professor holly


This is who I picture the hwu ppl like??? (also, handwriting hc’s!!!)

I was thinking of tommy as either Ian or Henry, but Henry is a bit too buff to be tommy, in my opinion. So ian, my cinnamon apple, is my thomas hunt.

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all I need is carm seductively calling laura "professor hollis" just to make her blush, working effectively. it's so typical but so gay, so cute!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Although now all I’m imagining is “What do you want me to do, gym professor? School me” from the sock puppet video

Carmilla Season 3

I have watched the last episode of Carmilla!

And even though it was sad (all right I cried a bit) I had already watched Xena Warrior Princess years ago so naturally sad endings no longer affect me (but I still have not forgiven XWP for that rushed out of character ending)

Anyway now I am really looking forward to the Carmilla Movie!

But there seems to be some questions that need to be answered like:

What does it mean now that Carmilla is no longer a vampire? even though the story about Carmilla involves her being a vampire.

Will Danny Lawrence come back? I hope so, Carmilla would still call her Xena but what will Danny call Carmilla now? (Ex-Fangs maybe)

And if so will Danny be a vampire? probably not, because of Laura’s sacrifice for Carmilla and her friends.

Will LaFontaine get a bionic eye? I bet LaF gets X-ray vision too (cool!).

What will Perry do now? no seriously what will Perry be doing now?

Will we get to see Kirsch and Melanippe? I think we will with Mel as a reporter and Dudescort as the cameraman.

Who has sent Laura…sorry, Professor Hollis the card with multiple choice? personally I think it’s LaFontaine, it would be their style to get Laura’s and Carmilla’s attention, also I think the “Oh god, oh god it laid eggs” might have something to do with Perry (what on earth has she summoned now)

Like I said I’m really looking forward to the Movie, maybe we might even get a forth series! (I hope so) @carmillaseries

Now I will get back to Supergirl (I think)

Carmilla telling Laura's students that she's a bike messengsr

“Your bike is actively on fire.”

“Yeah. I’m a bike messenger.”

“You can read Sumerian.”

“Very important for a bike messenger.”

“One time Professor Hollis got a paper cut and I saw you licking it.”

“It’s a bike messenger thing; you wouldn’t understand.”

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PROMPT Holly takes an art class as an elective and needs a model for a human anatomy study. Gail is the one paired with Holly to pose nude.

A/N: I *think* this general premise has been written before for them, but hopefully this is different enough that it doesn’t matter. Enjoy. :)


Holly huffed in annoyance as she moved her sketching pencil across the paper. She wasn’t used to not exceeding expectations. She wasn’teven used to just being average at something. And she most definitely wasn’tused to outright sucking at something. Because she did suck. This drawing of the male model–nude of course–really fucking sucked.

Holly cursed herself for letting Rachel talk her into taking this class alongside her. Holly had wanted to take music theory for her fine arts requirement. But no, “it’ll be fun, Hol,” Rachel had said. “You can learn more about human anatomy and how it can move,” her supposed best friend had insisted.

“Fucking hell,” Holly muttered under her breath in a rare outburst of profanity. The guy’s arm, which was all she had, looked more like a shriveled up banana than an actual, toned arm. (A shriveled up banana? Really, Holly?)

“Don’t hold the utensil with so much tension,” a calm voice said from behind her, causing her to jump. “Relax your grip and your shoulders.”

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TV Trope: Never Heard That One Before

Professor Holly: Hello my precious blueberries! Alright, let’s spin those wheels and play with some clay. [He slams down a hunk of clay, startling them] Now there’s one and one rule only in this class: I will tolerate no re-enacting, whether it’s ironic or sincere, of the Patrick Swayze Demi Moore pottery scene in Ghost. Ever since that movie was released in 1990 I have seen every conceivable variation of what I call ‘ghosting’. This could be guy on girl, girl on guy, or the “hilarious” guy on guy. So since it never stopped I had to adopt a zero-Ghost-tolerance policy. If you so much as hum three notes from that Righteous Brothers song, with God as my witness, I will come at you with everything I’ve got. OK? Let’s have a great time!

(1.19 Beginner Pottery)