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Superheroes after the election results
  • Superman: *calls UK* hey, do y'all need help for the next four years?
  • Batman: or need the justice league for a while?
  • Captain America: Pls freeze me again.
  • Charles Xavier: .....maybe we shouldn't have let logan go back in time 2 years ago.....
  • Peter Quill: So who wants to travel the galaxy with us for a while?

sometimes i think about my accounting Professor Kent AUs (part 1 | part 2) and think about how Kent and Tater would meet. I’m fond of the meet on Tinder AU, but im also digging Professor Kent running late to get on the train, and Tater taking the train home because he’s carrying a bunch of hockey equipment and his car broke down or something, and they’re standing close to each other when the train jolts to a stop.

Kent loses his footing and falls straight into Tater, but Tater catches him with one free hand and basically rolls Kent towards his body and holds him close instinctively. Kent is embarrassed and annoyed because this day has not been the greatest to start off with, but when he looks up, he’s face-to-face with this handsome Russian man with a Falconers cap who’s peering at him with a grin as bright as anything, and the apology dies in his throat momentarily. He does regain his senses after a bit and stammers out a belated “sorry,” but Tater waves it off, rights Kent with one steady (strong, Kent notices) hand.

“Is okay!” Tater says. “Not everyday beautiful man falls on me!” Then the smile grows slightly self-conscious as he lets go of Kent like he’s been burned. “I–ah–I’m not meaning–I’m sorry if–teammates say I’m say what’s on mind always, should stop–”

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Throughout the 1970s, DC experimented quite a bit with photographic covers (as did Marvel for a brief time in the 1980s.) None of them worked incredibly well, and this SUPERMAN cover is no exception. Shot outside the then-DC offices, the bystanders (actually DC staffers) aren’t quite looking at teh drawing of Superman and his phantom opponent. And Superman seems to be in a different dimension than the rest of the image. Still, it’s attention-getting–but I bought this issue because it was an issue of SUPERMAN, not specifically because of the cover.

Looking at the splash page, it’s clear that they didn’t pay for new artwork on the cover either, but simply re-inked and reused this splash page figure of Superman and the Phantom Horseman. Perhaps that was to offset a greater cost for printing a photo cover, or maybe it was just a simple cost-cutting measure. 

The story brings one of the recurring characters from the 1950s Adventures of Superman television series into the world of the comics; Professor Jasper Pepperwinkle, crackpot scientist and inventor. We open the issue meeting him and his beleaguered spouse. As is typical for him, the professor has misplaced his new invention, which looks vaguely like a TV antenna.

As Elaine Pepperwinkle tunes in an old John Wayne movie on her television set, out in Metropolis, the Phantom Horseman begins to ride through the city, disintegrating whatever he comes into contact with. Clark becomes Superman, but is unable to halt the mysterious rider–who suddenly vanishes as Elaine turns off her set.

Streaking to see his old friend Police Inspector Henderson, Superman finds Professor Pepperwinkle with him, and learns that the Horseman was created with Pepperwinkle’s missing invention, a Tri-Dimensional Silhouette Projector. The Metropolitan Revolutionary Army, a terrorist group, claims responsibility, and demands a million dollars from WGBS owner Morgan Edge or they will send further menaces out to rampage through the city.

As if to prove their point, a Phantom Roller Derby skater makes an appearance, but Superman is able to lure the apparition onto a treadmill and discard it in space. When the terrorists call again to arrange for their payment, Superman is able to backtrack their call through the phone lines using his super-vision, and cleans up on them. But they don’t have the device–as should be obvious by now, Pepperwinkle’s invention was actually purloined by Elaine, whom he had been overlooking in his work. Attached to her TV antenna so it wouldn’t be noticed, it caused her programs to come to life. 

The back-up was a fun Private Life of Clark Kent story in which blowhard sportscaster Steve Lombard challenges the women of the organization to a bowling competition with the men, to prove which sex is superior. In order to compete fairly, since he can’t get out of it, Clark uses super-hypnotism to create a mental block that prevents him from using his super-powers within the bowling alley.

Apropos of nothing, this story is where I learned about the 7-10 Split, the most difficult pick-up in bowling. Clark is able to make the spare here, with no thanks to Steve’s assistance. But when the ceiling spontaneously collapses atop Clark, who can’t free himself, he is forced to hypnotize Lois into somehow being able to lift the beam off of him.Not sure what would have happened if he hadn’t done this–regardless of any self-hypnosis, his Kryptonian body would still be proof against the flames and the weight. But anyway…

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wowwww those fluffy prompts are so good for patater like... “No, like…. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes" but with Tater trying to wear Kent's clothes or “I look forward to holding you close in bed soon" and it is Tater saying it to Kent aawwwww Also who doesnt love their relationship for this dynamic: "You’re the perfect height for me to rest my chin on your head.”

