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Holly Potter & the Favorite Professor, 1

After meeting Holly Potter in the Leaky Cauldron, Quirrellmort decides to gather intelligence on the Girl-Who-Lived. One spiked firewhiskey and a shopping trip later, the wizarding world’s future tilts on its axis.

Fem!Harry, canon divergence AU, ridiculousness with some serious moments, pre-Harry/Voldemort.

Based on a sample size of one, Holly Potter quite likes wizards. Hagrid, who saved her from that awful island shack that her uncle forced them all into, who gave her the very first birthday cake she’s ever received, is brilliant. The crowd of magicals in the Leaky Cauldron who’d pushed and tugged to get her to shake their hands had been rather less brilliant, although Professor Quirrell had been… interesting, at least. And then Griphook had been gruff but helpful, and Madam Malkin kind and fluttery, and then she met the blond-haired boy. Rude, but the kind of rude Aunt Petunia would like, the kind that’s pleasant to adults and terrible to everyone else. He’s still talking.

“And the Malfoys, of course, descend from the third son’s line…”

He still hasn’t asked for her name.

Well, Holly also hadn’t asked for his pedigree (as though he were one of Aunt Marge’s prized pit bulls) but he’s still decided to enlighten her with it.

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This is who I picture the hwu ppl like??? (also, handwriting hc’s!!!)

I was thinking of tommy as either Ian or Henry, but Henry is a bit too buff to be tommy, in my opinion. So ian, my cinnamon apple, is my thomas hunt.

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all I need is carm seductively calling laura "professor hollis" just to make her blush, working effectively. it's so typical but so gay, so cute!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Although now all I’m imagining is “What do you want me to do, gym professor? School me” from the sock puppet video

Carmilla Season 3

I have watched the last episode of Carmilla!

And even though it was sad (all right I cried a bit) I had already watched Xena Warrior Princess years ago so naturally sad endings no longer affect me (but I still have not forgiven XWP for that rushed out of character ending)

Anyway now I am really looking forward to the Carmilla Movie!

But there seems to be some questions that need to be answered like:

What does it mean now that Carmilla is no longer a vampire? even though the story about Carmilla involves her being a vampire.

Will Danny Lawrence come back? I hope so, Carmilla would still call her Xena but what will Danny call Carmilla now? (Ex-Fangs maybe)

And if so will Danny be a vampire? probably not, because of Laura’s sacrifice for Carmilla and her friends.

Will LaFontaine get a bionic eye? I bet LaF gets X-ray vision too (cool!).

What will Perry do now? no seriously what will Perry be doing now?

Will we get to see Kirsch and Melanippe? I think we will with Mel as a reporter and Dudescort as the cameraman.

Who has sent Laura…sorry, Professor Hollis the card with multiple choice? personally I think it’s LaFontaine, it would be their style to get Laura’s and Carmilla’s attention, also I think the “Oh god, oh god it laid eggs” might have something to do with Perry (what on earth has she summoned now)

Like I said I’m really looking forward to the Movie, maybe we might even get a forth series! (I hope so) @carmillaseries

Now I will get back to Supergirl (I think)

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Hey do u have any fic recs? Maybe something kinky wth Hollstein doing happy things. I don't care who is on top lol

uh I actually have a lot and I’d love to do a masterpost one day but here are the ones that are at the top of my head and mostly aren’t one shots.  Some of them don’t really have smut as the focus or it’s very minimal and not at all explicit, but the story/plot is good.  Also, I can’t promise they’re all happy LMAO

Silence Looks Good on You by @badaax (complete)

The Vampire Hotel by @heyjenocide (incomplete)

Chasing Ghosts by LivingThroughtheNight (or any fic by author) (incomplete)

Strangers by @esacharminga (incomplete)

Any fic by Alfer @cwnannwn

Any fic by Kendarrr @kendarrr

Any fic by Puntrest @puntrest

A Good Reason series by @raedmagdon

Some nights we open up the flood (Some nights we are lost)  by @geoclaire (incomplete)

Best Friend’s Girl by leialovesfaith (incomplete)

Eisen Company by polishollis (incomplete) (warning: hollence in one chapter)

Clockwork by @flowersinmyapartment (complete)

Chain My Name by yams (complete)

Any fic by lordvoldyfarts @aliciaclvrk

Any fic by chasingredballoons @lauracarmillas

the SECRET fic asdfghjklkjhgfdsa if you can find it

Maybe We Can Learn to Share by @counthoelaf (complete)

Beating Like A Hammer by @uncreativenamefics (complete) (or any fic by author)

Styrian Cold Fronts by blv (complete)

Just Dance With Me by @fadedtobluesuniverse

your mom called, you left your game at home by @elisebaumans

Any fic by This_Is_A_Good_Sign @kait-e-k

Any fic by standoutinacrowd @angstfreehuman

Any fic by Bianca_loveless @brokebackbianca

Any fic by mermaiddrunk @mermaidandthedrunks

The Triwizard Tournament by @ofarrowsandspacemen (complete)

