professor colress

Colress visits the Pokemon Professor Club
  • Colress: *knocks on door*
  • Kukui, holding a drink: Uh, hello?
  • Colress: Hey I was wondering if you've looked at my application to become a real Professor yet because it's been two months and- are you having a party?
  • Kukui, leaning across the door to conceal the strobe lights: No.
  • Colress: I can hear music.
  • Oak, Birch, Burnet, Juniper, Elm, Rowan and Sycamore from inside: Don't let him in.
romantic things to say in the bedroom: sun and moon edition

- “you’re not beautiful enough for my world" 

- "why dontcha check out what kind of Pokemon it izzzz that you caught, pal”

 - “watch us nanab these berries yo" 


- “The hated boss who beats you down, and beats you down, and never lets up”

- “don’t you dare say a word about this being fun”

- “woo, that’s a stylin’ hat, cousin ”


- “zzt-zzt”

- “the theme of my research is: bringing out the power of pokemon”

- “and here’s a bit more unwanted advice”

- “y’all are stupid”

best results achieved if these are whispered sensually into your partner’s ear


40 Day Pokémon Challenge

Day 33: Favorite Pokémon Professor

Don’t get mad, Colress it’s a professor, a villain one but who cares. Obsessed with power, he’s kind of a crazy guy but i love his design and dialogues in-game. Also has a great pokémon team. 
¡He’s a genius and the best pokémon professor ever!

Something that would have made the XY games far more interesting for me would have been if they somehow intertwined Colress into the lore of Mega Evolution. Colress’s ultimate goal is to find a way to bring out the full potential and power within Pokemon, he spends all of BW2 playing the role of a morally ambiguous character. Not really evil or good, just operating in a way to achieve his own goals whether through brutal means or not. He’s doing what’s best for him and Ghetsis knows that. By the end of the games he surmises that the reason the player and his Pokemon are so strong is because the PC brings out their Pokemon’s absolute capabilities through ~loveTM~ toward them. 

“So this is what it means to draw forth the power hidden in your Pokémon! So strong! You’re a very strong Trainer indeed! So let me ask you this! Are you thinking of reaching even higher heights by understanding each other as Pokémon and Trainer? The reason you’re so strong is that you treat your Pokémon with respect and love!”

Even in rematches he seems to have had a small change of heart on how to make his Pokemon better for combat. 

“Marvelous! I shall believe in my Pokémon!" 

"The bonds between us… Does the fact that we can’t see them make them even more real?”

Fasssst forward to XY games, what do we have this supposedly newly discovered by Professor Sycamore? (until ORAS pissed all over the idea) Mega Evolution, a method by which Pokemon can ascend to a strong form via two stones and a powerful bond between trainer and Pokemon. It’s something people just made a breakthrough discovery in apparently and it allows you to tap into hidden strength in certain Pokemon species, but only if the trainer and said Pokemon are super tights. Professor Sycamore states this line: 

“If you visit many different places to complete the Pokédex, you will probably see Pokémon with many ways of living and meet people with many ways of thinking. First, accept the ways of living and thinking that sometimes conflict with your own.”

It’s only a hypothesis, but I think the bond between Pokémon and Trainer is the key to this new Evolution. But what is this bond, exactly? And why are there examples of Mega Evolution only in the Kalos region? There’s still so much we don’t know…

Sounds a bit like Colress, you don’t agree with the way he operates and works with Team Plasma or the way he behaves at some points in the game but that’s just his way of doing things. It isn’t meant to be seen as right or wrong, it’s just Colress being a person. BW games were about not one person being right or wrong 100%, not one person being black or white, people running the spectrum. Everything was all in the grays, Marlon didn’t help you against Team Plasma because he didn’t know them so had no right to intrude. N had his own ideals and opinions on Pokemon and humans living together, meanwhile we have Colress who only wishes to bring out the true potential within Pokemon through his research and working with Team Plasma. 

He’s okay with the world being destroyed if he can understand what true power is for Pokemon and how it’s obtained but on the other hand he’s perfectly okay with it being understood through human / Pokemon bonding too. From one extreme straight to the other, he says this during his last decisive fights. It’s important to note that during this last fight he debuts a Metang. Meanwhile post-game in rematches after discovering the key to true latent power in Pokemon is love, he has a Metagross.  So, a mega evolution potential-having ‘mon is Colress’s final team change of the game. He’s also referenced in XY by an NPC:

“A few years back, this really strange dude named Colress told me that these big stones emit some kind of special energy.”

Taking note to the fact that these stones were used to power the ultimate weapon but still the fact they “emit” energy, possibly similar to mega stones. I think Colress’s ambitions were a slight foreshadowing toward mega evolution. Also in BW2 Lucario and Ampharos, to early captures, were heavily marketed in the game advertising along with Eevee, Arcanine, and several other old Pokemon and later when Mega Evolution was revealed Lucario and Amphy both received mega evolutions with Lucario being the main poster child for the mechanic in-game.

I don’t think it would have hurt to perhaps show Colress as an acquaintance of Sycamore’s or of course not playing as nearly large a role as he did in BW2 but playing on some type of connection to the new concept that was seemingly made for him.