Can’t be Alone Together. Chapter 13

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Chris took a deep breath when he saw Giselle. She still looked the same. Happier then when he last saw her. ‘Hi’ he said with a small smile on his face when she saw standing in front of him. ‘Congratulations.’

‘Thank you.’ Giselle smiled softly. She could feel her heart start beating faster and she had to remind herself to stay calm and relaxed. ‘It’s been a while.’

‘Yeah’ he nodded. ‘It has hasn’t it? So, how does it feel? Graduating and all.’

‘It’s weird. But it hasn’t fully hit me yet I think. I heard you moved to L.A.’

‘Yeah, a buddy looked for a director, so I thought why not.’ After the divorce, Chris needed a change of scenery and L.A. was the perfect place for that. ‘Not a day went by that I didn’t think about you.’

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When the professor who doesn’t like you works part time as a waiter (part 2)

Why do we love our writing teachers so much? Why, years later, do we think of them with such gratitude? I think it’s because they come along when we need them most, when we are young and vulnerable and are tentatively approaching this craft that our culture doesn’t have much respect for, but which we are beginning to love. They have so much power.
—  George Saunders, “My Writing Education: A Time Line