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In which Saiki comes across a charismatic little girl that somehow reminded him of a certain someone he was escaping from on his way home from school just now.

But he was sure he had never seen nor encountered this strange girl before in his life, so he was really troubled and bothered by the fact that this pink-haired kid caught up to him, grabbed his sleeve, and chanted with the most ecstatic voice full of glee a little toddler could muster,


TO BE CONTINUED (nah jk just a teaser for that idea where Saiki meets his future daughter)

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Heeeeeey. I was wondering if you could find some shortish fics, preferably less than seven thousand or somewhere around there. Super smutty or super fluffy is fine. But pleeeeeeeeease 😍😍😍 ok I'm done thanks

I am taking this as a challenge, they’ll have to be LESS than 7k! Many shorties seem to fall into the ~8k range so this should be fun. (Also, for more short-ish fics of 25k or less, I’d like to refer to my rec lists here and here.)

Drarry fic recs, less than 7k

Feel You In These Walls by alpha_exodus (6.8k)
Just this once, Harry thinks. Just this once, they’ll kiss, they’ll have sex, and then it’ll be over.Draco hadn’t expected more than that either. But then it happens again, again, and neither of them had anticipated having feelings involved - but they’ve never been able to keep anything casual, have they?
(Lovely sweet Drarry, beautifully written, lots of personality for a shortie!)

Let Me Go on Loving You by firethesound (6.6k)
Harry has learned that the perils of living with a potion master include, among many other things, the occasional exploding cauldron. At least this accident involves a lot of orgasms, so. Could be worse.
(I LOVE THIS FIC SO MUCHHH. The Drarry is amazing, I love the way Harry thinks about Draco and how he doesn’t. want. to. stop. kissing. himmm.)

Two Gentlemen by hidingfromsomeone (3.7k)
This is sweet sweet fluffy established relationship Drarry in which they live together and cook for each other and just can’t keep their hands away.

Crystal Clear by ICMezzo (6.7k)
Harry customizes a snow globe. Draco listens to centaur weather reports. Ron investigates the height of Pansy’s boots. And Hermione knows even more than everything, as usual. (No one signs up for the class for lactating witches.)
(I feel like I rec this fic every day but it can’t be recced enough! Draco and Harry’s relationship in this is my fave, they’re adorkable and so so sweet.) 

Falling Stars, Catching Lightning by daftfear (6.6k)
Draco’s talent and skill as a tattoo artist are without equal, but when Potter comes in asking for a custom piece that’ll take several sessions to complete, Draco finds his abilities and professionalism tested.
(Excellent fic, the sexual tension is on point, and the tattoos, so much YES.)

Muggle ‘Drug Store Items’ by loveglowsinthedark (4.2k)
Malfoy’s interest is caught by a certain Muggle drug store item. (Hint: Flavoured Condoms)
(Probably the funniest and hottest thing I’ve read in a good while.)

Choices that are made in the moonlight by Teatrolley (4.4k)
“Harry never imagined that he’d someday know the feeling of Draco’s smiling lips against his own, or be able to replicate the exact tone of his during-sex laughter in his mind. Even then, he especially never imagined that, were he to ever know those things, he were also to be without them again.”
(I cried a waterfall reading this one, it hurt so bad, my poor poor heart.)

Wascally by dysonrules (6.7k)
Draco finds an ickle wounded birdy in the forest.
(This fic is hilarious and absolutely adorable, Draco is so sassy I can’t.)

When someone says to us NTs that we're sociopaths:

(As someone who got professionally tested for psychopathy and sociopathy at age 10 I can confirm this.)

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OKAY BUT! QUESTION! Bc I almost got into a fight with a friend over it: We saw how Tony struggled to work his very first suit and yes, he made better suits after that first one but it still took him time to operate them perfectly. We saw in IM1 how hard it was for him to learn to control the suit and fly and all. So my question is: how'd you explain that Rhodey can use the suit pERFECTLY after getting it? He uses it for the first time and does so perfectly. I'd love to hear your theory abt this!

aaahh oh my god listen rhodey is a professional test pilot, and fun IM1 novelization fact:

