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I’m a professional volleyball player from Los Angeles, living and playing in Sardinia, Italy. The locals call me Bella Americana because I’m clearly not from here. 💕

Blind Date - Kagehina Ficlet (Rated T)

Second 1k FOLLOWER FICLET FEST ficlet (FFFf) for @ofcrowsandkings​! This was so lovely to write, I really enjoyed kind of leaping into this little AU for just a moment. I am REALLY amping up the fluff factor in these ficlets, tbh. We’re catching Tobio right after he lets his guard down, so he’s a little less… prickly than he could be. I HOPE IT DOES THE TROPE JUSTICE! >w<

“He seems grumpy but he’s actually a good guy, okay?” 

Hinata jiggled his leg nervously as he watched the tall, scowly guy across from him poke at his food and try to smile at a joke Hinata had just told about working in marketing. 

It was this sort of wobbly thing. A wavy line across a face so used to frowning, framed by a strong jawline and topped with a nice long nose and high cheekbones and dark eyes in a pleasing shape and even more pleasing blue. It pulled at the corner of his mouth like a tremulous string. Like he’d never seen another human being smile at him and was trying to work it all out on his own. It made Hinata’s heart hurt a little bit. 

Hinata rubbed at his sternum and took a sip of his beer. 

“You’re funny. I’m no good at jokes,” Kageyama muttered self-deprecatingly. “Or talking. Unfortunately.” He looked up at Hinata again and, unfortunately also, Hinata was charmed anyway. “Fair warning.” 

A laugh bubbled up exactly from that spot behind Hinata’s sternum. “Well, I’m pretty okay at jokes and I’m really good at talking so…” Hinata winked. “Fair warning. I’ll chat your ear off if you let me.” 

“Give it a chance.” 

Kageyama’s smile was a little more confident, this time. He brushed finger over the shell of his ear, quick, like he thought Hinata would try it now. It got Hinata thinking about some things he should not be thinking about in the middle of a first date—a blind date, for that matter. Like biting the soft shape of his earlobe, maybe, or licki—SLOW DOWN, SHOUYOU. 

“I can talk about volleyball,” Kageyama offered. He licked his lips and grabbed his beer a little aggressively. Hinata wondered if he was always this clumsy or if he calmed when he got to know people a little better. Maybe awkward and scowly were his default modes until you pulled that vulnerable bit of him out and got a thready smile for your efforts. 


Hinata happily watched him transform as he talked and talked about volleyball, how and when he’d started, what position he played, how he was adjusting to his new team after college. All with the underlying implication that this sport was super important to him.

It was kinda goofy. And kinda cool. 

“So, you play in a league…?” Hinata tried, remembering Yamaguchi’s strained attempts to convince him to go on this date, even though Hinata did not do blind dates. He wasn’t dating right now. He was focusing on his job and himself and stuff, please don’t ask again. 

Kageyama snorted. “I play for Japan,” he replied. 

Hinata’s jaw dropped. 

“BWAHHHH! What?! That’s incredible!” he nearly shouted, and waved apologetically at the table next to them when the couple glared at him. “I mean, I figured you were like, good—in shape and stuff—what with all the muscles…” Hinata gestured at Kageyama’s shoulders and gulped when Kageyama blushed. “So, you gotta be like, so awesome at volleyball!” 

Kageyama nodded, and his smile turned into a smirk. 

“I’d love to see you play, that’d be so cool!” 

Kageyama blinked, and then his smirk fluttered back to that tentative little wobble again. “I’ll get you tickets.” 

Hinata smiled and leaned over the table, food completely forgotten. “Yeah. And we could get drinks after you win.” 

Kageyama’s eyes bore into Hinata’s, like if he looked away the spell would be broken and Hinata would stop being agreeable, stop liking him so much. 

“I promise you’ll like him!” 

Hinata owed Yamaguchi a big old bottle of liquor, because Kageyama Tobio was something out of a clumsy, lovely, athletic dream. 

“That sounds good,” Kageyama said quietly. 

“Good,” Hinata replied, leaning into the palm of his hand and trying to let Kageyama know with all his might that the spell was definitely not broken. He was really reconsidering the not-dating-right-now thing. And the not-thinking-about-kissing (or touching or biting) thing. “That can be our second date.” 

Kageyama ducked his head, cheeks adorably red.




Upcoming Reactions -

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You Singing ‘Save Me’ By Nicki Minaj After A Bad Argument
You Cooking While Singing Along To 'Love, Love, Love’
Having A Crush On Another Girl With With You
You (Gf) Being Insecure About Her Boobs Being Small
How Would They Turn You On
You Being A Lip Biter And Somewhat A Hair Puller 
Flirting With A Girl On The Street To Be Told She Was 17/18
When The Words 'Kiss Me’ Just Fall Out Of Your Mouth
Thinking You’re A Good And Nice Student But You’re A Trouble Maker, Wild And Love Having Fun
When You Call Them Daddy 
Thinking Their Relationship Will Be Cheesy And Lovey Dovey But You Guys Just Diss Each Other And Send Memes
Finding Their Boyfriend Sobbing And Inconsolable
You Slipping Your Hand Into Their Pants Sneakily But Their Parent’s Think You’re Holding their Hand
You Being Brazilian 
When Their Daughter Has A Crush
Their Gf Wanting Her Mum To Come Over From Overseas
Their Gf Having A Bad Relationship With Her Mum
Suddenly Cutting Your Long Hair Too Short
Getting Confessed To But Rejecting Them And Finding Out She Died Because The Confession Was Her Last Day To Live
You Being A Part Of A Twerking Team
When You Can’t Get Pregnant
You Confess To Them In An Awkward Situation
Walking In The House In Just Her Underwear And Seductively Spills Milk On Her Cleavage
Thinking You’re Home Alone But They’re There Too See You In One Of Their Shirts And Your Underwear
They Can’t Have Sex With Their Gf Because She Has An Injury
You Hogging All The Blankets 
Your Child Having A Nightmare And Then Crawling Into Your Bed
Their Gf Has A Smiley Piercing 
Their S/O Has To Go Back To Their Home Country Because A Family Member Is Sick

Pregnancy Glow : Headcanons

Anon: I don’t know if I ask here but alright I got this. Can I have some Ushijima and Daichi (separate) headcanons with their pregnant wife? Thank you very much ily

Aww!! Ily too ‘Nonie!

Female pronouns used!