Any fic by makeme123  @yoitsmeecass

Any fic by carmillasleatherpants @carmillasleatherpants

Welcome to the Tour by iMightBe (complete)

Help Me Lose My Mind by kwillow19 (complete) - cheating fic

Any fic by lizardwriter @lizardwriter

Any fic by canyousmellchips @laurahhollis

Take The Leap And Hope You Grow Wings On The Fall by ahhhh (incomplete) (warning: time period = Laura has a husband in war, self-harm)

Before I Ever Met You by @howtowasteamoment (incomplete)

Any fic by susieboo @susiephone

Any fic by heylittleyahtzee @heylittleyahtzee

Anatomy Lessons with Professor Hollis by @fox-is-fandumb (complete) (warning: g!p)

Eventually series by LockDown (warning: very angsty, physical abuse) (my fav one was “Let’s Leave this Town Between You and Me” but it’s deleted D:) (complete)

In the Time of the Bells by @strangeandsombre (status of fic: rip)

white blank page. by @bsau-asks (couldn’t find main blogs D:) (incomplete)

Dream a Little Dream by Fullyajar (complete)

under dying stars by fuscience (complete)

Any fic by mad2thebone @elesaar999

Loving you’s a bloodsport by justgalpals (complete)

Flames by @asleepinawell (or any fic by author)

Flowing, Drowning, Melting by haptic (incomplete) (warning: slight hollence in beginning)

One in Four Centuries by green_zombie (incomplete) - angst

Emancipation by @ceceash (incomplete)

Any fic by pterosounds @pterosounds@carmunism

the way she shows me i’m hers and she’s mine by @gayravenclaw

Level Up by @frillyhella

Shameless Smut Tropes & Escape by @natashiyaa

I think that’s it for now…  I’ll probably make a masterpost which is 3x longer than this but I don’t know when I’ll have time to so this is a start.  I don’t really have “old” fandom fics because I only started reading Hollstein fics last year summer. 

As you can tell, I’m so really into Hollstein fics to the point I know most author’s tumblr accounts LMAO Also they deserve the shout-out and free promo <3

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Hollstein and the second bullet in the pretend NOT to be dating au's, please!


We’re both professors in the same department and it enhances your reputation with the students as a mysterious enigma and my reputation as a stone-cold terror if we pretend to hate each other, plus when we back each other up in departmental meetings everybody’s so surprised they give in right away

An overheard conversation:

“Who’d you get for philosophy?”


“Oh. Rough luck.”

“What, why? My sister loved her.”

“Your sister is gay, buddy, and she actually took notes. You wouldn’t know what a book was if you lived in a library.”

“Oh, fuck you. I’m sure it’ll be fine.”

“She owns a sword.”

“She what.”

“Yeah, Beatrice saw her fighting Professor Hollis with it yesterday. That history teacher is wicked with a poker.”

Also overheard, a few tables over:

“What did you pick for your history elective?”

“Silas History, why?”

“Ooh, you’ve got Hollis.”

“What’s so great about Hollis?”

What’s so great about- okay clearly you don’t have eyes, because if you did you would have noticed the skull on her desk?”

“A skull? You’re messing with me.”

“Nope. George got a close look at it once when he was getting help on his essay and get this — he says it isn’t human.”

“What the fuck.”

“I know, right? And the best part is that there’s all sorts of weird stuff in her class. She talks like she actually knew who managed to save the campus.”

“So does Karnstein. Do you think…”



“They hate each other, morons. Didn’t you hear? Beatrice saw them sword fighting behind the Colosseum.”

Carmilla telling Laura's students that she's a bike messengsr

“Your bike is actively on fire.”

“Yeah. I’m a bike messenger.”

“You can read Sumerian.”

“Very important for a bike messenger.”

“One time Professor Hollis got a paper cut and I saw you licking it.”

“It’s a bike messenger thing; you wouldn’t understand.”

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PROMPT Holly takes an art class as an elective and needs a model for a human anatomy study. Gail is the one paired with Holly to pose nude.

A/N: I *think* this general premise has been written before for them, but hopefully this is different enough that it doesn’t matter. Enjoy. :)


Holly huffed in annoyance as she moved her sketching pencil across the paper. She wasn’t used to not exceeding expectations. She wasn’teven used to just being average at something. And she most definitely wasn’tused to outright sucking at something. Because she did suck. This drawing of the male model–nude of course–really fucking sucked.

Holly cursed herself for letting Rachel talk her into taking this class alongside her. Holly had wanted to take music theory for her fine arts requirement. But no, “it’ll be fun, Hol,” Rachel had said. “You can learn more about human anatomy and how it can move,” her supposed best friend had insisted.

“Fucking hell,” Holly muttered under her breath in a rare outburst of profanity. The guy’s arm, which was all she had, looked more like a shriveled up banana than an actual, toned arm. (A shriveled up banana? Really, Holly?)

“Don’t hold the utensil with so much tension,” a calm voice said from behind her, causing her to jump. “Relax your grip and your shoulders.”

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