professor mew

Now’s the time from the second Stan. People call him the Pokémon Professor! This world is inhabited by creatures called… Well, you name it! Wheter they are pokemon or cryptids - he’s gonna study them all! By giving you a book. An empty book. Go and write down everything about the creatures he studied his whole life and didn’t even tried to fill it up for you. Gonna be fun.
Another work for Gravity Falls x Pokemon cross-over!

the signs as things i call my cats
  • aries: lil paw prince
  • taurus: purrt purrtson
  • gemini: catface meowmers
  • cancer: me meow me meow mew
  • leo: handsome lion cub
  • virgo: regal king of the jungle
  • libra: shithead (pronounced "shi-theed")
  • scorpio: hey asshole
  • sagittarius: snerk snort
  • capricorn: mr. scritch scratch
  • aquarius: stinkbutt
  • pisces: professor mew-iarty