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160616 Mr_吴亦凡工作室 Kris Wu Studio: Statement

Hylands Law Firm

Legal Statement

Beijing Hylands Law Firm has been entrusted by Mr Kris Wu (Chinese name Wu Yi Fan)’s managing company Sparkle Roll Media, in response to false content that has surfaced on the internet targeted at Sparkle Roll Media artiste Kris Wu’s personal relations, with malicious intent, to create negative media hype. (subsequently referred to as “issue”)

Our statement is as follows:

In the happenings of the issue at hand, large scale editing of audio, images and other content had taken place to create false, fabricated and misleading content, (subsequently referred to as “false news”). Several media, individual media outlets and marketing accounts, without awaiting confirmation of the authenticity of the news, and without confirming the news with Mr Kris Wu, proceeded to release the next round of edited, organised content, accelerating the spread of the news with vulgar, exaggerated, misleading and false labels. At the same time, a high amount of coordination, matching topic highlights and higher than average cooperation was present in the the vast majority of false news and marketing accounts’ content.

These individual media outlets’ actions of posting fabricated, falsified, edited and misleading fake news without obtaining permission, even going to the extent of creating media hype with malicious intent, have crossed the boundaries of freedom of speech, violated internet laws for examination of published content, and also severely violated China laws, for slander and defamation, constituting to infringement of Kris Wu’s legal rights, and will have to take criminal liability as such.

Our law firm, upon client’s request, has begun to obtain evidence for the law-breaking and false news, and will further investigate the coordination, organisation and business motives related to this issue.

At the same time, our law firm has been entrusted by our client to address the following public Wechat and marketing accounts: [List of account names], and related verified and non verified accounts, and file a civil lawsuit after confirmation of their identities and motives. Also, we have reached the authorities in charge of internet content, release of news and police, and will proceed with reporting procedures to protect our client’s rights.

We would also like to take the opportunity to remind related media and individual media outlets to comply with our country’s administrative laws and regulations with regards to obligations related to the examination of content and criteria of media releases, and to carefully verify related facts, in order to compose, edit and publish news more professionally.

Why I'm going stealth from Twitter regarding #GamerGate this account that belongs to a game development project has been taken out of suspension, following mass reports of “harassment” and “targeted abuse”.

Unfortunately, all the other accounts in question with Twitter will remain suspended. I will explain why this makes sense, why I don’t really care, why certain pieces of data I post ARE contentious, and where I can infer about Twitters policies.

First off, @RogueStarGamez, the root of the notorious of “RogueStar” moniker, posted some sensitive data; particularly with Polytron documents containing finance reports. These reports do not contain BANKING information, no bank account numbers, just names and numbers and dates. They do not contain any personal information that could harm anyone implicated in the IGF/IndieCade/Polytron/Fez scandal. These documents do contain private info, and I take great care to censor that information before I broadcast.

I have never posted private information that could harm/doxx/expose a persons private affairs online. Not even their business residences. Physical locations and phone numbers do not matter in exposing the corruption in the IGF, IndieCade and IndieFund.

I will, however, expose data that will be of great interest to independent game developers participating in the IGF and IndieCade. My issue is not with “evangelizing” people to a side of #GamerGate, my only concern is to get the debate started in the first place.

Despite being accused of “targeted harassment” by Twitter support, I do understand the contentious nature of publishing finance sensitive data.

>Twitter might get sued by Polytron if that data resides on their servers.

>Twitter might have issues regarding exposure of sensitive finances online, even if these are just financial reports, not banking account data.

I will comply with Twitter in this regard. I do believe the contentious nature of the Polytron finance documents, even if edited, will put Twitter in a bind.

I do however, reject the idea of my suspension centered around “targeted harassment”. All I’ve ever done; expose data, expose facts that #GameJournoPros would never report, and bring to light an investigation that’s being constantly censored. Even on The Escapist.

And this shows the HEAT of the topic. I chose to bear that heat because very few gamedevs would examine the Polytron documents from the lens of a game developer, let alone, back it up WITHOUT being anonymous.

Exposing the IGF and Indiecade corruption is a matter of business and principles. I do this as a matter of survival in an ever spiraling “independent” market, filled with collusive saboteurs like Zoe Quinn, professional bullshitters like Brianna Wu.

I will continue to do so, but no longer from Twitter, and not through my own accounts.

@FleetCOMM is a game project, it doesn’t have a “stance” on #GamerGate at all, it got suspended for bullshit reasons. Twitter acknowledges this. Please do not expect me to post any contentious #GamerGate exposes from the FleetCOMM account, because it wouldn’t be fair to my team, nor my project.