“Upon realizing the power and potential of what he was developing [the Iron Man armor], [Tony] reasoned that the best person to test it would be James Rhodes. After all, why in God’s name should Tony – and amateur at best when it came to actual field testing – be thrusting himself headlong in such conditions as these when Rhodey was an experienced hand? He’d figured he would bring Rhodey into the loop, show him everything that he had in mind, and James Rhodes, top test pilot, would get the honor and glory to be the first to operate Tony Stark’s newest and greatest brainchild.”

this is from that part when tony tries to talk to rhodey at the hangar, but he never gets to tell rhodey what he actually intended to do because in tony’s current catastrophizing, worst-case-scenario mind, rhodey unknowingly shot it all down by saying tony “needed time to get his mind right”

(which is kind of sad and i do want to emphasize tony’s state of mind in that bit. he walked into the hangar and as soon as he saw rhodey with the other pilots, he remembered the ambush and he’s thinking: “What the hell is wrong with me? It’s bad enough that the previous chest reactor is tied up with memories of Yinsen. Is everything going to start reminding me of that hellhole?” – and when rhodey is like, “dude ok you gotta calm down and get your mind straight,” tony’s mind instantly goes to: “What did you expect? He comes across like he’s your friend. Maybe he even thinks he is. But what he sees you as, what he really sees you as, is a resource. A military resource. A means of providing new and exciting ways to kill people by hundreds. How do you explain it to him? How do you explain that what you’ve created until now has been the technological equivalent of broadswords, hacking through and annihilating guilty and innocent alike?” – and like, honestly, just the fact that tony instantly goes from “he thinks my mind is kinda off right now” to “he’s just using me as a genocidal military resource and he doesn’t understand the bloodshed i’ve caused”…. kind of tells you rhodey is right about tony not… really… being…. in a good mental place)

(basically i feel like too many people hate on rhodey during that bit because he doesn’t understand tony or believes him or whatever the rhetoric is, when really what’s happening [in the novelization], is that uhm yes tony’s in a dark mental place where any shade of anything can be construed as direct criticism or talking down on him or accusing him, etc. his mental patterns are literally all off there, it’s really sad and it’s not rhodey’s fault and people need to stop thinking rhodey’s a bad friend because he reacted to tony’s sudden bouts of post-trauma shifts and eccentricities like “ok bro i think you need to. chill. for a little bit, maybe”)  

anyway yeah rhodey was the first intended pilot for the armor. and i think he’s so good at it because that’s what he is, he is a test pilot

there’s another distinction that i read somewhere (or maybe i made it? i honestly don’t know? i just know it’s really solidified in my mind) that rhodey is objectively the better iron man pilot, and tony is the more reckless iron man fighter. and in the comics, while rhodey was iron man, tony does say something about how iron man found his true/full potential in rhodey, or something along those lines

tl;dr rhodey kicks ass and tony is literally the first one to acknowledge that  

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I saw your vid about condom flavors/getting tested lol how did you find somewhere free to go get checked? I never have and I would loveee help

hi! here’s a website to find where to get tested, plus you can google a combination of your city and free std testing! once you find a place you can call and double check that it’s free when you book your appointment (that particular one i went to was income based and i was only working a part time job so i qualified for free testing) 

just go and be honest with the healthcare professionals, getting tested can be as simple as a cheek swab! 

Risk For Reward (Finn Balor) Vol. 15

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Prompt: You are the new make-up artist for WWE. You have no prior knowledge of Finn or the work that goes into creating the demon. With a whole new world to discover is there room to be anything but professional? Your biggest test will be fighting your new demon(s) and showing that’s this job was made for you. Even if resisting Finn will be harder than you first thought.

Pairing: Finn Balor & Reader

Word count: 4.1k

Warning: A whole lot of fluff. So much fluff.

Tag List!! ; @ambrosegirlforever | @valeonmars | @thebadchic | @nickysmum1909 | @vsturgeon5489 | @jade4062022 | @rebelfleur22 @seths-skinny-jeans | @lakama15 | @southernbelle24 | @wwefangirlllll | @spiderman2289 | @nickie-amore | @blondekel77 | @princess3733 | @toosweetme | @unabashedwwesmut | @iwannadiehere | @mandazord | @reigns420 | @sfreeborn | @shieldlovereve | @isawthesights | @cam0flug3 | @cfloyd776 | @ashleyvc88 | @xfirespritex | @taryndibiase | @alexahood21 | @itsnethbellins | @castielscamander | @thephenomenonalkingofthebrogues |  sleepsiehollowreads | etherealmoonlight | florenceivy | georgiadean37

Please let me know if you would like to be tagged! I’d be more than happy to add you! :)

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Risk For Reward (Finn Balor)

Prompt: You are the new make-up artist for WWE. You have no prior knowledge of Finn or the work that goes into creating the demon. With a whole new world to discover is there room to be anything but professional? Your biggest test will be fighting your new demon(s) and showing that’s this job was made for you. Even if resisting Finn will be harder than you first thought.