  • he fainted when you told him you were pregnant, flat out fainted
  • but when he woke up he hugged you really tight and kissed your belly and your lips
  • helps you with morning sickness by rubbing your back and handing you a glass of water, and gives you back and ankle messages
  • is v excited to shop for pregnancy clothes when you start to show
  • waits outside the changing room with a gigantic smile on his face, getting a few looks from the women walking in and out and carries all you bags
  • 100/10 the most liberal with compliments
  • tries every concoction that you come up with bc of your cravings, some of the most awful ones that he’s forced down with a smile are; chicken nuggets and custard, onions and vanilla ice cream, rice with brown sugar and barbecue sauce, and salt and vinegar crisps and nacho cheese.
  • poor daichi 
  • “this is my wife, she’s PREGNANT” “dude, we know, we were there when you showed us the sonograph pictures, and the pregnancy test, and we were there when you showed us your maternity and paternity photos”
  • beware he will hide all the coffee so you can’t have any, and he doesn’t drink while you can’t
  • suga and chikara are the second and third fathers to your unborn child
  • when you into labour you bet your bottom dollar that suga and chikara are up and at your house before daichi has even registered what is happening, screaming about the baby coming RIGHT NOW
  • over all fun experience and now your child has two godfathers


  • when you told him he rested his hand on your stomach as he kissed you softly
  • he will drive you to get whatever food ur craving at 2am 
  • he has a ten step birthplace prepared and ready, the bag is packed before your second trimester
  • a hand rested on your stomach or on your waist all the damn time
  • the entire birth plan typed up and laminated and hanging on your fridge. in your third trimester, bc he gets low key worried, he tries to get you to follow the birth plan as a safety exercise - you love him but it’s a bit much
  • he fixes up maternity clothes?? like this boy knows how to sew?? elastic in everything
  • 10/10 plays volleyball professionally in college and ushijima just like, never talks about you. it’s not so much that he doesn’t want to, it’s that it never really comes up, so you can imagine the media’s surprise when;
  • “any love in the future for you?” “oh, yeah, i’m having a baby” “uh???? *confused whispering* really??” “yeah, with my spouse.” *more confused whispering*
  • tendou is the godfather, obviously, and he dotes way too much
  • the baby has accumulated too much stuff too quickly, such as, two cots, one baby bouncer, mountains of clothes, and a giant teddy bear.
  • semi was the one who stopped tendou from buying the giant bunny 
  • after the baby was born semi and tendou arrive arms ladened with flowers and balloons and food like, “we heard and we brought gifts, now we wanna hold the baby”
Out of the Frying Pan (21/?)

Killian sighed, rolling his eyes, but he put his hand over hers and squeezed lightly and she didn’t move – that seemed like a good sign. “What did Regina mean?” he asked.

“About defining the relationship or about you threatening to not witness for her character?”

“The second one. We’ll talk about the other one in a second.”

Emma raised her eyebrows – pulling her hand away and that probably shouldn’t have made his stomach heave the way it did. “That so?”

“Answer the question, Swan.”

AN: Hi, yes, hey, hello there. You’re all delightful and your response to this story is the best and I cannot thank you enough. There is more fluff here. I am that kid from Despicable Me, basically. @laurnorder is every good adjective rolled up into one and tied up with a bow and then possibly with a rainbow just constantly hanging over her for good measure. 

Hanging out on Ao3 if that’s your jam and tag’ed up on Tumblr

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finding home

Ch. 1 of 7 | 2 3 4 5 6 7 | Read on AO3 | a collab with @superiortechnology

Tooru’s first day at Hogwarts was supposed to be the best day of his life.

He’s been dreaming of this day for as long as he can remember…

Yet here he is, crying his eyes out.

Today has been the worst day of his life.

It starts with the jerk on the boat making fun of him for his hair. It’s too pristine, the boy says. But this is the first day of his new life? Of course he wants to look his best! Then the jerk starts rocking the boat so of course he screams… which only leads to more jeers and laughter from the other boys on the boat.

That itself is bad enough, but then comes the worst part - he’s put in Slytherin.

The dark house.

The evil house.

The house that you-know-who came from.

His parents, his sister, his cousin, they’re all in Gryffindor. So why not him?

This is just his luck, really. He should have seen it coming, - would have seen it coming - had he been smart enough to really think about it. Nothing ever seems to work out as planned for him. It was the same back on his eleventh birthday, when his letter to Hogwarts was late and he was so sure that it wasn’t coming-

But no, he’s here. Just not… quite where he’d pictured himself being.

Families usually get sorted into the same house! is what she told him… And it’s her face his eyes land on as the hat’s decision tears itself from its brim. The look on her face isn’t half as pained as the feeling in his heart.

He moves to sit at the Slytherin table, seriously contemplating getting back on the train and going home the very next morning. There are four other first year boys at his table, though they were all been sorted there before him, so he hadn’t caught any names. Three of them appear to know each other already and the fourth is scraggly and shaggy looking, wearing robes that look too messy to be brand new… Probably second hand. To make things worse, the kid keeps staring around the room as if he’s never seen anything magical in his entire life, asking stupid questions to the prefect sitting next to him.

He already wants nothing to do with his dorm mates and he still hasn’t decided if he’s going to stay. Tooru sinks himself down into his seat, trying to drown out the talking and laughter around him, letting the rest of the ceremony pass by in a blur.

He’s been dreaming of the Gryffindor common room all his life. His older sister had drawn him a map and told him all about it, as though there hadn’t been a doubt in her mind that he’d be placed there.

Now here he is instead, sitting in the far corner of the Slytherin common room, keeping his distance from the other students.

Another tear leaks from his eye.

This sucks!

He leans heavily on the arm of the oversized chair he’s sitting in. The room is full of life, and no one around has even noticed him. From behind he probably looks like he’s just sleeping or staring out the window. He sighs to himself, sniffling as a shadow obstructs the light shining on the wall from behind him.

“Whatchya doin’?” A voice comes from behind him.

He nearly jumps, but manages to maintain his composure. It might just be the fact that he feels so exhausted. Can you scare the crap out of a sad person? If he were going to make an assumption based on this test, he’d have to say no.

He turns in the direction of the voice and finds the scrubby-looking first year from the table in the great hall. His face remains as awestruck as it was when they were eating, and he still has a stupid smudge of dirt on his cheek.

“Are you crying?” The toothy grin falls from his face as he realizes what he’s interrupted.

Tooru sniffles, wiping his nose on the long sleeve of his robe and mutters an unconvincing “no.”

“What’s wrong?” The boy frowns. “Do you miss your mom?”

“What? Of course I don’t miss my mom!” The absurdity of the statement is enough to distract him momentarily, and his tears start to dry up.

“Oh, well why are you crying?” He asks, attempting to perch himself casually on the arm of the chair, though he’s hardly tall enough to reach it and he just looks awkward.

“I’m - I was - it’s none of your goddamn business!” Tooru wails.

“Oh, well, okay. I’m Iwaizumi,” he says, offering his hand, “Iwaizumi Hajime.” He stares impatiently at him, clearly not caring that Tooru was just wiping his nose on that very hand. He’s grinning again as though Tooru’s world isn’t falling apart in front of him.

A part of him wants to slap that tanned brown hand away, and yet something stops him.

“Oikawa… Tooru,” he says, slowly sliding his hand into Hajime’s.

“Tooru! It’s nice to meet you! You’re my first friend, you know that?” Hajime beams, shaking Tooru’s hand roughly, clasped between both of his.

“Shhh,” Tooru hushes him. Do you want the whole common room to hear you? He almost phrases it differently, but manages to catch himself before he comes across as any more of a jerk. He had initially judged the kid so hard, but now that he’s talking to him, there’s something positive and upbeat about him and Tooru finds that it puts him at ease.

