The image of 15 to 30 women at Syd and Dom’s wedding getting up to catch the wedding bouquet, at least half of them professional athletes, is both horrifying and awesome at the same time. 

Some of these women make a living at jumping real high and knocking people down. I will be amazing if no one rolls, twists, breaks or tweaks an ankle or knee during this.

GDP measures economic activity, which may or may not constitute economic growth. In this way, it is like body weight. We can imagine two men who both weigh 250 pounds. One could be a muscular, fit professional athlete with very low body fat, and the other might be on the all-Cheetos diet. Knowing what someone weighs doesn’t tell us if it’s fat or muscle. GDP tells us that people are producing things but says nothing about whether those things are genuinely improving people’s lives.

The Soviet Union could indeed produce “stuff,” but when you look at the actual lives of the typical citizen, the stuff being produced did not translate into meaningful improvements in those lives.

Improving lives is what we really care about when we talk about economic growth.
5 Seconds of Summer: Fame imagine/Preference series: Chose Your Path

choose your path :)

Ashton: You’re a famous YouTuber, you do any videos from beauty to vlogs to comedy! You just love it and it’s your passion! It let’s you become free to be your awkward, dorky, self!

Calum: You’re a professional soccer (football) player, you are the star player on the U.S.A team! You love it because you’ve been doing soccer since you were little and it’s been your dream to become a professional athlete. Soccer is your escape, the thing you absolutely love playing!

Luke: You’re a singer, in a band called Little Harmony! (i mixed together two bands deal with it mwahahaahaha) You love it because you’re living the dream with your younger sister and best friend! Singing is your obsession, you aren’t afraid to let it go!

Michael: You’re a fashion designer/hair stylist! You love it because you get to release your creativity! The fashion you create and the hair you style are always in high demand! You love to let you’re imagination flow!

Key And Peele Sketch Raises An Important Question: Why Aren’t Teachers Paid More?

Key & Peele released a new sketch, “TeachersCenter,” that focuses on the ways our society devalues teachers by comparing them to professional athletes. Most of the time they focused on salaries and endorsements. The video, posted on YouTube Tuesday, referenced SportsCenter with Key & Peele acting as sportscasters and featured gems such as an English teacher announcing she was bringing her talents back to New York in a press conference, and a rags-to-riches story of an all-star math teacher:

“Mike Yoast has an incredible story. His father living paycheck to paycheck as a humble pro-football player. Kid was a natural mathlete.”

Sports appear, on their surface, to be one of our meritocratic endeavors: if you’re better than the other guy, you’ll get the spot on the team, and the scholarship, and, if you’re still better than the other guy, the professional contract. But it’s not that simple. Why, we like to ask, doesn’t the United States, the biggest, baddest sporting country in the world, dominate everything? We turn it over to our Malcolm Gladwell: “In theory, big countries should dominate all sports because they have the biggest talent pool. But they don’t, because societies squander their talent.”

Reeves Wiedeman considers where professional athletes come from:

Kareem Abdul Jabbar: Body Shaming Black Female Athletes Is Not Just About Race

The bigger issue here is the public pressure regarding femininity, especially among our athletes. It’s a misogynist idea that is detrimental to professional women athletes and to all the young girls who look up to these women as role models because it can stifle their drive to excellence, not only on the playing field, but in other aspects of life.

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Feel Good Fridays! - Bully Victim Gets Surprised by NFL Players

I had tears in my eyes after seeing 13-year-old bully victim Nadin Khoury being encouraged by Philadelphia Eagles players DeSean Jackson, Todd Herremans, and Jamaal Jackson.   


‘TeachingCenter’, A Sketch by Key & Peele About a World Where Teachers Are Treated & Paid Like Professional Athletes