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A -very-very- complex plushie I completed recently!!  He took nearly two  and a half weeks alone! @_@ It started with me wanting to tint his armor vest green (I couldn’t find an appropriate fabric~ xD; ) and sewing the lines into it… and ended with me learning a bunch of new techniques and stuff in the process!!  

He’s Prince Caspian from The Chronicles of Narnia~!

This was my first time crafting chain mail for a plushie. it’s removable too with a series of magnets!

This was also the first time I airbrushed a plushie! You can see his brown leather armor has a slight gradation on it. :D I can’t wait to find more reasons to bust out the airbrush machine!!

It was a lot of fun to craft him even though he was so time consuming especially because I got to try a lot of new things!! <3

I hope you guys enjoy him as much as I liked making him!


Recently finished commission of Jiro from Kikaider! He has magnets in his hands so he can hold his guitar! ♡

♡ about 8 inches tall
♡ made from alova and doe suedes. 
♡ machine embroidery by me
♡ made with bernina artista 630 & brother pe-770


it’s Lucina! I am really glad I got to work on a project like her! She had Lots of embroidery to her! *A* Always fun! <3

She stands at about 7-8 inches and made from a variety of microsuedes. :)
Hope you guys like her!! Enjoy!

I think everyone should recognize this green guy.  Brings back childhood memories~  (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖

Piccolo stands at about 19 inches (almost 20 with his turban ^^)
He’s fully poseable with a plastic armature frame and plastic joints! Super fun to play with and super easy to free stand!! *u*
Thank you as always for checking out my work!! (´∀`)♡


Next up is Rowlet~! (Check my tumblr for pictures of the other two) the bird that won the internet~ god damn do I love his color pallet but it also reminds me of Kotori from Love Live~ Kinda appropriate though being that they are both birbs and all lol~ ANYWAYS~ This one of the rare chances to grab a pre-made Usakochan fanart ready to ship.

All Auctions start at a penny!! :D Details and more pictures can be found below~  ENJOY~!

Litten →
Rowlet →
Popplio →


Naoto Shirogane and Sukuna-Hikona from Persona~! First project brought to completion since my holiday break!

She’s about 8 inches tall, made from various micro suedes and and comes with a couple of accessories as you can see!

Her gun is magnetic so she can hold it in her right hand and her hat is removable.

All her features are embroidered and (same with lil’ Sukuna’s face :D)

I had an exceptionally fun time working on her since I used to love the Persona games. I’d really love to play them again in the future when I have the free time!! ;-; I picked up Persona Q recently and haven’t even touched it yet! ;_;!

Anyways I hope you guys like her!