Pairing: Finn Balor & Reader

Word count: 1.2k

Warning: None..yet ;)

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Got a test book printed. I like the layout, so my files are good and in order, but I’ll be choosing a printer with more sturdy paper for the bigger batch. I want it to feel professional, and this test didn’t hit the mark. 

For anyone with experience: Should I use 80lb cover or 100lb cover for the outside of this type of thing? (Perfect bound 40 inner pages.)

I have finally been diagnosed.

After a series of tests by professionals (which took nearly 6 days and a lot of research on my history since I was born basically) they have just made me aware that my official diagnosis’ are:

~ Depression
~ Bipolar Disorder
~ Borderline Personality Disorder with Self Harm
~ Substance Use Disorder

It is almost a relief finally being able to understand what has been going on with me. It makes sense now. I’m on proper medications (finally) and for once I actually feel safe. I feel like things have a possibly to get better.

Her First Scene || Reiner x F!Reader (Porn!AU)

You hear the door open behind you and look up, drinking in the view of your partner for today. He’s tall, he’s muscular, he’s blonde and, above all he’s fucking hot and you approve of the choice that Levi and Erwin have made. And uh, you’re definitely somewhat familiar, what with the e-mail you’d received from Levi a few days with a password inviting you to access some of the full, paid scenes on the Sina Productions websites, because you’d watched a few of his scenes. And God, there was this one… him and some blonde woman (you’re sure you’ll meet her soon) and they’d been fucking quite roughly and oh God, you couldn’t stop yourself from slipping your hand into your pants and rubbing yourself to his thrusts into her. How you didn’t end up with friction burns on your clit, you don’t know.

To say you’ve been looking forward to his, your professional test scene, would be an understatement.

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Review: Energy System Healing and Surgery by Idris Blue

This is a review for @crystalwitch-in-the-tardis aka Idris Blue! She performed an energy system healing and surgery on me, in addition to reiki healing. 

Review Summary:

Skill: Idris is a Reiki Master, and one of the rare ones that actually have a great deal of experience in advanced energy work, specifically energetic surgery, energy system readings, and distance healing. She was not only able to find the source/reasons behind an energetic problem which has never been spoken about at length before (how reiki harms void beings even after getting an attunement), and was able to solve it on top of that. 11/10 absolutely surpassed my expectations.

Professionalism: Idris is very open-minded; she is a Reiki Master yet her mind is always open to learn even more. One thing that tested her professionalism was when the initial solution did not work out exactly as she had planned (the complete separation of my reiki and void energy systems). However, instead of turning on me and yelling about how I couldn’t possibly be perceiving my own energy right, that she was totally right for X Y and Z reasons, she accepted that what she intended was not what happened, and focused on finding a different solution/contributing to what had worked out so far. This led to an even better solution (mini-attunements and the general beefing up of my reiki system to prevent spillover to the void system; this is better than keeping the systems entirely separate as they do not run anywhere near as efficiently.) 11/10 surpassed my expectations. 

Communication: Every step of the way, Idris explained what she clearly found and asked for permission every step of the way. It was always easy to understand what she said and she had no problems explaining further if necessary. In addition, this healing was done live which I prefer because of the communication aspect. 10/10 wholeheartedly recommended.

Story of What Happened/Full Review:

So a few of you may have heard how I got pretty fucked up by my reiki attunements, and how reiki is outright harmful to  void aligned creatures/people. Well, I happened upon Idris in a certain discord chat and learned she happened to be a fully-fledged Reiki Master. After a couple discussions on the harmful effects of reiki energy to void-aligned people (even when reiki attuned), she offered to check out my energy system to see what’s up and what she could do about it.

