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So I’m taking a course on the American Revolution, and a friend and I had the joking idea to make fake posters/covers based on the titles of the academic articles we had to read. :0 Mine was An American Tory by Morton Borden, which explores the complexity of Loyalism in the Revolution. This cover doesn’t really have anything to do with the content, but I did want to draw Alfred looking hesitant and suspicious, with a people of different positions and backgrounds behind him. Something about the title “American Tory” felt very weirdly cinematic and so I decided to make a fake indie/graphic novel type of cover.

Who knows? maybe I’ll make some “fake” comic book pages to go with it as well…..


50s/grease AU!!!

kayo leads the pink ladies, and is renowned for being the literal toughest girl around. she started her gang as more of a protection against harassment squad than anything else. then theres marion, who used to have a bit of a thing with scott but now she’s sweet on moffie, the nicer one of the group. rich-bitch penny is the last member of the pink ladies. her parents disapprove of her choice of friends, but she’s loyal to her girl gang.

brains is the new kid, come over from england with his adoptive father. despite being absolutely terrified of the thought, he enrolls in the school and is taken in by the pink ladies. he might not be a girl, but if kayo’s not looking out for him, then he’ll be squashed like a bug on the windshield of the tracy boys’ cars.

the tracy brothers make up the t-birds. they’re the sons of the late jeff tracy, and work in his auto shop, building and repairing cars. they all have big dreams that they can’t really make happen in their small town, making them all a bit rebellious.

scott, the eldest, is a few years out of high school and goes to community college to try and get himself educated for a better job and finally get them all out of their hick town. john balances the checkbooks and makes sure the business stays afloat. virgil, is a high school senior and is thoroughly in his rebellious phase, gets caught up in a lot of drag races in and out of school hours. both gordon and alan think he’s really cool and are always begging to let them go with him, but he insists they stay behind.

the pink ladies and the t-birds are close knit gangs, especially given that kayo had been adopted by jeff before he passed away. aaaand, that’s all i got!

this was really just an excuse to draw clothes, lets be real.

well fuck, man. the class i was looking forward to the most got removed before i tried to register. its not even there. :( im struggling to find four courses i want to take

holy cats guys

i had 5 things that i needed to get done today

and i got all 5 done

and it’s only 8pm so like i can do things like catch up on things and read and write for fun tonight omg

and like i only have 4 things on my list for this weekend and i’ll get one of them done early tomorrow and then the rest isn’t that much???

i kind of forgot how nice it feels to be productive sometimes and to actually get things done :0 :0


i’m just so happy rn?


I’ve had a lot of people asking for prints of these X-Men portraits, and I aim to please! $20 each plus shipping (usually $6-10 depending on weight), or the full set of 9 shipped for $150! They’re 12x12 inches, with a ½ inch white border around them, making their full size 13x13 inches.

These will start going out beginning August 7, 2015, so send your order to and get ready to have the most x-cellent wall in all of Westchester!

Mohawk Storm will be coming soon as a special limited edition print, so stay tuned!


Pretty sure no one wants to ask me ever. www

Jokes aside, I got this shirt as a payment for a commission from a friend of mine, however I haven’t been able to meet her and pick it up until recently. The shirt was used to promote Curious village back in the days. And the moment I saw it I screamed cause boy is my lil heart weak for CV related promos cause well, it was there everything started. (´・ω・`) The shirt is like 3 times bigger than my usual size, but hey then I can use it both as a shirt and a dress!


Professor Prints: The Search for the Golden Print

My forensics teacher handed us a blank book and told us to fill it up with pictures of our fingerprints and facts and stuff. I took this opportunity and made it into an art project. Over three days I turned it into a children’s book about fingerprints. Every page is cut out of construction paper and it took 3 days of non-stop work.


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