“Can I ask you something, Hajime?” The name falls off his tongue a little awkwardly, but he wonders if maybe he’s the only one who notices because the other seems to light up upon hearing his name spoken.

“Of course!”

“Are your parents… muggles?” He asks, as though afraid of offending Hajime.

“Yup!” He gives him a thumbs up, his fist appearing much too large for his body, almost like a puppy with large paws. Cute. “I’m the first wizard in my family! Isn’t that cool?”

Tooru finds himself glancing around the room self-consciously. He doubts many others in this common room would find this ‘cool.’

“What about your parents?” Hajime asks, leaning forward in curiosity.

“My parents and my sister are all magical. My father is muggle born though.” He finds himself sitting up a little straighter, listening just a little bit more intently. He still has to hold himself back, though, wanting to wipe that dirt off of Hajime’s cheek.

He wonders if he knows it’s there. He wonders what he’d do if Tooru were to reach across and brush it away…

“That’s so cool! So you’ve known about this place your whole life!”

“Pretty much, yeah,” Tooru replies, feeling a hint of pride, yet oddly enough he doesn’t feel the need the display it. That itself is strange for him.

“So have you been doing magic for years too?” Hajime asks excitedly. There’s no jealousy in his words, which Tooru finds odd, but pleasant.

“No, not intentionally anyway. We’re not allowed to do magic outside of Hogwarts until we’re of age,” Tooru explains. “Though once I accidently set this hideous pair of orange pants that my mother was trying to dress me in on fire. I guess that’s what she gets for trying to ruin my sense of fashion at such a young age.”

Hajime bursts out laughing, clearly finding it much funnier than Tooru intended it to be. But even so, Tooru can’t help but smile. There’s something so genuine and… kind, about this boy. His happiness and excitement are infectious, and Tooru finds he wants to hear him talk more.

“So Iwa-chan,” he says, the name coming across all too naturally despite Hajime’s frown, “what exactly were you doing in the…” he almost says muggle world, but feels it may be offensive, “real world before you got your letter?”

“Oh.” Hajime appears a bit caught off guard. “Just, you know… going to school. And playing volleyball! I was going to be a professional volleyball player!”

“Volleyball?” Tooru asks. He can’t recall which of the muggle sports Hajime is talking about.

“Yeah, you know, like six players on each side of the net, and you pass the ball around and try to slam it into the ground on the other team’s side until they can’t lift it up. Whoever let’s the ball hit the ground first loses the rally. There’s a setter and a spiker and defensive positions… I’m a spiker.”

Tooru watches him smile, rambling excitedly, and finally reaches across to bridge the gap between them. “You’ve got dirt on your cheek,” he says kindly. Hajime glances down, as though he can see the spot, then back up at Tooru, continuing on about volleyball. His skin feels warm, and soft as Tooru brushes his thumb across his cheek, smiling now that the spot’s all clean.

“Have you heard of quidditch?” Tooru asks.

“Quid- what?”

“Quidditch,” Tooru repeats. “It’s the wizard sport… played on broomsticks.”

Hajime’s jaw drops to the ground. “No way!”

“I’m going to try out for the team this year. First years never make the house teams, but I’ve practiced a lot and I think I have a good chance,” he says, trying to hide a bit of embarrassment.

The pair continues to talk late into the night, only to realize that the common room is nearly empty by the time the finally looked up from each other.

Tooru laughs a little, sheepishly, scratching the back of his neck. “We should probably head to bed,” he says, moving to sit up.

“Oh. Yeah, right,” Hajime responds, nodding. “You wanna go to breakfast with me tomorrow?”


He’s about to answer, yes, sure, before he remembers that he wasn’t even sure if he’d be staying until tomorrow. Now, though, with Hajime?

It seems… a little more bearable.

“Yeah,” he says, flashing Hajime a big smile. “I do.”

Haikyuu!! Elderly Domestic Headcanons

Headcanons about six of some of the Haikyuu!! pairings when they are old and domestic. The pairings featured in this are TanaNoya, KageHina, BoKuroo, KuroKen, IwaOi, and DaiSuga. If you would like me to do headcanons like this for other pairings, you are welcome to request which ones!

Thank you for this request!

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anonymous asked:

Hello:) hope you're having a good day!!! I saw u doing reactions and I thought they were really good so can I ask you to do a BTS reaction of their s/o being a professional volleyball player or something? Thank you much😄

Hi there! I am having a good day actually (even though it’s humid af ew I hate it). I decided to make this one where their professional volleyball player s/o was actually teaching them to play because I thought that might be funny. So I hope it’s okay! Enjoy <3

BTS Reaction to their pro volleyball player s/o teaching them to play volleyball

J: *slams it straight into the net* “GOAL!!”
Y/N: “No, Jin, that’s bad, you have to make it touch the ground-”
J: “Don’t try and trick me Y/N I know how it works. Ground = out. Net = goal.”

Originally posted by ultranicolet

Y/N: *explains the whole set of rules*
S: *is in a daze*
Y/N: “-and that’s how you play.”
S: *snaps out of it* “… so am I allowed to bounce the ball?”

Originally posted by ultranicolet

JH: *finally hits the ball to the ground on your side*
*starts screaming in triumph, pulling his shirt over his head, etc.”
Y/N: “No, Hobi, it doesn’t count if it goes underneath the net.”

Originally posted by helendrv

Rap Monster:
Y/N: “Serve it overarm like I showed you!”
RM: *serves*
*ball somehow ends up behind him*
“Does that count as a point?”

Originally posted by seoulsistersopi

Y/N: “Go go go!”
JM: *triple spin pirouette somersalt thing landing in the splits to try and hit it*
“Did I get it?” *out of breath*
Y/N: “Jimin. The ball landed on the ground like an hour ago.”

Originally posted by mochiipjm

V: *catches the ball*
Y/N: *sighs* “No, you don’t catch it that’s…”
V: *blank stare*
Y/N: “Forget it let’s just play something else.”

Originally posted by bangtanboysloves

Y/N: “So you just-”
JK: “It’s okay, Y/N, I got this. I’m the golden maknae remember?”
*trips over shoelace*

Originally posted by ultranicolet



Summary: The reader is the captain of an English county team and the sidemen and friends were given tickets to a champion to promote the game on their channels and they are very impressed by the captains skill, but most of all Cal.

Characters: Cal Airey X Reader


  • Y/N = Your Name
  • Y/F/N = Your Friend’s Name
  • Y/OF/N = Your Other Friend’s Name
  • The Cobras is your team
  • The WildCats is the opposition team from Cambridge who you and your friends always looked up to.

Originally posted by sydneyxix

Originally posted by volleyballisliife

//Your POV//

I was so nervous, it was England’s national volleyball championships and my team were playing against some of the most impressive players I’ve ever seen, but I was confident me and my girls were going to do our county proud. 