AU where Kent is Professor Parson the hot accounting professor with a chili pepper on fire rating on RateMyProfessor. His students adore him and are intimidated by him at the same time, and half the class is practically in love with him (there may or may not have been several incidents where a student undid one button on her blouse before going up and talking to him). The students know that Professor Parson is helpful during office hours (even though he’ll definitely chirp you a little if it’s obvious you didn’t listen in lecture), quick-witted, interesting, handsome, always dresses nicely for lectures (literally no one misses the sight of his ass in those dark-wash jeans), has a cat named after himself, used to play hockey before pursuing his accounting degree and probably still does as a hobby now (he’s even played with hockey legend Jack Zimmermann before!!), and loves the Las Vegas Aces and begrudgingly tolerates the Providence Falconers. They also know that he is most likely very, very married. 

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A Port in the Storm. Part 14.

Happy weekend everyone! I hope you all enjoy this next little snippet. ♡

As always, thanks to @gotham-ruaidh …I hope you’re staying cool in India!


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Ellen found her son in his room, Claire curled up in his lap, fast asleep under his plaid.

“Puir lassie, she’s had it rough these last few weeks”

She placed her hand gently on the crown of Claire’s head in a motherly gesture. Before sitting on the bed in front of Jamie.

“I just want ye to…understand something, Jamie. I see ye together, Claire and yerself. I kent yer happy as to where things have landed between the pair of ye, as does she. And I ken ye understand what she gave up to come here, aye?”

“That professor, Mam, the one who offered her marriage. He wasna right for her, I kent it in my bones…”

“I ken that son, else ye wouldna have bought her back. We’re Scots, and Fraser’s at that. We’re stubborn…but yer Claire, she’s English bred, aye, the English are as proud as we are stubborn.”

Jamie smiled, humourlessly and nodded as his mother continued.

“Of course Claire didna wish to marry yon professor, but ye also kent that she was promised to him. She kent she’d have to marry him, and though she didna want it, she’d begun to accept her fate, aye? She hadna thought she’d marry for love. The English have their ways, they marry for dowry, for money and position. Ye’ve always seen love, my lad. Now yer responsible for her education in such matters. Aye?”

Jamie’s eyes were wide in understanding.

“Just as Lallybroch is in yer blood and who ye are, that is part of her, the idea that she willna have love. Now she actually has it, she’s struggling to learn how to adapt.”

Claire shifted closer to Jamie in her sleep, his hand slipped over hers as he rubbed it softly, holding her to him.

“She’s a smart lass, she’ll open herself to ye. But it takes time. Her head and her heart are only just about…communicating with each other, aye? But I believe in fate, Jamie lad. Why else do ye now have a bairn on the way and a wedding?”

She smiled cheekily at him and winked before standing.

“Ye’re already showing her the way, keep at it lad. I’m proud of ye, my son.”

She lent over, kissed him gently on the forehead and turned towards the door. As she closed it behind her, she took one last look at her son and the woman who’d claimed his heart, curled together on the chair. His eyes were closed now as he whispered his love for her in Gaelic and she smiled to herself.

“Lord take care of them.” She whispered into the now dark corridor.

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“No, like. It’s just, I can’t believe you’re actually wearing my clothes.” for Patater please!

(AU where Kent is a professor and Alexei is his NHL boyfriend)

It’s always so goddamn hard for Kent to leave his bed, but now, with the weight of Alexei’s arm draping over his shoulders and clinging onto him like a very persistent limpet, climbing out from under the covers becomes harder still. He’s thrown on one of the Team Russia hoodies Alexei had left behind a couple months back, and when Alexei had seen him in it last night, he’d practically flung his duffel bags across the room to get his hands on Kent. Now, as Kent tries to slip out after a few moments of careful maneuvering, so as to not wake Alexei (happily snoring away like a truck after a late night flight post-game), he feels a hand catch him at the last moment, drawing him back into the heat of the blankets.

“Alexei,” Kent starts, but when Alexei buries his face into the hollow of Kent’s neck and grumbles incoherently in Russian, Kent finds that he can’t argue. “I have to get ready. I have work.”

“Early,” Alexei murmurs, then nips at a bruise he’d left last night. “Ten more minutes.”

“I’m gonna get stuck in traffic,” Kent complains halfheartedly, then pauses. “Why are you looking at me like that?”

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I know what you’re thinking.. where the crap has Finn been? Just blame Professor Kent, Ryder and Molly for me not really being around here… Kent’s been helping me with some new flying techniques for the Gryffindor match, Ryder’s got me addicted to Power Rangers and I kinda can’t stop watching and Molly’s been having me hit the books pretty hard to make sure I actually do well in my classes- cause I guess they’re looking at that stuff now for players in pro quidditch- didn’t know that. 
Anyway hey guys!