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Are you sure you are an ENTP? Because people like @aviesaurum or @hc2x say all of them are assholes and you don't sound like one

Oh I definitely have my moments, ask any of my flatmates! When I did the professional test and spent some time with a practitioner she noted I wasn’t a typical ENTP in two areas. The first area was that I preffered 1 on 1 or small group interactions over large group settings, a typically introverted trait. The other was that I scored very highly on the empathy scale (everything else was very much T). My parents always put a big emphasis on empathy and kindness whilst growing up, my ENFP brother and I know how to talk to anyone be they the CEO or the cleaner. I can’t speak for other ENTPs but I definitely went through a phase of covering this up and trying to be the ‘badass’ ENTPs are supposed to be. I have never been cruel though. My ISFP friend once said to me “I’m secretly a bitch and you’re secretly a nice person.” That summarises it well.

I am warm to most I meet but distant (a trait my brother also has) my EXFJ friends are often warmer but make a quick real connection with people. Whilst I am nice (ish as I’ve said I do have my moments. A lot of my humor is made at my own and other’s expenses) I make no real connection for a long while. Having said that, out of all of my peers I am the first to help somebody who needs it. I have been attacked standing up for people and will run across the street if it looks like someone needs help or if someone has fallen over etc… it was simply what I was taught to do, not really a reflection on me as a person.

I have been described as a gentle spirit and I laughed at the thought of the MBTI community going up in arms about an ENTP being called gentle. I don’t think the individual was neccesarily wrong and rather than fighting against it, I am much happier to accept my gentle nature now that I am a bit older.

Don’t get me wrong, gentleness doesn’t mean weak. I just scored oddly on the empathy scale because it was instilled in me as a child. It is just an example of how not all ENTPs are the same and how upbringing makes a big difference.

Let me know if you have any other questions!


I considered cutting this down, but she’s just too fucking awesome. 

Milunka Savic. In 1912, at the age of 24, she got bored of her regular life, chopped off all her hair, dressed in men’s clothing, and volunteered for the Serbian Army to help fight the First Balkan War and drive the Ottoman Turkish Empire out of Europe forever on a tsunami of bullets and brain matter. Since nobody realized she wasn’t a dude (or at least they didn’t give a shit if she was or wasn’t) they handed Milunka a rifle and a helmet and a couple of hand grenades and sent her on her merry way to blast the entrails out of the enemies of the Serbian people with a chuckable sphere of explosives the size of a softball.

Savic face-shanked her way through the First Balkan War with a razor-sharp bayonet and a handful of 7.62xmmR ammunition, participating on the front lines of several key battles as the combined armies of Serbia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, and a couple other countries smashed the armies of the crumbling Ottoman Empire and drove their shattered remnants back across the Bosporus and out of the Balkans forever. Unfortunately, however, this was just the beginning of some pretty fucking dark days in Southeastern Europe. You see, apparently some expansionist assholes in Bulgaria got their panties in a wad about wanting to add Macedonia to their Empire, but since Serbia is the one that captured it from the Turks they of course said take a long hike up the slopes of Mount Doom and dump your balls in the lava when you get to the top. The Bulgarians took this out of context, got mad, and sent their entire army into Macedonia to wrench it from the cold dead hands of every Serbian they could find, two million soldiers mobilized on either side of the border, and mere months after the Balkans had miraculously united in a common cause (death-hate for the Turks) the Bulgarian and Serbs went right back to beating the shit out of each other with lead pipes and pitchforks.

Pvt. Savic barely had time to swap the dried blood from her rifle before the Second Balkan War was on like Donkey Kong, and once again this estrogenocidal kicker of other peoples’ nutsacks was back out on the front lines lobbing grenades with reckless abandon like the Ikari Warriors or a tennis ball machine juryrigged by the Unabomber Ted Kaczynski. Positioned at the dead center of the Serbian lines during the Battle of Bregalnica, Milunka Savic and the now-famous Serbian “Iron Regiment” bore the brunt of the Bulgarian attack, withstanding the full might of their forces and then launching a desperate series of counter-attacks aimed at breaking their onslaught. On her tenth (!) combat charge leading a squad of men straight-on over barbed wire towards Bulgarian machine guns, artillery guns, and bayonets, Savic was hit by an enemy grenade and blown off her feet with shrapnel wounds throughout her body, and could only watch and bleed as her countrymen managed to carry this final attack, defeat the Bulgarians, and capture two divisions of enemy soldiers in the process. The badly-wounded Savic was carried to the field hospital, where the doc working on her was fairly surprised to learn that she had girl parts where her man-junk was supposed to be.