“Mate, I’m so nervous, we’re going against the WildCats,” My teammate, Y/F/N, mumbled to you. It’s true, it was nerve-wracking to go against the WildCats, a very professional women volleyball team from Cambridge. Y/F/N and I have known each other ever since we were 11 when we joined the volleyball team at our secondary school and we stuck together ever since, and now were here playing for a county in a national championship and playing alongside our childhood heroes. 

“I know, but we’re going to win, I know we will.” I grinned at my friend, to bring her confidence back, even though I felt exactly the same as her, we needed positive thinking to good competition for our heroes.

“Right girls, huddle!” I commanded as captain. My teammates gathered around me and I told them to think clearly and positively and try their best. That’s all we can do, try our best.

We did our little chant to bring our energy up and we broke away and ran onto the courts. I stayed behind, waiting for them to introduce the captains of each team individually. 

I shook my arms as a nervous habit. I spotted the captain of the WildCats and jogged over to her. 

“Hey good luck out there!” I grinned to the brunette girl in front of me. She grinned back and grabbed my hand and shook it.

“Hey you two, see ya out there!” She replied once she realized the two captains had to make an entrance.

We ran onto the courts from our assigned positions and shook hands once again when we meet on the courts to show everyone this will be a civil game.

I heard an eruption of cheers from the front row and saw a group of around 12 men standing there, all with their own camera in hand. I smiled, knowing they were the Youtubers who were promoting our game on their channels and were interviewing us after the game. 

— (Le time skip)

It came to the last minutes of the game and my team, The Cobras, and the WildCats were tied. The ball was coming over the net and coming straight to me. I jumped as high as I could and whacked the ball straight down to the floor where no one from the opposite side was standing. My team screamed and cheered with the crowd once the final whistle blew and the Cobras were announced the winners and the new champions of the national volleyball championships!

My team gathered around me and lifted me off my feet and held me above their head as gratitude of us winning. I was handed the trophy and I hovered it over my head. I looked over at the WildCats who also crowded around my team, cheering along with everyone. 

My eyes wandered the audience again, and they landed on the group of Youtubers I noticed at the start. I examined them more closely and found myself slightly attracted to a tall and lanky dirty blonde boy with large lips who was cheering and shouting along with the rest of his friends. 


It was time for our interview, with the Youtubers and I was being interviewed by Cal Airey and Tobi Brown. We all sat down, me in the middle and Y/F/N to my left, leaving Y/OF/N to my right.

I noticed these two boys from the crowd, one had dark skin and a large nose wearing a neat white button-up shirt. In the crowd, he was wearing a black hoodie with a matching black snapback. The other was a tall and lanky dirty blonde boy with a large grin plastered on his pale face. He too was also wearing a neat white button-up shirt, opposed to his football jersey and black joggers from earlier.

“Good afternoon ladies, I’m Cal and this is my friend, Tobi, and we’re gonna ask you some questions about your rise to victory in volleyball.” The taller boy, Cal, stated rather overly-enthusiastically and throwing his long arm above his head almost knocking his friend over, which I snorted at.

Cal gave me a cheeky grin whilst Tobi asked me, “So, Y/N, you’re the captain, I believe, how does it feel to know you’ve led your team to victory?” 

“Well, Tobi, it feels absolutely amazing, but I can’t take all the credit, it’s really goes to my girls, without they’re dedication and time and effort, we wouldn’t be here, it honestly doesn’t feel real that we beat our favourite team, but I’m so glad I can say that we have, and I’m so thrilled it was with my best friends.” I concluded my long answer whilst throwing my arms around my arms around my two friends and bring them closer, trying my best at a two-way side hug.

The interview drag on for a while, until out time was almost up, but then Cal asked the question while looking at me , “Do you girls have any love interests in your lives at the minute, anyone waiting at home for you?” 

Y/F/N answered first because she loved her partner so much, “I have, I love them so much, and unfortunately they couldn’t make it to the match but once I get back home, I’m sure he/she is gonna be so happy”

Then Y/OF/N answered, “Unfortunately I don’t but I’m content at the minute without any love interests, all I really need is sport and my best friends,” she said while looking at me and Y/F/N.

Me and Y/F/N awed and stretched our arms around her, squishing her in our arms, while the boys laughed.

“What about you, captain?” Cal asked, while wiggling his eyebrows at me. I stiffled a laugh and looked at the ground while blushing. 

“I also don’t have a lover in my life at the minute, but I’m doing alright without one, but it does get terribly lonely, especially when all the girls are out, and I’m stuck in doing my work,”

“Well why don’t we change that, Miss Y/L/N, let me take you out on a date tonight, as a congrats on winning gift, and also because you’re really beautiful and amazing, and plus you’re like the queen of volleyball, who wouldn’t want a girlfriend like you!” Cal exclaimed, smoothly.

“I’d like that very much” I blushed. 

Biggest Fan

genre: fluff

summary: you and Jaebum are just trying to enjoy a night out, until some fans spot you two. But what happens when they’re actually asking for your autograph and not his?

a/n: for the request I changed the reader to just like a professional volleyball player not really focusing on a specific country to single anyone out :)

Originally posted by magiccastles

Dating an idol wasn’t the easiest thing in the world. But it was a bit easier for you. Since you were a bit of a celebrity yourself, nothing compared to your boyfriend Jaebum. Being a professional volleyball player however did bring you a bit of fame. And so you understood the whole, strict schedules and traveling deal. You had it pretty similar. Making the relationship a bit less stressful on you and Jaebum. The two of you having a mutual understanding of each others schedules and what not.

“So, are you happy to have a few days off? I know you guys have been working really hard lately.”

Jaebum sighed, smiling wide as he took in the beautiful night view of the city. “Yes, I’m very thankful. We have been working really hard, and I think we are almost ready. But, these few days should help us all reset, come back ready to work and have over comeback.”

Your season had just ended, but for Jaebum, things were just starting to get busy. He and his group were preparing for their latest comeback. But he was given a few days off after a hard work week, which the two of you took advantage of. Wanting to spend as much of that time together now that you both were free.

As you smiled at Jaebum, you could see how tired he was. You always admired how hard working he was. Never wanting to disappoint his fans, sometimes pushing himself a little too hard. But overall, he was pretty amazing. But that was also what he loved about you.

He knew how hard you worked to get to play on your countries national team for volleyball. You had to sacrifice a lot in life to get to where you were. And despite the ups and downs you have faced, Jaebum has always been there for you. And you for him. Though the relationship was tough sometimes, your schedules often being so hectic you couldn’t even call one another. You two knew it was worth it, and you were both willing to work for it.

Continuing down the path, at one point stopping and getting some coffee, you two just caught up. Jaebum telling of how this choreography was some of the strongest the group had been given, and they were hopeful it could score big with the fans. Just listening as you people watched, you noticed a group of two or three girls eyeing you two from afar. They were approaching slowly, as if nervous. The were fans, you could tell by their body language.

Jaebum now catching on, he turned to face you, stealing your view away form the girls. “I’m gonna apologize now. I know we wanted this to be an uneventful walk, no pictures, autographs or anything. I’m sorry.” You just laughed, looking behind him as the girls were awkwardly standing there. Jaebum gave you one last reassuring smile before moving to the side, awaiting the fans screams or quick ramble of incoherent words.

