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A while ago I came up with the concept for a Layton café game. It would work as a visual novel kind of thing, where you picked from playing as one of the maids or a customer. The game has no real goal, except talking to different characters and unlock new maids and meals. So like Style Savvy but with food…? 

The customers you could pick from could be Layton, Randall, Desmond, and maybe Dimitri or Anton?? I also wanted to add some customers that can appear on random, but you can’t pick them, like Don Paolo and Stachenscarfen. 

Anyhow I have 0 skills when it comes to programming so it’s very unlikely I could ever make this. ( ˘•ω•˘ )

Yo. Professor Layton fandom.

Folks need to chill about Dan and Phill playing Layton’s Mystery Journey. Just a few days ago someone made a post saying they wish the Layton fandom was bigger. And most of the fandom agreed. And literally days later, the fandom got its wish when arguably the biggest dynamic duo of YouTube played and promoted a Layton game… And the fandom got upset. They literally gave layton fans exactly what they wanted. And all there is to show for it are hateful memes and rude “don’t let dan and phill fans ruin layton” posts.

I’m seeing posts that say fans who might get into Layton through Dan and Phil will be extremely toxic and ruin the fandom. But if any Dan and Phil fan where to look through the Layton tag… All they would see are the hateful posts the Layton fandom are making about them. Who would want to join in after seeing this kind of behavior? Think of it this way. If Professor Layton was a real dude, would he enjoy all these hateful remarks? I don’t think so…

Look. It shouldn’t matter where someone discovered something. As long as they end up liking it, no one should mind where their introduction comes from.

Even if you don’t like dan and phill, these hateful posts are extremely rude and frankly uncalled for.

Take a step back. Get a glass of water. Realize that it’s just a video game. It’s just a game. Anyone is allowed to play and no one has any right to deny other people’s enjoyment. Media in general does not “belong” to anyone. So folks can be bitter and stick their heads in the sand, but I say throw the doors open and let the new fans in!

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“ Oh, one thing before you go, Mr. Layton. Please take a look around you. These picturesque hills… these happy people. Dropstone has been blessed with so much. Sophia turned this place from nothing into a village full of warmth and camaraderie. Dropstone mustn’t ever be allowed to wither and fade like so many other villages. After all, too many sacrifices were made to make this place what it is. “


But the thing that excited me the most from my package was this thing. This is a block calendar made for Eternal Diva back in 2010, but I’m unsure about the manufacturer. Could be either Dive or Movic, but it dosen’t say anywhere, not even on the plastic that it was originally packed in. 

Anyhow, this calendar are one of the more rare items to stumble upon, and I’ve been hunting it for quite a few years now. It’s super cute and I LOVE how easy it is to rearrange. Honestly it’s super fun to play around with, I just hope I don’t accidentally break it while I do. e_e;; 

My issue with Unwound Future
  • Dimitri Allen: I want to build a time machine to go back and save my crush from her death. But it's a Herculean task.
  • Clive "Extra" Dove: Well lucky for you. I have the funds for this Herculean task, but instead of using them to buy out shady scientists like any normal person would, why don't we build a ridiculously expensive fake future London and kidnap a a bunch of people along with some scientists and tell them they're stuck in the future and can't go home unless they build a time machine.
  • Dimitri:
  • Clive: Also let's hire the mafia
  • Dimitri:
  • Clive: Oh and make a fake time machine demonstration, and use it to kidnap the Prime Minister instead of collecting the memories needed to make the machine work to go back to that day
  • Dimitri:
  • Clive: Also let's pretend to be future Layton and Luke. And I'll wear shorts paired with a fancy jacket because that's absolutely what a grown man would wear
  • Dimitri:
  • Clive: And there's this girl who follows them around and she might this time.
  • Clive: There is absolutely nothing wrong or shady about this plan.
  • Dimitri: Sounds good I'm in.