicing spells, perfecting everything she could before she attended Hogwarts in the fall.
  • Jason spent the entirety of the trip to Diagon Alley asking Thalia ridiculous questions about the houses and which house she thought he would get in.
  • Frank was surprised to get his letter, somehow convinced he was a squib.
  • Percy is the first on the train, and he spends ten minutes running around the entire train before slipping into a compartment that only has Annabeth sitting in it
  • Leo starts on fire four times on the train ride alone
  • The sorting has Frank’s stomach in knots, terrified of what his parents will think, no matter what house he gets.
  • Percy, Frank, and Will are sorted into Hufflepuff
  • Hazel, Leo, Rachel, and Piper are sorted into Ravenclaw
  • Annabeth and Nico are Slytherin
  • Jason, Reyna, and Clarisse are Gryffindor
  • Percy’s first interaction after the sorting is running into a burly Gryffindor girl that threatens to put his head in a toilet if he ever does that again
  • During the first broom flying lesson, Jason decides he wants to play quidditch
  • Piper is the best flier in the year, hands down
  • Will takes an immediate shine to herbology
  • Annabeth is top in the year, easily beating out even the most studious students
  • Percy’s only friend for a while is Annabeth, even though a lot of people think it’s weird for him to be friends with a Slytherin
  • Leo is the first student in their year to discover the Room of Requirement
  • Headmaster D. delegates everything to DADA teacher, centaur, and Gryffindor Head of House, Chiron
  • So if anyone needs something, they go to visit Chiron
  • Headmaster D., despite being rude to all the students, is somehow generally well liked and seen as approachable by the student body
  • The herbology professor is some satyr that showed up after the old one retired, and he has a kid that wanders the halls and sits in on classes.
  • Apparently, the satyr kid’s mom is fighting for creature rights, and satyr kid expects to be a Hogwarts student next year.
  • The second friend Percy makes at Hogwarts is the satyr kid, Grover.
  • Rachel spends most of her time talking to the divination and astrology professors, even though she can’t take those classes yet.
  • Frank is one of the best students at Care of Magical Creatures
  • Leo tends to get distracted drawing up blueprints during potions class
  • Annabeth butts heads with Clarisse in all their shared classes
  • Will is that one Hufflepuff who subconsciously keeps track of the habits of all his housemates and reminds them to eat and that they have assignments due
  • Nico observes everything, and spends first year as another face in the crowd
  • Piper keeps her head down, trying her best to keep people from asking too many questions about her life outside of Hogwarts, only friends with Leo and, to a certain extent, Jason.
  • First year ends with Annabeth, Percy, and Grover as a trio. Frank and Will get along well. Hazel and Nico are friends, and write to each other over the summer. Piper and Leo are friends, Jason included in that when he’s not with other members of his house. 

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