“Hi, we’re sorry to bother you. But we are huge fans!”

Jaebum smiled to them, as did you. Although you laughed a bit as you’d noticed something Jaebum clearly hadn’t. “It’s no problem at all girls, really. We always have time for fans.” The girls smiled wide, then turning their attention to you.

“Well, in that case. Y/n, could we please get your autograph?” “And maybe a picture?” “If it’s not too much to ask?” The girls all chiming in as they were practically shaking in front of you. Jaebum looking on confused as he was sure the girls were fans of his.

“Of course girls! It’s not too much to ask at all!” You sighed the notebooks they each had, then posed for a picture that Jaebum kindly took. The girls telling you how they were volleyball players as well, currently playing in middle school. But they were working hard to make the best high school teams possible in order to be as successful as you one day. Blushing a bit at their kind words, you gave them some words of encouragement and advice. Telling them that if they have the want and desire, and are willing to work hard, they can make it.

The girls thanked you, and Jaebum. Asking for hugs before leaving you two to finish your walk. Jaebum awkwardly blushing at your side as he rubbed his neck.

“So, um. What were you apologizing for back there babe?”

Jaebum glared at you once hearing the sarcasm in your voice. “I was wrong~ I get it! Don’t rub it in.”

“Did you not notice their volleyball jackets they had on? That is what gave it away for me.” Jaebum looked down at you confused.

“You looked at their jackets? That’s how you knew?”

You laughed, stopping to look up at him, wondering how clueless he really could be sometimes. “Um, yeah? What made you think they were your fans?”

“They were girls?”

You playfully smacked his arm, “Jaebum~ Not every girl in the world is automatically your fan! Yah, don’t be so cocky,” continuing down the sidewalk as he just laughed.

“Well you’re a girl and your my fan. I just assumed all girls who were a fan of yours would be as smart as you to like me.”

You glared at him, not accepting his attempt at saving himself.

“Nice try babe. And hey! I’m not just any fan, I’m your biggest fan.”

So I’ve never had a request like this before, with the reader being like a professional athlete or something. But I think it turned out okay? Sorry if it’s on the shorter side. I didn’t feel like it needed to be too long cause I was afraid of it ending up becoming filled with like pointless dialogue and what not :) 

So @seijouho and I were talking about matsuhanaiwaoi things and I was like “okay, but lemme write some headcanons” aaaaand here we go. The rest are under a read more!

  • The four moved in together after college (Makki and Oikawa went to the same university while Iwa and Mattsun went to different ones, but they all maintained a long-distance relationship throughout their college years) and with the amount of money they had they went ahead and bought a house - a small fixer upper, but theirs nevertheless
  • Mattsun landed a job as an editor in the city and writes in his spare time - he often gets inspiration from his boyfriends. Makki is a beauty vlogger and within a year actually managed to get a big following and a couple of sponsors, but he still works in a local coffee shop for extra cash. Iwaizumi is a physical therapist, typically for athletes, and Oikawa is on the professional volleyball team
  • They don’t always get to spend a lot of time together, but in the beginning it was Mattsun who decided that they needed at least one day a week to spend time all together to relax and make sure everything was okay. That started in the first year of college (typically happened with a group Skype call), and continued at the house. They typically curl up in the living room and watch TV or movies, and they rotate who’s turn it is to pick movies
  • Sometimes they go on dates though - they’re really fond of picnics and walks at the nearby park, which also has a lake that they can go swimming in when the weather is nice. Mattsun likes to make crowns from dutch clovers for them, which he’ll place on their heads with the sweetest pecks and eskimo kisses, which make the boys (especially Iwaizumi) blush and stutter. Makki is the baker, so he’ll make all sorts of sweet treats for them to eat there (he likes to hand feed them like a dork), and Iwa cooks them food

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Adult BokuAka AU:

where Bokuto is a professional volleyball player and is out of town for the holidays coz the qualification matches started

the ex-Fukurodani team is getting together to hang out in a pub (minus Bokuto - coz of the matches, and minus Akaashi - coz he was abroad God knows where), so they go out and Konoha says he´s got a package to pick up from the post so they stop by to get it

in the pub when everyone is comfortably sitting and all that they start to discuss how long has it been and all that sentimental stuff, and how Akaashi and Bokuto kinda… fell apart and stopped being a thing even though everybody though it seemed pretty serious back in the day

Konoha is slowly unpacking the box that Bokuto sent from Europe (full of souvenirs and shit for the team) and he finds a letter so he starts reading it out loud

Bokuto writes about how Europe is and how great his new appartment is and how the team is really on edge and all that and then suddenly he says he´s got a surprise that he couldn´t keep to himself much longer - he´s engaged!

the ex-fukurodani team is all like holy fuck how did it happen? did he even have a girlfriend? is he serious? how are we gonna tell Akaashi???? Konoha keeps reading and gets to the part where Bokuto writes how he can´t wait to introduce his fiance to them and that he´s sending wedding invitations and all that stuff and a photo of them which should be somewhere on the bottom of the box

so they start digging and get to it and Konoha takes it out, shares a grave look with the team and flips the picture over and lo and behold there is Bokuto with Akaashi in his arms, both having matching engagement rings on their fingers

the note on the very bottom of the box says: ha! ofc it´s <3Keiji<3 you fools!! hoot hoot

ye Bo has an arm tattoo

nai-nye  asked:

For the sentence prompt, Tsukihina - “I loved you.”

Thank you for the prompt! I hope that you like this, I had a bit of trouble figuring out what to write, so I hope it came out okay!

Send me a sentence prompt from here and I’ll write you a little tsukihina thing!

11 - “I loved you.”

It’s been nearly two hours since Tsukishima arrived at the bar and, frankly, he’s not completely sure why he’s there. Or, rather, he’s not sure why he’s still there. He knows why he went and the reason isn’t even there.

It’s not, like the others might think, because of Yamaguchi or Yachi. Although, to their credit, they really urged him to go, so much so that he can effectively use that as a cover when Tanaka drapes an arm over his shoulder and comments on how they rarely see him at these monthly get togethers.

Karasuno’s volleyball team has remained surprisingly in touch since the original third year’s final game in high school and they frequently get together for dinner or drinks.  Tsukishima doesn’t usually go, not to say that he’s completely opposed to staying in touch. He’s remained close with Yamaguchi and Yachi over the years… but it’s easy when you’re roommates. Occasionally, he’ll go out for drinks with Asahi, Daichi, and Sugawara and Ennoshita checks up on him every so often, maybe a habit from when he was captain.

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Sometimes Iwaizumi refers to Oikawa as “a puppy” or “my puppy” and his coworkers or the coffee barista would be like “Oh, dude, that’s a lot of work. But I bet he’s cute.” And Iwaizumi would just go along with it, nodding his head like they didn’t just get a huge misunderstanding, and goes on to talk about Oikawa’s puppy-like tendencies and that he’s “lanky as hell” and “takes up the entire couch all the time” and “sometimes doesn’t even notice I’m home so he’s just sprawled out there asleep.” People are just imagining this overgrown 6-months old German Shepherd/Golden Retriever but in actuality Iwaizumi’s going home to a professional, over 6ft tall volleyball player who gets too excitable to see Iwaizumi home from work.

rarallama321  asked:

Middle aged captains!

