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So I’m taking a course on the American Revolution, and a friend and I had the joking idea to make fake posters/covers based on the titles of the academic articles we had to read. :0 Mine was An American Tory by Morton Borden, which explores the complexity of Loyalism in the Revolution. This cover doesn’t really have anything to do with the content, but I did want to draw Alfred looking hesitant and suspicious, with a people of different positions and backgrounds behind him. Something about the title “American Tory” felt very weirdly cinematic and so I decided to make a fake indie/graphic novel type of cover.

Who knows? maybe I’ll make some “fake” comic book pages to go with it as well…..

Dear Friend,

April 3, 2017

I had a very busy day today.
I woke up at 7:30am.
I didn’t need to be awake until 9:30am, but I couldn’t go back to sleep after I got up to use the restroom.
For some odd reason my mind just started racing.
I kept thinking and I didn’t know how to make it stop.
That was going on for a whole hour.

When I finally got up, I opened my door and was blinded by the bright sunlight burning through the windows in the dining room.
My mom had the blinds open for the natural lighting instead of using our fluorescents.
She was sitting by the bar, typing away on her laptop, and working on some paperwork.

“Good morning Mom,” I said.

“Good morning Papi,” she replied.
She calls me that when she’s in a good mood. 

I walked passed her and headed towards the kitchen.
I had prepared an overnight oatmeal recipe the night before, so the first thing I did was open the fridge to get my breakfast.
I normally don’t eat breakfast, but I’m trying to fix that.

This was my second attempt at making this overnight oatmeal.
I made it with almond milk, plain yogurt, honey, cocoa powder, and chia seeds.
It was supposed to have strawberries as well, but we didn’t have any, unfortunately.
And to be honest, it wasn’t as great as the first time I made it.

When I finished eating my chocolate strawberry-less oatmeal, it was time for me to get ready for school.
I took a shower, brushed my teeth, changed into some nice clothes, put on my black Steve Madden boots, and fixed my hair.
Then, I left to school.

I walked toward my class which was located in the business building.
I was there thirty minutes early for class and I was actually pretty happy about that because I was about to take an exam.
I sat down in the first empty seat I saw and started to study for the time being.

I remember this one classmate of mine was walking in circles around the hallways of the building.
He was wearing sweatpants and I could tell he wasn’t wearing any underwear.
It was really a nice sight to see - I wish you were there to stare at his junk with me. 

My thirty minutes of studying came to an end…
I unconfidently walked into class to fail my exam.
To my surprise, it was a lot easier than I thought, but to be honest I don’t expect to get higher than a “D”.
I will find out by tomorrow how I truly did.

After my exam, I walked to another building - The College of Liberal Arts.
I went there in hopes of running into an old English professor.
I printed out a copy of one of the letters I have sent you…
I’m thinking about publishing it…
I hope that’s okay…

Thankfully, she was there!
I told her about what I was doing and what I was expecting from her.
She’s such a kind woman.
I’m not even her student anymore and she agreed to help me with this.
She even said she’d give it to her colleague because he’s a creative writing professor.
She said she doesn’t have that kind of experience.
She mostly only reads and writes for academic purposes.

Soon after I told my professor goodbye (and many thank you’s), I headed toward the writing center to get a second opinion on the same letter.

The girl that helped me was very kind.
I was so nervous to let her read it and judge it in front of me.
Honestly, I was scared she was going to think it was nonfiction (obviously, it is, but I didn’t want her to get that impression).
I was shaking for a few moments and my palms started to sweat.

She didn’t have to edit it much.
She just told me I had a lot of punctuation mistakes.
I should really work on that.

It was actually really nice to be next to her while she read my excerpt.
She let out a few sighs as if she could relate.
She let out subtle aw’s under her breath.
She also let out a giggle at one point.
It was very comforting to see someone’s real life reactions while reading something I wrote.
It makes me wonder if you do them too.

Afterward, I ended up going to my previous workplace to interview my ex-manager for a project I have for my management class.
When I got there, everyone who I used to work with was still there.
I only saw one unfamiliar face there.
The guy was obviously new.

Everyone said hello and asked how I was doing.
I made small talk with them for as long as I could.
Then, I sat in the way corner of the restaurant and waited for my ex-manager to sit with me.

