professionally recorded

what she says: I’m fine 

what she means: I don’t understand why they can’t professionally record broadway shows and release them to the public, there would be no need for bootlegs, broadway fans FROM ALL OVER THE WORLD could watch, it would help expand the theatre community and preserves something that is so beautiful and special to so many people.

concept for the “Dear Evan Hansen” Tony Award’s performance

-the entirety of “You Will Be Found,” including the entire OBC and Evan’s heart-breaking monologue beforehand

-also maybe “Words Fail” because come on that song’s stunning

-also “Disappear” and “Good For You” and “Sincerely, Me” and “Only Us” because you gotta talk about those supporting actors, too, they’re amazing

-also the opening number and the closing number, obviously, and everything in between

-essentially all of the songs

-and all the dialogue

-actually the entire musical, but professionally recorded

Waiting for a professional recording of Hamilton like

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Hear me out:

I’m not from USA, I don’t live there. But I watch the Tony’s every year. Since I saw the Newsies presentation I’ve been in love with the show. I heard the OBC as much as I could and watched as many bootlegs as I could find but I lost some of the dialogue for the bad audio and the speech pattern and accent used in the play which I don’t get sometimes. To finally see it on HD was amazing. Newsies live was everything.

I waited five years for that: to see Newsies. And It was totally worth it.

This is why professional stage recordings are important. In my country, theatre is a thing that gets really overlooked and isn’t appreciated. We rarely get new plays. And usually they use theatre-actors-wannabes; they use soap opera actors cause the multimedia mass media company we have owns the only big theatre company we have so it reuses its actors. We barely get a musical that’s well sung or acted or danced. And we rarely get any broadway musical adaptations.

I own a copy of every professional stage recording out there: Rent, Phantom of the Opera 25, Les Mis 10 & 25, Chess in Concert, Shrek the Musical, etc… And I’m definitely gonna own a Newsies Live copy.

I just wish we were given this option more often.

Theatre culture is important.
every Ghost Adventures episode
  • Zak: *talks for 12 minutes about the history of the place*
  • *a shit ton of overly dramatic death re-enactments*
  • Aaron: *gets involved in the festivities or tourism of the location and puts the camera down*
  • Nick: *turns camera to his face* look at me, I'm a professional, I'm still recording!
  • Zak: Okay, time to investigate this old building. I'm gonna be wearing this mask, not because I'm a pussy, but just because I have asthma
  • Zak: Aaron, go investigate in that room by yourself
  • Aaron, in the room by himself: *gets spooked, followed by a close up of him making that surprised face :o * OH MY GOD DUDE
  • Zak: *hears voices/sees figures, followed by a whole minute of him cursing*
  • Billy: *gets pulled into the damn shadow realm and the other guys have to rescue him*
  • Zak: *explains in great detail during the voiceover why something is or isn't a paranormal entity, while replaying it 50 times*

*looks at the entire professional theatre community witheringly*

Maybe if bootlegs offend you so much you should stop making theatre inaccessible to everyone but the upper class and lower ticket prices a little and be up for professional stage recordings and understand that bootlegs are actually helping bring people to your shows and love them more because it’s the only way they can get any access to them.

And no, cast recordings don’t fucking count because in musical theatre, half the time the show doesn’t have the impact or even make sense without visuals.

And you high up theatre professionals from poorer backgrounds should really be thinking about this one.

The thing that gets me about the fact that they don’t release professional recordings of Broadway shows is that they literally record all of them anyway

I’d get it if it was too much of an undertaking to record and release every show. I’d understand. But they already do that, and they’re archived at the Library of Performing Arts at Lincoln Center and people with a New York library card can set up screenings of any show they want. The thing is, hardly anyone knows about it, and it’s only open to NY residents.  

If you’re recording them anyway, if you have them on file, why not release the recordings to the public after the show closes? No harm done, and theatre is accessible to people who don’t have the means to see shows live.

Do you ever watch youtube cover bands and just marvel so much at the level of production quality?? Like professional recording equipment, the same type of post-mixing you’d hear on an album recorded in an actual studio with record label money, good film direction done on a good camera, purposeful lighting, beautiful artistic sets?? And then think ……… how in sweet fuck did 5sos ever get off the ground, when they were just three dorks with bad haircuts and acoustic guitars, siting in someone’s living room and warbling off-key into a webcam. How did this happen.


On this day in music history: February 17, 1978 - “The Kick Inside”, the debut album by Kate Bush is released. Produced by Andrew Powell, it is recorded at AIR Studios in London from June 1975, and July - August 1977. Discovered by Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour, he assists the young musician in recording professional quality demos, and brings her to the attention of executives at EMI Records who immediately sign her. However, there is a two year lapse between putting her under contract and when she finally completes her first album. This gives the then sixteen year old singer the opportunity to finish school, and gives her time to prepare to go through the recording process. Bush is nineteen years old at the time of the albums release, composing all of the material on herself, with some of the songs written when she was only thirteen. It also features musical support from members of The Alan Parsons Project and Gilmour. The album is an instant smash in the UK, generating five singles including the chart topping “Wuthering Heights”, helping her a loyal cult following in the US. The LP’s original UK cover art is replaced in the US with a shot of Bush sitting on the floor. First issued on CD in the mid 80’s, the album is remastered and reissued in 2015. “The Kick Inside” peaks at number three on the UK album chart.