Send me characters, a ship, and a situation and I’ll write headcanons!

  • the captains started a relationship in their twenties, and after they all graduated they moved into a three bedroom apartment where they stayed for about 10 years until they had the finances to build their dream house (benefits of having six people with well-paying jobs)
  • Terushima is a tattoo artist who is pretty renowned for his work - he has his own tattoo parlor called InkSplatt. Bokuto is a child therapist and he loves working with the younger children. Kuroo is a emergency room surgeon. Ushijima owns a flower shop (Iris Full of Flowers). Daichi is in line to be chief editor of a publishing house. Oikawa is a professional volleyball player (he used to play with Ushijima until Ushi tore his rotator cuff)
  • The house they build is a two-story with three bedrooms, though only two are used on a regular basis. One of those rooms has a custom made bed and such so that it fits all six of them, the other has a smaller bed in case there’s ever a fight, someone gets sick, or they just need a night alone (or for special anniversaries)
  • Surprisingly, it’s Terushima along with Ushijima who got traditional paintings to hang up (they’re huge fans of Ukiyo-e paintings)
  • Terushima painted Oikawa a galaxy on the ceiling that glows in the dark, and it’s really soothing and cool to look at (he got lots of kisses for that)
  • Saturdays are movie date days, and they spend all day curled up together watching movies (one pick per person) if at all possible (sometimes deadlines for Daichi, travelling for Oikawa, and emergencies/late shifts for Kuroo mess that plan up)

More under the cut!

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anonymous asked:

Tooru finds out that he is a father, when his gf from HS break up with him. To not be distraction to him in his volleyball career. After the child is 1 year old, He finds out by running into his ex in the grocery store in Tokyo. (lets pretend he gotten the surgery for his leg and it was successful.)

Don’t forget I do commissions wow, double this much text would only cost $5

~~Admin Keiji


Out of all the places to run into him, this was the last place you’d imagine it’s be. Last you heard, Tooru was attending Tokyo University, which was on the complete opposite side or Tokyo this grocery store was in, and Tokyo is a big city. And worst of all, he noticed you, not the other way around.

“_____-chan? Is that really you?” He asked, as if unsure. It has been awhile since you’ve seen each other, but you know you didn’t look too different. Why was he even talking to you anyway? You broke up with him right after he went to Tokyo and ignored any calls or texts you got from him. You were sure he’d be pissed at even seeing your face.

“Yeah, Tooru, it’s really me.”

“How long has it been?” He asked, then started counting on his fingers.

“Twenty months,” you answered, knowing the number easily.

“And how old is this little guy?” he questioned, and you could see the concern on his face. It wasn’t misplaced either. Depending your baby’s age, it could mean you broke up with Tooru for another guy, or…

“Satoru’s thirteen months.”

After some thought and some simple math, he asked his next question and you were unable to look him in the eye. “Did you ever cheat on me, _____?”

“No,” you could not lie to him–not about this. It was one thing to never tell him, but to lie would be something different. You couldn’t lie to his face. You couldn’t straight up lie to him about him having a child.

“Do you want to join me for dinner tonight? I think we have a lot to talk about.”


You three went straight from the store to an apartment nearby. You asked why he lived so far away from the university and he explained that he got scouted by a professional volleyball team and decided to quit school to pursue the job offer. That’s all you two spoke about until it was time to eat. Until that time, Tooru cooked up some spaghetti and you got Satoru set up with some kid’s cereal and some toys.

You ate in silence, the only noise being the clinking over silverware on plates, and at one point you had to get up to change a diaper. It was only when Tooru finished his food before he spoke, “Why?”

You kind of wanted to cry, but you were not going to play the victim here. Instead, you squared your shoulders and told him the truth. “Tooru,” you said, “Look at you. You got scouted by a professional team; you’re living your dream, and a kid could have ruined that.”

You were not expecting the tears in his eyes. You were not expecting the whispered, “What if you were my dream?”

“We were kids, Tooru,” you reason, “there’s no way to know what you’d have wanted.”

“How would you know that?!” he suddenly yelled. Despite the loud volume, his voice was still wobbly. “I could’ve played and loved a family. It would have been difficult, but it would have been worth it.”

“I’m sorry,” you didn’t know what else to say. You could barely look at him.

“You didn’t even tell me.”

“I know.”

He looked over to where your son must have fallen asleep playing with a toy. “So, his name is Satoru?”

“Yeah. It’s written with the character meaning daybreak.”

“_____, I know it may be hard to let me in, but can I finally be his dad?” He asked, then rushed on to say, “Nothing between us needs to happen, but I need to be in his life. I can’t walk away knowing I have a son.”

This time, you can’t help the tears forming in the corner of your eyes. “Yeah, Tooru,” your voice cracks as you talk, “you can be a dad.”

anonymous asked:

Ohh my bad!! So sorry if you not write nsfw I don't read your description before. How about Ushijima with Love me like you do by Ellie goulding is it okay? Thanks

Don’t worry babe! Now this took me a lot of time to write. I rarely get to write about Ushijima, so I took my time. I really hope you like it. It’s been long since the last time I was so nervous about a request. It’s long as heck, thou haha. 

Sorry if there’s any gramatical errors. It’s 1 AM, and I just wanted to post this asap. Tomorrow morning I will try to read it and fix whatever mess I left there. PROMISE !! 


Love Me Like You Do - Ushijima Wakatoshi

Ushijima Wakatoshi was almost certainly the most unapproachable person in the whole academy. He stood tall and serious as he walked through the hallways with a perfect presentation. His white school blazer was spotless, and his formal pants didn’t have a wrinkle on them. For a young teen that lived alone in the dorms of the school without any help, or reminder to keep his uniform clean, he had excellent habits.

She had never been able to not stare at him. She had always been curious about him. He never talked in class, and for what she had seen he only spoke when he needed to answer someone. She had seen him hanging out with really few people, and it was obvious Ushijima wasn’t the one making the conversation.

So what was it that had her so infatuated? Three years now of being secretly crushing over the volleyball star of Shiratorizawa, and she still didn’t find how to stop. He had never showed any interest on any girl, and that had restrained her from confessing. If he wasn’t into the idea of dating, exposing herself would be foolish.

But her feelings were there even with the knowledge that she might never have her chance. Those kind of thoughts never failed to make her cry, so she did the best she could to not touch zones in her mind. She ran from them, and kept the positive idea that maybe if she tried, he would see no reason not to accept her. 

It was her last year, her last chance. She was sure that if she did nothing, the next time she saw him was going to be in television in some kind of professional volleyball tournament, and she would forever regret the time she wasted in high school.

You’re the light, you’re the night
You’re the color of my blood
You’re the cure, you’re the pain

She had made her decision during the InterHigh Preliminaries as she saw the Shiratorizawa team win match after match. They were already a few months into their last year together, and she couldn’t keep up like that.

