professor meme

I’m not even a slytherin but this made me laugh for half an hour// artist: @emilyscartoons

with that hair I would give Lucius a straight 10 too // artist: @emilyscartoons

Saw Wonder Woman

- Gal Gadot single-handedly defeated the patriarchy in under 3 hours

- If your name is Steve stay away from airplanes

- Chris Pine is the prettiest Damsel In Distress ever

- Diana and Steve are human embodiment of “Hold my flower” “Kick his ass baby, I got your flower” meme

- Professor Lupin has been up to some shit

- There’s a bit where Steve is all “It’s called No Mans Land cause no man can cross it” and Diana is all “I am no man ™ ”  and fuckin crosses it

this is the kind of shit that makes me laugh// artist: @floccinaucinihilipilification