Once she was healed of her wounds, Private Milunka Savic was brought before her commanding officer to try and explain what the hell was the deal with the whole not having a dong thing. She stood at attention and said, yeah, sure, I’m a girl, but I also just fucking charged face-first into artillery fire while spewing large-caliber rifle fire in every direction and dishing out hand grenades like parking tickets, so deal with it. Her commander offered her a transfer to the nursing corps, where she could hang back from the front lines and patch up wounded soldiers and let the real men handle all the messy bayonet-to-the-crotch work.

She told him she would not accept any position that did not allow her to carry a gun, charge into combat wherever it presented herself, and fight the enemies of her people.

He told her he’d think about it, and that she should come back tomorrow for his decision.

She stayed at full attention and told him, “I will wait”.

He made her stand there for about an hour before he agreed to let her stay in the infantry. He also promoted her to Junior Sergeant, because, fuck it, she probably had bigger balls than any man in her unit anyways.

The Second Balkan War ended in 1913, but even more nasty shit went down in Sarajevo Town on June 28, 1914, when the Austro-Hungarian Empire’s Archduke Franz Ferdinand – a man famous solely for his ability to be shot to death – was assassinated by a Serbian Anarchist named Gavrilo Princep. Certainly you’ve heard this story before, particularly if you’re a big fan of hipster music, but basically the Austro-Hungarians were good buddies with the Bulgarians, and Princep was like “fuck that” because his people had just been to war with Bulgaria, etc. Long story short, Austria-Hungary was pissed, and they invaded Serbia. Serbia was allies with the United States, England, France, and Russia, and Austria-Hungary was friends with the Turks and the German Empire, and the next thing you know you’ve got World War I on your hands and the Austro-Hungarian Empire is marching half a million jackbooted Teutonic goons with stupid hats and large rifles across the Serbian border to turn their entire country into a flaming inferno.

The Austo-Hungarian Empire sent out 450,000 men from a hardcore, battle-tested, professional army that was equipped with top-of-the-line German and Austrian artillery and machine guns and drilled to lock-step precision in every aspect of military combat. The Serbian Army consisted of 250,000 citizen-soldiers, mostly volunteers, carrying cast-off weaponry handed down to them from the Imperial Russian Army (you know, the guys who had just lost a humiliating war to Japan and who were about to get massacred by the Germans). So, as you can expect, some crazy shit was about to go down.

That crazy shit was that the entire Serbian Armed Forces formed up in one place and full-on balls-out charged a force that was nearly twice the size of their own.

Sergeant Milunka Savic, commander of the Iron Regiment’s Assault Bomber Squad, charged into the Battle of the Kolubara River armed with her Mosin-Nagant rifle and three bandoliers of hand grenades – one across each shoulder and one worn across her waist like a belt. She single-handedly assaulted an Austrian trench, rushing across No Man’s Land (I feel like there’s an Eowyn / Return of the King joke to be made here) hurling grenades out like Mardi Gras beads and blasting the fuck out of everything around her, then diving feet-first into an Austrian bunker with her bayonet at the ready. Inside, she found 20 men, all of whom threw their weapons down and surrendered to her. Once those POWs were secured, she continued on, dropping bombs like a Predator Drone and smoking enemy machine gun nests from distances so impressive that from this day forth her nickname was “The Bomber of Kolubara”, stopping only when an enemy artillery shell landed next to her and planted a couple pieces of shrapnel in her head. For her exploits on the battlefield, Savic received the Karadjordje Star with Swords, the highest award for bravery offered by the Kingdom of Serbia, and the battle was such a success that the Serbs pushed the Austrians out of Serbia completely. They didn’t return for 10 months.

Well, shrapnel in the head or not, there was still a war to fight, and Sergeant Savic went right back into action just a few months later. At this point, Serbia was in deep shit – they were alone, without any support, badly outnumbered, and being attacked from all sides by armies from Bulgaria, Austria, Germany, and the Ottoman Empire. Savic fought like a demon as the Serbian Army scrapped for their lives, earning a second Karadjordje Star at the Battle of Crna Reka in 1916 when she attacked a Bulgarian trench, cleared it out with grenades, rifle fire, and a bayonet, and single-handedly took 23 Bulgarian soldiers prisoner.