His strength-full spikes went in as easily as always, and the loud noise the ball made when it hit the floor resembled a lot the way her heart beat whenever he was around. She definitely couldn’t tell herself anymore her feelings were nothing but a fading phase that would be over once she was in college.

You’re the only thing I wanna touch
Never knew that it could mean so much.

An impulse caused by a raw desire provoked her to make the first move. She had waited outside the courts before the match that was currently happening ended. She waited patiently hearing the cheering of the people going and coming for both teams. The long high-pitched sound of the whistle broke through the chants and shouts followed by a dead silence; she then knew the game was officially over. 

As the Shiratorizawa team exited the court to have a more than deserved brake, she pretended to be passing by. Something had gotten into her because her feet weren’t her own anymore. She walked to the team standing closed to Ushijima, who immediately noticed her presence.

“Good luck in your next game,” she had somehow managed to say. Ushijima had stared for a second before answering with a short nod.

“Thank you,” he politely said. She knew his voice was deep, but it was probably he first time he had directed his words to her, and that was enough to bring her back to her usual self. She was now speechless and conscious of herself. Right after that Semi Eita had recognized her creating a small chat between the team and her. She had stood alongside Ushijima throughout the whole conversation. 

They soon had to go back to their next game. It had only been a couple of minutes, but it had been enough. She had never been so close to him. She returned to the bleachers and watched the game with more excitement, she wanted to cheer more than before. It was silly since nothing had actually happened, for her it had been a big step, thou.

Now he knew she existed.

You’re the fear, I don’t care
Cause I’ve never been so high

What was a small step, took her to a whole new journey she never knew she would take. She started greeting him in the mornings whenever she could. The first couple of times Ushijima looked lost, and didn’t understand what she wanted. She could see that in his eyes, which turn out to be the most expressive part of his entire being. Two seconds later he would recognize her, and return the greetings.

She might have taken things slow, but she got only a few months left before the year ended, and the rush of it was taking the best of her. She didn’t care anymore about how obvious she was. She started creating small chats about school, their future matches, and even about the lame weather. Any insignificant excuse to approach him would suffice. For her surprise, he never seemed troubled, or annoyed by her presence. Sure, his answers were short, but he would always respond to her. That only encouraged her more. She was getting closer to him by the minute, and every day she talked to him, she would arrive to her room to twirl and spin and squeal as her roommate stared at her as if she was crazy. And she was… she was crazy in love with Ushijima Wakatoshi in the most careless way possible. She was levitating over the world, and she didn’t want to know anything about the fall.

This didn’t pass unnoticed. Soon enough the tall redhead that always followed Ushijima approached her. He was also in the volleyball team, and she had seen first hand his monstrous abilities. He was kind of intimidating, and his smile screamed trouble while his eyes dictated a suspicious calmness. She almost shrunk on her seat, and begged not to be murdered.

“You like Wakatoshi-kun, don’t you?” he asked. She let a small gasp to escape her as if her rosy cheeks weren’t enough evidence that she had been caught. “I mean, it’s not that obvious, I just really like to observe things,” he kept explaining without being asked, “He’s my best friend, and you seem cute. I can help you.”

“Why? Please don’t tell him anything.” 

“My lips are sealed. Now, will you like me to help?” 

She mindlessly nodded. He could be lying. He could only be planning to humiliate her in front of Ushijima. Then again, there was an innocent tone in his voice; he spoke in a childish form that transmitted honesty.

He invited to go out with them on Friday. 

A chance of a lifetime.

Follow me to the dark.
Let me take you past our satellites.
You can see the world you brought to life.

She would be lying if she said she never regretted admitting to Tendo Satori she liked his best friend. Right after that conversation restlessness took power of her. She was sure the guy would spread the rumor of her feelings everywhere. The next morning all of the students would look at her as they whispered behind her back. She didn’t care about being obvious, but every single being in school factually knowing she was head-over-hills for the high school volleyball team captain was another thing.

But that dreading moment never arrived. Apart from Tendou smiling at her whenever she was talking to Ushijima, everything was the same.

Fading in, fading out
on the edge of paradise

She arrived five minutes early on that special Friday afternoon, which was amazing giving the fact she tried a whole lot of different outfits before heading out. And what was even more amazing was that Ushijima was already there, waiting in the corner of the small coffee shop they were all going to meet.

He had looked confused at her, and she quickly explained Tendou had invited her as well. He didn’t ask anything, only nodded as if it made total sense for his friend to do stuff like that. She imagined it was the case.

They stood there in silence for a whole ten minutes. She shuffled on her feet being uneasy. She opened her mouth more than once trying to start a conversation, but immediately backed down. She closed her eyes shut tight feeling useless. She was wasting the precious time Tendou was creating for them by being late.

 “Just say it,” Ushijima finally spoke. She slowly turned to face him. He was staring at her as serious as always.

She babbled before being able to speak. “I mean, I only wanted to talk about… uhm, about your week… how was it?” she nervously asked.  

She started to regain some confidence once he started talking. He answered in his own fashion. She started asking a bit more and more, and daring to tell him about herself a little more. After straight fifteen minutes of simply talking, his phone suddenly interrupted them. It didn’t have any sound, it only vibrated, but he had politely stopped her mid sentence so he was able to pick up. It turned out Tendou was going to be a little more than late, but asked them to wait for him. She could listen to his voice through the phone; it was so loud. She was able to hear him asking if she was there. He then suggested the both of them should enter the small coffee shop and order something while he got there. Ushijima gave it a thought and agreed. She had to drown a nervous laugh.

Tendou never arrived.

He called an hour later to give the bad news. By then neither of them had realized a whole hour had passed. She thought Ushijima was going to say his goodbyes, and that wonderful day would come to an end. He didn’t. He only passed the message, and drank some more of his coffee. She didn’t say anything either. She instead started to ask about the unusual friendship they shared wanting to know more about why or how such contrary personalities ended up being so close.

He had opened up to her in some strange way. Even when he didn’t speak much, he told a lot about himself. He shared key information to her, and she listened carefully to not miss a bit of it.

Once their drinks were gone, and the sky was turning into a dark blue, he said what she feared the most: time to go back to the dorms. She unconsciously sighed disappointed. She wanted so much more time with him.

They walked in silence back to Shiratorizawa. It was the peaceful kind of silence, thou, one neither of them felt like breaking. Before they entered the academy, she stopped. He stopped as well turning to see her. 

“It’s really sad that Tendou never arrived,” she started saying. Both her hands were in her jacket’s pockets crunching and twisting the fabric inside. “But, I had a good time. It was a nice evening.”

Then, he softly smiled at her. “Yeah. It was,” he said as he started walking inside. She stood astonished on her place. Not only her cheeks grew warm, but also her whole body. She wanted to scream to the whole universe that she had made Ushijima Wakatoshi smile. 

She kept it to herself. She kept that beautiful gesture inside her mind, and only pressed her lips into a tight, happy smile, and followed him inside.

Every inch of your skin is a holy grail I’ve got to find.
Only you can set my heart on fire.