When she got to the table she said, “I hope you don’t mind me eating right now. I’m starving.”

“No, of course! Don’t worry about it.” I said encouragingly with a big smile.

“Alright then, good! So… let’s make this happen. Hit me with your best questions,” she said. “Show me what you got.”

I laughed, looked down at my notes and started interviewing her.
It lasted about thirty minutes.
I had worked with her for over three years and I can honestly say I learned so much more about her today in this one session alone than those three years with her.

Later, I got something to eat before going into work.
I had Chinese; it was sadly very unsatisfying.

I was only at work for a few hours.
Nothing worth mentioning happened there.

When I got home, I was greeted by my mom the same way she greeted me in the morning.
She was at the bar doing work on her laptop again - I was living in déjà vu. 
My dad was in the living room watching TV.
“How was your day Papi?” She asked while I walked into the kitchen.

“It was okay. I’ve just been really busy all day and I’m about to go eat with Josh,” I said.

“Really? At this hour? Where are you guys going?”

I didn’t realize it was already 10:30pm. “Yeah. I’m pretty hungry and I want to see him. We’re supposed to go to Applebee’s. To be honest, I’m not too sure if I’m going after all because you know how he is with his kids and all. Sometimes he’ll say let’s go, then ten minutes later he’ll say never mind because one of his twins woke up or something.”

“Yeah. You’re right,” she agreed.

I continued talking to my mom for a moment; all while preparing my breakfast for the week.
I’m trying to eat healthier, so I’ve been making the overnight oatmeal I mentioned earlier almost every night.
To save time, I decided to prep for the next four mornings.

I got papers, blunts, bongs.
All the ingredients to make a high nigga pie.
Just kidding.
That’s one of my favorite line’s in Scary Movie; I just had to say it, sorry.
Let me start over.

I got oats, almond milk, cocoa powder, yogurt, chia seeds, yogurt and strawberries.
All the ingredients to make my chocolate strawberry oatmeal (yes, we had strawberries this time).
It didn’t take me long.
Just before I finished up, Josh called me.

“Hey! Do you still want to go to Applebee’s? I got my dad’s truck, so I can just meet you there.” He sounded really happy to go and meet with me. 

“Yeah. Of course. I just need to finish something. If you get there before me you know what to order me right?” I asked.

“Cedar Grilled Chicken?” He questioned. 


“Okay. See you later.”

I hung up the phone and continued to make my oatmeal.
My stomach was feeling really empty so I tried to hurry.
When I was done, I got my keys and rushed out the front door.

I sped my way through the streets and through the highway. 
In times like these - when I’m anxious to see my best friend and hungry - I’m glad the speed limit on the highway is seventy-five miles per hour. 
So, it surely didn’t take me long to get there. 

When I showed up at the restaurant, I walked in and noticed he was sitting at one of the high tables that surrounded the bar.
I walked up to him, he saw me and we both smiled at each other. 
He looked so cute with his freshly new haircut and clean shaved face. 

He knows I don’t like facial hair. 
Sometimes I wonder if he shaves it just for me. 
I doubt he did it for me this time because he just started a new job at a restaurant; they prefer if you don’t have any facial hair. 

“Hey Josh,” I said with a big smile. 

“Hey Alex,” he responded. He mirrored my smile. 

“Did you already order for me?” I asked. 

“Yeah, I ordered for you. It should be coming out in a little bit. I got wings - buffalo and bbq flavored. And of course I ordered your chicken for you.”

“Thanks, because I’m starving!”

The rest of the night consisted of us talking about movies, games, a girl that he’s talking to and our lives. 
He talked about his twins. 
I talked about my love life - or lack thereof. 
This was going on for over an hour. 

When it started getting late, I paid for the tab and we walked out together. 
I started walking him to his truck and when we turned the corner of the restaurant I gave him a big hug. 
We kept our arms wrapped over each other’s shoulder and kept walking toward his truck together. 

It was really cute, because I felt like we were a couple - I’m sure it looked like that to other people who could see us through the windows of the restaurant - but we aren’t. 
He’s just a really great friend who deserves all my love and appreciation.
He’s been there for me every single time, and that’s not me being overdramatic. 
We talk every day.
I see him two to three times a week - four on a good one.
I just love him to death.  
I really do.
And I know he really loves me too. 
I can honestly say bravely that I’d do anything for him. 

