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Professor Layton (2007-2014)

In Chronological Order and in Order of Release

Our internet was down since we came back home on the 2nd. So I used my time to finish Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask and put my feelings into a fanart. I actually liked the game a lot, I declare it my second favourite Layton game after Unwound Future (which will never be beaten).

But yes, I’m back. Hello.

Reblog if you are still in the Professor Layton fandom

One of my friends announced earlier today that they were leaving the fandom because they felt like it was pretty much dead. I wanna see just how dead it REALLY is. Reblog if you are still in the fandom, whether or not you think that it is “dead”. Help me prove my friend wrong!

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Request: Professor Layton - “Please bring it”

hanocha asked:

I was playing Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask the other day and I came across a line I’d love to hear voiced if you have the time: “While I dislike confrontations, I find the idea of a puzzle battle to be quite alluring. Or, to use a colloquialism: please bring it.”

I remember finding that line really funny when I played Miracle Mask too.  I don’t even remember the context, but it’s great.