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HC with dating Warren Worthington iii and or Alex Summers if you haven't already done them thank you<3 you're amazing

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So this boi,

  • Just saying, his favorite date is picnics.
  • He gets to eat and spend time with you in the great outdoors.
  • And it’s such a laidback date he loves it.
  • He is a huge fan of you stroking his wings.
  • He loves to cuddle you in his wings to, even though they are metal he knows its dangerous but in a way it could protect you both. 
  • He loves to hold you hand, really it just makes him feel like you won’t ever leave him.
  • Sometimes before he sleeps he imagines a future with you, but doesn’t dare to dream about it too much.
  • He loves watching you sleep.
  • Warren is also the type of boyfriend who has pictures of you saved on his phone and endless videos of you that he takes in secret so he has plenty of material to look at when he misses you.
  • He misses you often.
  • Also if he were to have social media, it’s just pictures of you. 
  • But he doesn’t tag you, on the photo he would tag you as “My girlfriend, piss off.”
  • He still loves playing the bad boy role.
  • You think it’s cute.
  • Honestly, he is W H I P P E D
  • Boi will do anything and everything you ask.
  • Even if he’s iffy about it, when he sees your puppy dog eyes he’s down on his knees.
  • He loves you dearly.
  • He also loves to kiss your hand and your forehead.
  • He finds it gentlemanly. 
  • He also loves to call you his angel because to him you were sent from heaven, a true blessing.

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Kylo Ren and Ben Solo AU's

(None of the photos, art or aesthetic posts in this are mine, just used as visuals to go along with it)

We all know canon Kylo and how he looks, but what about those other AU’s? I present, the ultimate list of Kylo Ren and Ben Solo AU’s!!

First we’ve got Smuggler Ben Solo, aka what Kylo would have been in the SW universe had he not chosen the dark side and was not force sensitive who takes majorly after his father:

Then! We have another favorite, Jedi Ben Solo! Another SW universe AU had Kylo not chosen the dark side. Tends to take after Leia, but still has his fathers attitude for sure:

Much like Jedi Ben Solo there is also Senator Ben Solo/Amidala. Given his lineage to one of the most famous and successful rebellion leaders and public figures, the young senator not only has big shoes to fill but does so boldly. Still carrying that Solo charm, Ben negotiates his way through the galaxy, fighting for the policies and actions he sees as doing right by the galaxy:

Then there’s a big favorite, Emperor Kylo. Basically still in the SW universe, but this time Kylo is free from Snoke’s control and able to be the grey jedi we all know he wishes he was:

Then we have a whole LOT of modern AU’s.

First, my personal favorite, what we can consider triplet/punk/generic modern/rock band Kylo. Like canon Kylo he’s got a bit of an anger problem but is highly intelligent and skilled in his craft (whatever it may be), he also has a dicey relationship with his parents. Though his demeanor is off-putting and intimidating, he’s secretly very emotional and thoughtful. In the triplet AU he’s most likely either the oldest or middle brother and is also the most intimidating of the three.

Then we’ve got College AU Kylo, who knows what he’s studying but a lot like modern Kylo above he’s fairly mysterious, kind of brooding and quiet, but reader certainly notices him whenever he’s in their nearby proximity. Given how intense his presence is. Most likely has a tendency to stare.

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