But the war was going badly for Serbia, and with the vengeful Bulgarians and Austrians burning Serb cities the Serbian Army evacuated as many civilians as they could and began a long, brutal fighting withdrawal through the knee-deep snow drifts and snow-covered mountains of Montenegro, Albania, and Kosovo as they withdrew to the coast. Milunka Savic was wounded seven more times during this fighting retreat (bringing her total wounds to nine!) as she and her people desperately attempted to evacuate tens of thousands of civilians and save the core of her army.

When she reached the coast and was evacuated by French and British warships, she was one of just 125,000 soldiers left in the Serbian Army.

The Serbian Army withdrew to Corfu, then Greece, where they joined up with the French Army and continued the war against the Turks and Krauts and other assorted villainy. Serving in the Serbian Brigade of the French Army, Sergeant Savic continued commanding the Assault Bomber Squad, fought through the rest of the war, ended up on the front page of some European Newspapers, and ended up winning enough awards from her service that her ribbon board weighed roughly the same as a suit of medieval plate armor. She received the French Legion d'Honneur twice, the Russian Cross of St. George (awarded for “undaunted courage by a non-commissioned officer), the British Medal of the Order of St. Michael, the Serbian Milos Obilic Medal, and was the only woman from World War I to receive the French Croix de Guerre (the highest bravery award they have).

The best story from this time period, however, is this. While stationed on a base in Thessalonica, some French officer got word that she was fucking brutal with hand grenades. He laughed at the idea that a woman could be that badass, so he took a bottle out of a case of ultra-expensive 1880 Cognac, set it on a post 40 meters (131 feet) away, and dared her the rest of the case that she couldn’t hit it.

She drilled it on her first try. That night her unit blew through 19 bottles of the finest Cognac on Earth.

After the war ended and Serbia was liberated, Milunka Savic declined an offer from the French government to move her to Paris and put her up with a nice pension, instead opting to return to her homeland. She got married, had a kid, got a job at a bank, and adopted three children who had been orphaned by the war. When the Germans came through Belgrade during the Second World War in 1940, Savic refused an invitation to attend a banquet held in honor of the city’s New German Overlords – a feat that got her a ten-month stint in Banjica Concentration Camp. She survived that as well, however, and after the war she was offered a state pension for being such a ridiculousy-hardcore war hero.

Milunka Savic, the world’s most decorated female war hero, died in Belgrade on October 5, 1973, at the age of 84. She was buried in a famous cemetery there with full military honors.


Greatest Hits….

Thank you to the lovely @kat-snow2613and @zip00198704for tagging me to post my ‘greatest hits’ :-)

So here goes… top 3 fics by order of most kudos are -

If She’ll Have Me - no surprise there - it’s my oldest fic so it’s had the time to gather dust kudos :-) Set at Winterfell where Jon is around 20 years old and the bastard of Ned Stark.Resigned that he’ll not come to much, he’s surprised to learn that his father has managed a potential marriage match with the beautiful Lady Sansa Surewing (yep - she’s not a Stark).His want for her is instant - but will she have him?

Cravings - Sansa falls pregnant with Jon’s child after their wedding night.She starts off feeling immensely irritated at him due to her hormones but those feelings of frustration soon change.

Strictly Professional -  Sansa tests and reviews. Jon gets curious.

I’m sobbing laughing because THEY’RE ALL UNFINISHED….did anyone expect any different from me though? lol……….ALSO look at how over time I’ve just totally given up on writing proper fic summaries! lol!!

(I discounted my ficlet collection and Love Bites because it’s a group effort - you should deffo go check it out though.)

I tag…. @jen-snow @jonsasnow @redmandapanda64 @wintermellons @jonsaforlife @what-would-ww-do @buttercup–bee and anyone else who sees this and wants to play!!!

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Tuafw you spend months and months researching autism, going through the criteria and hilighting your traits, talking with other autistic people and friends, scoring high on every professional test recommended until you finally feel confident in your diagnosis, only to be dismissed and yelled at by your mother for being ""self absorbed"" because you don't act exactly like your autistic cousin. ~🍓🐢