Happenings on Twofold


A little update, mostly on the Profile page. 

1. We’ve fixed the photo cropping issue. You can now add your beautiful pictures on your Twofold profile.

2. We changed Skills to Areas of Expertise. You can also press “Enter” instead of TAB to confirm your areas of Skills

3. We got rid of G+ and added LinkedIn URL- You can add LinkedIn to your profile. 

Check out the cleaned up site!

Just left Elie Tahari for a field trip! One of the few companies that design, cut, sew and produce garments in house. He popped by to say hey! 😍 Mr. Tahari wants to be involved in the entire process and is very concerned about providing American jobs and jobs to the US fashion industry. I saw spring 2014 collection and it’s not even finished being sewn yet! #inspired #ilovefashion #careerdevelopment #professionalcoach #ilovemyjob (at Elie Tahari Corporate )