professor meme

I cannot depart their canon selves from their abridged selves anymore

(another one of those draw the squad like based off of the below)

I’m not even a slytherin but this made me laugh for half an hour// artist: @emilyscartoons

  • Hogwarts student: did you study for Flitwick's test?
  • Dumbledore's Army: Study??? 🤐📚 I don't have the time 🕞🕚🕟 I'm too busy taking down 👊💪 Umbridge 😡😩😭 have fun in the stands 😤👋 while I take a stand 🤘👌🏆 Potter 3:22

with that hair I would give Lucius a straight 10 too // artist: @emilyscartoons

this is the kind of shit that makes me laugh// artist: @floccinaucinihilipilification