professor litefoot


“That’s my trouble, Litefoot.”
“I’m not awfully–well I’m not so bally brave when it comes to it.  I try to be, but I’m not.”
“If it comes to it I don’t suppose anybody is.”
“Well I thought I ought to tell you anyway.  In case I let the side down.”
“You won’t, Henry.  I know you won’t.”

Companion sketch #30: Investigators of infernal incidents and Machiavellian machinations, Mr. Henry Gordon Jago & Professor George Litefoot.  Associates of several incarnations of the Doctor, and briefly companions of the 6th.

(Keen-eyed followers might notice I’ve recycled the line art from my old “Baker Street Justice Society” pic.  Much as I’d love to do 100% new art for Jago & Litefoot, the list of companions I’m covering is 121 names long.  Sue me.) ;)