However, by taking down one “Rogue”, Anti-#GamerGate cybermob has unleashed Squadrons of Rogues in my place. :)

I have already served my purpose to #GamerGate, and I will continue to support our efforts until we are done exposing collusion, corruption and censorship.

Unfortunately, it will have to be in stealth, and away from Twitter. It’s up to you to help me bring the next operation to independent gamedevs.

This is NOT an operation to “harass” or even debate. This is only a matter of spreading information.

Wu Yifan-Bazaar Magazine Interview

Wu Yifan


Mr.Perfect is coming down to the Earth! Everybody, reach out your hands and catch him!

“To play a single nanny daddy is of course a challenge because I’m not up to that age.I want to try all sorts of characters in the future, a man of decency, a villain or a psycho.”

    Wu Yifan is so popular. His popularity is not revealed by the hysterical screamings from the fans but the proposal casting-lists in the hands of film companies big or small in which the leading actors of the Chinese films are covered in the coming two years.

    This young actor made his name in the battle among young actors to occupy the movie screens by making his film debut in Somewhere Only We Know. Having his schedule occupied Wu Yifan showed his forehead wearing slicked-back black hair and turned himself into a next-door boy, leaving the indifferent image behind.

    His hard work has been greeted with soaring popularity. Nevertheless, what is in great urgency to prove is his acting skills as well as the real box office appeal. After all, he is nothing but a shadowy Mr.Prefect before he has real representative work. A nearly perfect face is too possible to get replaced by younger ones.

    Nowadays, the word “idol” has devalued to nothing with most fans each having at least ten idols. And a girl at 16 may not have had a boyfriend yet but their idols hand in hand are possibly long enough to circling the Earth. The purchasing capacity of juveniles and pan-juveniles are not quite predicable. They may propel the Tiny Time of Yang Mi(a young Chinese actress) and Guo Jingming(a young Chinese writer and director) out of a sensation but they could also make My Kingdom, a film in which Han Geng and Wu Zun (two actors) starred, a total fiasco.

    Wu Yican cannot be luckier to come back when many young actors flopped in the campaigns cracking down on pornography and drugs, which is called a “good timing”; he came back from a neighboring country where pop-industry is highly developed, which is called a”favorable geographical location ”; at last, he is trying to build up people’s support which is also most important. He has fought his way through all the setbacks and it remains a critical point to stand his ground and not knocked out by the idols coming out later.

    Mr.Perfect is coming down to the Earth. Everybody reaches out your hand and catch him.


It’s kind of a challenge to play the role of a nanny Daddy.

Wanting to try the character of a psycho in the future.

    It means completion of the Adult Ceremony if the angle feels no embarrassment when seen eat,sleep and being imperfect after they descend to the Earth.

    Wu Yifan’s acting in the film Somewhere Only We Know is far from what people expect. Shadowed by the dreamy and romantic atmosphere, what he actually plays is a unwed father. Is it a challenge to play the role? Wu Yifan is a little mischievous :“To play a singer nanny daddy is of course a challenge because I’m not up to that age.I want to try all sorts of characters in the future, a man of decency, a villain or a psycho.”

It is a thorny shortcut to success for the handsome guys by putting on ugly make up to go beyond themselves. Wu Yifan said, ”I’m not just thinking about it, I’m saying that I have to”.

The acting skills of some good-looking actors like Takeshi Kaneshiro and Andy Lau, even Tony Leung, are recognized by the audience at least ten years after the beginning of their careers. Nicholas Tse only harvested some luck after he had his face pasted with scars in the film Bodyguards and Assassins. Wu Yifan said that those were seniors who he respected a lot. Despite what he said about not being troubled by being an idol, it is necessary to put on his own “scars” to show to people his other traits except beauty after being a idol for too long.

All these are easier said than done. As professionally trained singer, Wu Yifan is definitely going to feel acclimatized after coming back to China. The recording industry in the mainland China fell apart as early as ten years ago and singers release the albums to prop up the prices of their commercial performance. Wu Yifan started his career as a singer and it seems a little awkward because he is going to make a living by being an actor. He said he was not going to quit music and was also resolved to spend five years, ten years, fifteen years and even fifty years to work hard on films.

“I’m a man hallmarked with cold aspect. You may totally changed your views towards me after you know me well .” His past indifferent image is fading now. The director of Somewhere Only We Know, Xu Jinglei, said she found he was cutely stupid after she got acquainted with him.

As for the questions that were asked most often about his future plans, Wu Yifan said:”What’s most important is never forgetting why you start at the very first. And realize your dream by doing what you want to do steadfastly.”