“Hey,” he said as he looked at me. 
I turned over to him and looked straight into his brown eyes.
His face was close to mine because we were still holding on to each other. 
“Thank you for the food baby, and the drink of course,” he continued. 
I like it when he calls me names.

I laughed. “You’re welcome Josh. You don’t have to thank me though,” I lied.
Of course he has to thank me. 
I just said that so I could fish for more appreciative comments. 

“Yes I do. You always buy me food. And you’re always there for me when I need you. Or when I need money - you give it to me. The least I could do is tell you thank you. I love you Alex.”
I swear, I feel like he and I make the perfect homo-hetero couple.

My heart fluttered when I heard him say that. 
That’s all I ever want in a relationship - whether it be a friend or a boyfriend - all I ever want is to feel wanted, appreciated, important, and, of course, loved. 
“I love you too, Josh,” I said with a smirk. 

We finally got to his truck and I gave him another hug before I said goodbye. 
“I’ll text you when I get home,” I said.
“You better,” he demanded. 
And I did. 

I didn’t do much after I got home. 
To be honest, there was nothing for me to do. 
I didn’t have homework and there was nothing productive to do around the house. 

So, I decided to have a bit of downtime by myself. 
I made popcorn, heated up some nacho cheese, poured some hot cheetos in my bowl of freshly popped popcorn and pigged out in my room while watching a new episode of Riverdale. 
I only saw about twenty minutes of it though, because I couldn’t stay up too late. 

I also really wanted to tell you about my day. 
I don’t know why. 
I guess I just wanted to say that I wish I had more days like this - days where I’m busy as hell and distracted that I don’t even have the time to think about the bad things. 

So here I am writing to you. 
It’s already passed midnight; I should really go to sleep soon.
I have to wake up early in the morning because my friends and I are going to the school clinic to get our blood checked. 
I’m getting tested for STD’s and general blood work like my sugar levels, cholesterol, etc. 
I’m not sure if my friends are getting checked for STD’s. 

By the way, I know I’m always ranting to you; so, I just wanted to take this time to tell you thank you - I know I don’t do it enough.
So… Thank you!

I have learned to appreciate what you have while you still got it, because one day it will be taken away from you in the most tragic, unprepared way. 

Until Next Time… 
Love always,


50s/grease AU!!!

kayo leads the pink ladies, and is renowned for being the literal toughest girl around. she started her gang as more of a protection against harassment squad than anything else. then theres marion, who used to have a bit of a thing with scott but now she’s sweet on moffie, the nicer one of the group. rich-bitch penny is the last member of the pink ladies. her parents disapprove of her choice of friends, but she’s loyal to her girl gang.

brains is the new kid, come over from england with his adoptive father. despite being absolutely terrified of the thought, he enrolls in the school and is taken in by the pink ladies. he might not be a girl, but if kayo’s not looking out for him, then he’ll be squashed like a bug on the windshield of the tracy boys’ cars.

the tracy brothers make up the t-birds. they’re the sons of the late jeff tracy, and work in his auto shop, building and repairing cars. they all have big dreams that they can’t really make happen in their small town, making them all a bit rebellious.

scott, the eldest, is a few years out of high school and goes to community college to try and get himself educated for a better job and finally get them all out of their hick town. john balances the checkbooks and makes sure the business stays afloat. virgil, is a high school senior and is thoroughly in his rebellious phase, gets caught up in a lot of drag races in and out of school hours. both gordon and alan think he’s really cool and are always begging to let them go with him, but he insists they stay behind.

the pink ladies and the t-birds are close knit gangs, especially given that kayo had been adopted by jeff before he passed away. aaaand, that’s all i got!

this was really just an excuse to draw clothes, lets be real.

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On the color perception thing, there ARE people who have a fourth cone and you CAN be tested - but it has to be in person. Basically pixels in the image can create vertical lines, while viewing in person does not. My 3D printing Professor actually had a fourth cone and that's how he found out.



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“Slow your roll.”  Okay.  Message received.

My Methods for Staying Organized & Having a Successful Semester

An anon recently asked me to make a post about school organization, but since we all know I can never make things short and sweet, here is a post about how I both stay organized and usually have a successful semester. Everyone learns best in a different way, so find what works for you and stick to it.