Looking back to that day, _____ can’t thank Tendou enough. Thanks to that evening she started to notice Ushijima was more cooperative with her. He talked a little more, and kind of lingered before saying goodbye once the bell rang and they were forced to part ways.

She thought she was hallucinating. She had had such a wonderful time with him on Friday, that sometimes she still was in the small coffee shop watching him drink his own as they talked. It was logical for her mind to imagine he was feeling the same things. Nevertheless, he had proved her wrong when a week later he asked her if she would like to go again to the coffee shop.

That had been their first official date. And it was followed by a second and third one, and fourth. He had never insinuated or mentioned where things were going with them. She enjoyed every second of his company one way or another.

Two months later, she was growing anxious. She was not only crushing on him, she now was sure it was love. It definitely was real, and strong, and it had installed its roots on her. The careless bravery she felt at the start was no longer there, because now it was more serious. She was not only aiming a shot in dark, she had thrown herself off of the cliff and was falling into an abyss.

I’ll let you set the pace
Cause I’m not thinking straight

One of the things that had become almost a tradition in those two months was for her to wait for him outside the gymnasium after she watched the previous volleyball game so they could go to have dinner. They usually talked about each of their days. It was usually her favorite time of the day, or week, depended if there was a match or not. That day was different. She wanted to know if he felt the same for her. She wanted to ask him if she had made the mistake of becoming only his friend, or if there was something he wasn’t saying. He ate peacefully not noticing the somehow uncomfortable silence between them.

But she noticed. She could see the unspoken words floating in the air around her head, around her neck choking her. She didn’t say a thing that night. She was afraid, of course. If she asked anything, and it turned out there was nothing but a ‘beautiful’ friendship, then all would be awkward. Therefore, all would be ruined.  

So she was quiet for another two weeks. She didn’t want him to serenade her, or bring her the biggest bouquet of flowers. She only needed to know where were they standing. People had started murmuring things. It wasn’t only her who thought Ushijima and her had something going on. Now it was everyone. 

Her first instinct screamed Tendou’s name. When classes were over she ran to his to be able to intercept him before he went to practice. 

“Well, haven’t you thought that maybe it is that obvious?”

She was lost for words. He was right but she still couldn’t understand then what was going on. 

“And why does it bother you? Isn’t it a good thing?”

“No when there’s nothing going on between Ushijima and me apart from being friends.” 

Tendou tilted his head looking confused for a brief moment. After that he sighed and patted her head before leaving. “Give time to time, _____” 

More time? She was already craving more of him, more of the relationship they shared. If they even share one at all. It had gotten to the point where she didn’t know if it was a good idea to keep pushing forward. No one was eternally strong. From now to then one reached a certain line, and broke under the pressure of disappointment.

She was human. She could only go so far without receiving something back. She not only loved his smile, she now felt the need to kiss it. She not only wanted to walk by his side, she wanted to take his hand, to hug his arm. She needed proximity, closeness. 

She felt sparks, and magic, and every cliché when she was around him. Couldn’t he feel it too?

My head spinning around I can’t see clear no more.
What are you waiting for?

She had fallen into such desperation she had given up hope by then. She was trying to convince herself she did all she could, and losing him was a straight no. She was mentalizing herself to the idea of being her friend for the rest of the year. She was now part of his life; at least she would have that.

She repeated those ideas as if they were a mantra as she walked to the bleachers. One more game, and off to nationals. 

It didn’t help her to see him play in any way or form. If any, watching him play only made the situation worse. She was at the edge of her seat with very spike Ushijima got in. The first time she had ever noticed him was in a volleyball game, and she had fallen for him then, after all. To watch him play inevitably brought her back to her first year in high school.

At one point his spikes stopped going in, they started going up, to the disbelief of everyone. 

When the match was over, and Shiratorizawa was officially declared the loser, she left the gymnasium thinking what she could possibly say to him. She could say she knew him well, and knew he had unconsciously developed an overwhelming confidence. The bigger they were the harder they fell.

She didn’t hear about him for the rest of the week. When Monday arrived, she found him resting on the wall next to the door of her room. He didn’t hesitated. He stepped up to her. Whether she liked it or not, his unique presence never failed to swipe her off her feet. 

“I’m sorry for being absent lately,” he started to say. She became confused immediately. She shrugged ready to wave it off, but he continued talking. “I’ve been having a lot in my head, but I got it straight.”

Again, she was going to tell him not to worry and he interrupted with what she was longing to hear. The words that came out of his mouth were so surreal to her that she became deaf for a fraction of second.

Ushijima was confessing to her.

Love me like you do
Touch me like you do

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If you are still taking Prompt...HQ TsukiHina. AU where Hinata broke his leg in highschool and couldn't play anymore. Tsukishima subconsciously tried to accomplish Hinata's dream of being a professional Volleyball player but he didn't realize that he had been putting himself too hard. Hinata tried to stop him.

His limp isn’t pronounced anymore, and Shouyou hardly thinks about it most days. Other days, especially when it rains or the wind blows up his spine like ice, he feels it aching, an old hurt that stole his dream from him.

And always, always, it hurts when he watches Tsukishima Kei play volleyball.

They hadn’t been dating when it happened, years ago when they were second years, and if somebody asked him today, Shouyou probably wouldn’t be able to say for sure that they are dating now. Still, they live together, sometimes have filthy sex on the couch that they don’t talk about afterwards, and usually sleep in the same bed.

Until Kei gets up early for practice, anyway, then comes home late, too. Shouyou always misses him in those quiet moments after the door closes, because Kei never complains about volleyball practice. Oh, he’ll complain about his teammates, or his coach, or the schools they play against, but never about volleyball itself.

At least, never where Shouyou can hear it.

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Klance Haikyuu / Volleyball AU

I’ve been watching a few sports anime lately (currently Haikyu!!) and it got me thinking of a couple of scenarios for Klance.

Haikyuu!! AU (sort of)

  • Lance is in his first year of high school and wants to be on the volleyball team
  • He has personal attachments to it because he would play the game with his siblings all the time
  • But his older siblings had to move out for uni/college and because they now have part time jobs, they don’t get to play as often as they used to
  • He wants to hold onto that love and warm spirit that he felt with his siblings
  • when he gets to the gym to apply for the club, he’s shocked to see keith there
  • during summer time, lance had joined a mini volleyball tournament where keith was one of his opponents
  • lance lost the game and he’s been motivated by his bitter loss to get one win against keith
  • they both bicker and argue and are told they have the potential to be selected for the team but they have to work together as teammates


  • lance and keith are professional volleyball players who made it to the nationals; they are on opposite teams
  • lance and keith are playing on opposite teams in the olympics
  • high school setting; keith re-opened the volleyball team and is hunting down members so that they can play in official tournaments
    • he sees lance while he’s playing a game of soccer with his friends during his free time
    • seeing his quick reflexes and his speed, keith wants lance on the team
  • keith injures his arm during a match; lance as his physical therapist helps him recover
  • keith and lance are both gym teachers but for different sports; they often compare strategies / complain about their students during their off times