Wu Yifan is fine just like now. He works healthily and goes his own way chosen by himself. He can do whatever he wants to do , be it singing or shooting films. And he gets paid for what he deserves.

South Korea is after all not the place where my family is.

Wu Yifan does have grievance.

    The company he worked in, SM , is a nightmare for young people who strive to become a star. They are overloaded with work and rewarded with much less than what they deserve. Hardships are untold. Myriad of young people become trainees after succeeding in auditions. After unpredictable years of training, they may start their career as they wish. And still many of them will end up being a dancer serving as the backdrop of others.

“I took part-time jobs in various restaurants and sometimes shooting photos as part-time models before the audition.” Born in Guangzhou, Wu Yifan immigrated to Canada with his mother when he was ten years old. He studied at a junior high school in Guangzhou for half a year and then came back to Canada again. “I don’t have many friends because we were likely to lose touch after I changed my place.” At that time, what was the most glorious for him was participating in the national CBA basketball competition for juniors.”The girls in the same school would come to watch,hahaha.”

“South Korea is after all not the place where my family is.” Wu Yifan said:”the physical pain could be overcome. However, I left home with no families around me and I didn’t speak their language. Besides, I didn’t know when I was gonna start my career. I would miss families and feel lonely.”

Wu Yifan have to smash the aura of the past and shoulder responsibility for himself as an individual, not as screw in a machine, although safe but tiresome and boring. His leaving created much sensation. The fans haunted by slogans such as “team soul”,”team spirit” and “never falling apart” have tremendous difficulties to digest the fact that Wu Yifan was leaving. Consequently, the news was pushed to the extreme which the public could accept.

Nevertheless, Wu Yifan is fine just like now.He works healthily and goes his own way chosen by himself. He can do whatever he wants to do , be it singing or shooting films. And he gets paid for what he deserves.


Why Wu Yifan?

I’m not counting on him to help me earn 500 million.

The average age of the four leading actors and actresses of the film Somewhere Only We Know, Wu Yifan, Wang Likun, Zhang Chao and Re Yizha, is 26. You can tell a people young or not by asking if they have ever heard of the names of the four people.

During the shooting days, director Xu Jinglei organized all kinds of activities like making dumplings, playing billiards and going to nightclubs. “We even drunk too much several times.” They would make dinner together. And she said:”Zhazha(Re Yizha) is the one most adept at cooking while Wu Yifan was a troublemaker. He looks cool but sometimes he is really funny and cutely stupid.”

Thanks to the lovely stupid Wu Yifan, the film Somewhere Only We Know has attracted much attention. This young and handsome actor dropping out of the South Korean boy group EXO enjoys super high popularity among the young people. As for his box office appeal, it is to be proved after the film is released.

Xu Jinglei is the first to “eat crabs”. No one heard of Wu Yifan when she introduced him, a big boy born in 1990, to the investors of the film. And they were also skeptical about her choice of other three leading roles.”You know the investors are kind of old. They were assured a little knowing I would also star in the film.”

“To say nothing about others, I myself was waiting and seeing.” Xu Jinglei said.”My expectation is not to lose money. I choose Wu Yifan not because he has lots of fans and I’m not shooting a film exclusively for his fans to watch. I choose him because I think he’s really outstanding. I will try my best to help him but at the same time I’m not counting him to help earn 500 million.”

“What’s more, the role he plays is not like that in the idol drama.” Wu Yifan played as a single father in the film. It is hard to accept for many young girls who like him.

“You expect a new actor to perform like Tony Leung?” Xu Jinglei laughed, “I think whoever thinks that way is definitely thinking too much.”




Q:How do you understand the film title?

A: There is a life and youth that you will understand only when you’ve experienced.

Q: Is there any similarity between the character Zeyang, a single father and you?

A: Both of us will keep the sorrows to ourselves instead of troubling others even if we’re on the verge of breaking down.

Q:Do you hold same views about love?

A:He’s too complicated. And I hope mine will be simpler with less strains.

Q:Is there any difference from what you’ve imagined about the film crew?

A:The food is quite good which is really important.

Q:How do you feel when your fans came to Prague to watch you shooting the film?

A:They were all very polite and did not interrupt. I felt good.

Q:What did you do for recreation in Prague?

A: Cooking and playing billiards. We four played billiards divided into two teams at random. The losing team were asked to do push-ups. And I lost every time.

Q: It was the first time for you to be an actor. You must have lots of pressure. How do you manage that?

A:Turn the pressure into impetus.