I live by three main things each semester:

(1) Stay organized
(2) Stay ahead
(3) Evaluate & assess

Staying Organized

At the beginning of each semester I look at the classes I am taking and the syllabus that the professor has put together before I buy any materials. If a class seems to have a lot of handouts or readings that are not assigned in the textbook, writing assignments, other assignments to be handed in, etc. I will usually opt for a folder or 1/2″ binder for that class along with my choice of medium for note-taking (outlined below) in order to keep the loose papers organized.

I also make sure to write down any major deadlines in my planner or computer calendar. I like using the calendar that comes with the Mac system because I can sync it to my phone and it will alert me ahead of time when I have something come up. Google Calendar is another option. Since I am sort of “old school” when it comes to academics, I like having a physical planner and a printed monthly calendar as well.

When figuring out what note-taking method to use, I like to look at what the class is going to require. This is a chart that outlines my mental process when picking a medium for taking notes:

Most often I use the single subject notebook because it works best for me. I usually keep a manila folder for each class which contains handouts, graded assignments, and other important papers in chronological order throughout the semester so I have a safe place for them and they won’t get lost or wrinkled. When I get a handout in class I can tuck it into the front pocket of my notebook and put it in the manila folder when I get home.

I label each of my notebooks with the class title, professor, weekdays and time, and the room number, both to help me remember in the beginning of the school year, and in case the notebook gets lost, the finder can return it to the professor or classroom. I download an Avery template into Microsoft Word, then print them on Avery return address labels.

In some cases I have a class that is almost entirely handouts. For example, in legal practice the professor provides us with printed copies of the powerpoint each week along with a packet of other handouts. In that situation I use a three ring binder because it makes more sense, and I take notes right on the printed powerpoints.

At the end of the semester, I take my class notes, outlines, and the manila folder and store it in the pocket of an expandable file for safe keeping. 

I also like to keep what I call a “Master Folder” which contains all of the syllabi for all of my classes and any other contact information for my professors. Then when I am looking ahead at what reading I need to do for the upcoming week, I can just grab the Master Folder and my planner and don’t need to get all of my individual notebooks out.

Staying Ahead

I typically don’t read more than one assignment ahead, but I like to plan out my week in advance and look at the amount of pages for each of the assignments I have. Sometimes I will read the entire assignment for the week unless the second assignment is very short and can be read in under an hour. So if Monday’s assignment is pages 1-30 and Wednesday’s assignment is pages 31-60, I might read pages 1-60 over the weekend, and refresh my memory during the week on the second assignment. Sometimes I will read at the normal pace but then will read one assignment ahead if the assignment for that day was short. I also try to scan the syllabus ahead of time for any assignments that appear to be longer than others and make a note of it either in the syllabus or my planner so I am not caught off guard if I have a particularly busy week that gets escalated by an unusually large amount of reading.

In terms of outlining, I like to break up the outlining for each class so that I am not doing big chunks of outlining in one sitting. Typically I like to outline at the end of each chapter, but if I have free time I will outline to get ahead. I don’t necessarily schedule these out in my planner but I make a mental note when we are nearing the end of a chapter in class.

Evaluating & Assessing

I set up a couple of checkpoints throughout the semester, usually in Week 3, Week 7 or 8, and Week 12 or 13. During these weeks I go back and skim through my notes and make a list of any topics that I feel really uncomfortable with. I first try to work through those topics on my own, but if I am still feeling uncomfortable I will make an appointment with my professor to discuss them.

If you know sooner that you really don’t understand something, you should see your professor ASAP. However there are a lot of times where you understand something about 85% of the way, and after a few weeks it still hasn’t totally sunk in, and I think that calls for going and talking to your professor to make sure you aren’t totally off base. If you wait until the end of the semester to do this, it’s too late, so keep in touch with your weak points and act on them.

Hope this helps! Have a good Spring semester!


Pretty sure no one wants to ask me ever. www

Jokes aside, I got this shirt as a payment for a commission from a friend of mine, however I haven’t been able to meet her and pick it up until recently. The shirt was used to promote Curious village back in the days. And the moment I saw it I screamed cause boy is my lil heart weak for CV related promos cause well, it was there everything started. (´・ω・`) The shirt is like 3 times bigger than my usual size, but hey then I can use it both as a shirt and a dress!