Dear Cursed Child business people,

Here’s a suggestion: Instead of continually raising ticket prices to make more money, why not sell a professionally recorded DVD of the original cast? You’ll make millions, I promise.

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Along the lines of more voice acting questions, let's say i'm a confident voice actor with a decent setup and a little bit of paid work under my belt, but don't know where to go to break into the big leagues. Where did you start? what would you say the next best step would be? Should I just start sending my demo to agencies?

That depends heavily on your location. It’s entirely possible to make a living off online freelance work if you search and apply hard enough, with several expansive voice directories and audition hubs constantly popping up on social media w/ more being born every few years.

If you WANT those bigger “studio-recorded” projects, though, you have to be local to where they are. And while it technically is possible to just contact agencies/studios and ask if they’ll accept your demos, it’s often way more lasting and effective to ask for that permission after having met them officially via a workshop or other learning environment; not only will you have had the chance to impress them by showcasing your skills on a “fresh script” (demos are considered “perfect situations”), you’ll also give them a face to pin to the name.

Things That Should Happen

1) Somebody sends Will Roland a box of assorted bath bombs.

2) Laura Dreyfuss and Ben Platt admit their love for each other.

3) Dear Evan Hansen has fan contests for opportunities to go backstage.

4) A professional recording of Dear Evan Hansen.

5) Dear Evan Hansen opens a Wattpad account and has a fanfic contest.

6) A Dear Evan Hansen karaoke album is released.


The Hamilton cast existed *gasp* BEFORE Hamilton and they all were in great musicals/projects and I recommend you listen/watch them ALL. Specifically…
-Renée as Mimi in Rent (there’s a version of the professionally recorded production on YouTube)
-Anthony and Lin in 21 Chump Street (Full Recorded Version on Vimeo, opening on YouTube)
-Natasha, Pierre, and the Great Comet of 1812 (Pippa’s professional debut she sounds like a goddess 10/10)
-Spring Awakening (SMOL GROFF I CANT)
-Daveed’s music (he has an album called Small Things to a Giant and is part of the group clippng)
-Frozen (We all know Groff was in that and DESERVED MORE SONGS THANK YOU VERY MUCH)
-Smash (Leslie was in it and I believe Pippa had a small part, (haven’t actually watched Smash yet but WORKING ON IT OKAY))
-Venice (Leslie was in this at The Public a few months before Hamilton made its debut, and there’s a cast recording out there)
-Newsies (Thayne and Ephraim were both OBC members)
-tick, tick… BOOM! (Lin and Leslie with Karen Olivo from ITH, Jonathan Larson’s other less known musical. Some footage from this, no recordings. Great pics of Lin with his A. Ham hair but not the facial hair)
-House (Lin was in a few episodes season 6)
-The Odd Life of Timothy Green (Lin had a small part in this movie and it’s a great movie so watch it anyways)
-Freestyle Love Supreme (Chris and Lin are in this, it’s a TV show about the improv rap group they’re in)
-Modern Family (Lin was in an episode called Good Cop, Bad Dog)
-How I Met Your Mother (Lin was in an episode of the final season)
-The Electric Company (Lin was in a few episodes rapping about grammar in 2008 or 2009)
-Sesame Street (Lin was in an episode around 2010 and he was a rapping real estate agent for birds… Just look it up)
-Supernatural (Leslie was in an episode one time)
-Glee (Groffsauce was in it)
-The Book Of Mormon (Andrew Rannells, former King George and Rory O'Malley, current King George, both got Tony nominations for originating roles in this show)
-The Good Wife (Rènee was in it)
-The Lion King (Rènee played Nala)
-Matilda (Thayne and Betsey were OBC in the ensemble)
-Person of Interest (Leslie had a recurring role season 3)
-Gotham (Leslie was on episode 9)
-Law and Order (most of the cast has had appearances from time to time)
-The Color Purple (Rènee was Nettie in the OBC)
-One Life to Live (Rènee was on it)
-Star Trek (also Rènee)
-All About You (Rènee played Nicole, as well as co wrote and performed in the soundtrack)
-Pistol (Rènee played Drea)

If anyone has anything else to add PLEASE DO because these actors did plenty of great, super amazing things pre-Hamilton and I think we should all talk about it more. I’ll add onto this as people remind me of all the AMAZING projects the cast has worked on!

MODERN LADIES: The Schuyler Sisters (Hamilton) 

And when my time is up, have I done enough? Will they tell our story? 

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I believe it was you who uploaded the full audio of the clipping. Rough Trade concert to SoundCloud? (If you didn't, my apologies) but I've literally been listening to it for the past couple hours and having nostalgic flashbacks๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I miss that concert so much, it was literally perfect. Thank you for uploading it! (If it was you๐Ÿ˜… if it wasn't sorry for the confusion!)

It was me! And you’re very welcome. I tend to record the shows I go to and I thought perhaps others might like to listen as well. Live audios may not be as good as the professional recordings, but the energy is just so vastly different; I love listening to Wriggle live, it’s so damn invigorating.

mutualjacking  asked:

serious question: r they going they going to make an official DVD release of the original heathers the musical? like professionally recorded? i heard they said something on twitter last year but i haven’t been able to find anything else.

Kevin McMurphy (one of the creators) said something during the #HeathersChat on twitter last Friday (3/10) about the bootleg and how he wants to do his own but one that’s professionally recorded and legal to sell to fans. That’s all I know really.