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Breaking the Ice Ceiling - Meet the Women Dominating Snowboarding Films

Check out espnW’s interview with our very own Vans Snow team rider, Leanne Pelosi. Plus take a glimpse at her nominations (ya, theres more than one) for TransWorld SNOWboarding’s 18th Annual Riders’ Poll Awards!

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AU summary: Viktor’s younger brother has the hots for Yuuri. Requested by @yuriseros

Nikita “Niki” Nikiforov, age 25. 

Occupation: Professional Snowboarder. Has won silver in the Winter Olympics. His fans call him “Nikki Nikki”.

Hobbies: Snowboarding, hanging out with Viktor and Chris, cooking

Despite being into winter sports, Niki doesn’t know how to skate.

“Who’s that big bro?” Niki asked as he pointed to the TV where they were replaying the highlights from the GPF. Yuuri was skating On Love: Eros.

“Oh, that’s Yuuri, Yuuri Katsuki. He’s Japan’s top skater and my star pupil,” Viktor proudly mentioned as they watched Yuuri skate.

“Ehhh, he’s pretty hot!” Niki casually whistled. “You never told me you coached another skater. You should introduce me to him sometime Vik!”

“Look but don’t touch, Niki,” Viktor warned.

Winter Mood Board as H+L Fics

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Top Left: Teacher!Harry, Teacher!Louis, Snow Day AU
Louis lives for snow days. Apart from summer break, they’re basically why he became a teacher (alright, maybe that’s not true and he does love his kids, but snow days are just the best). And he was planning on spending this day snuggled up in bed with a cup of coffee and a book, but now the other third-grade teacher Harry is banging on his door all bundled-up with plastic sleds under his arm and a thermos of hot chocolate, begging Louis to come with him. And who is Louis to deny someone who trudged all the way over here (it has nothing to do with the secret crush Louis’ had on Harry since he came to the school six months ago). So they make their way to Harry’s “perfect secret spot” and spend the day having snowball fights and sledding down small hills, and when the sun is finally beginning to go down, they’re sitting underneath a tree catching their breath – and Harry leans over and warmly kisses Louis’ pink cheeks saying, “Thanks for today, Lou”.

Top Middle: Strangers to Lovers
This was supposed to be a perfect ski trip, but with Niall catching a cold and staying back at the lodge, and Liam taking a rest day for his sore legs, it looks like Louis is all on his own to hit the slopes this time. And that’s fine with him, he can handle that. Except now he’s on the ski lift next to an incredibly fit stranger, and… it stops. And it doesn’t start again. And after the inevitable awkward silences, the stranger (Harry, he says his name is) suggests they spend the time getting to know each other. So the next two hours (seriously, how long does it take to fix a ski lift?) are spent asking twenty questions, giggling over ridiculously cheesy jokes, and scooting closer and closer – until finally Louis admits how cold he is, and Harry wraps a warm and comforting arm around him. When the ski lift finally starts moving again, neither of them are ready to say goodbye.

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May 3, 2017


Pat Milbery, Remington Robinson, and Jason Graves

Just had to find out a bit more about PBR, especially after seeing this striking piece. Pabst sales peaked at 18 million barrels in 1977—I’m sure I drank my share—but by 1985 it had been sold, the Milwaukee brewery closed, and all advertising ceased. Spoofed by South Park as being a white-trash-beer, millennials today continue to fuel its rapid resurgence in popularity, even as Pabst’s latest owner continues to eschew any traditional advertising. Turning to non-traditional marketing however, pbr_art and Kobra Paint sponsored this striking mural on the patio of uptown New Orleans bar and music venue Gasa Gasa on trendy Freret St. This collaborative project was painted by Pat Milbery: artist and professional snowboarder from St. Paul, Minnesota, and now living inGolden, Colorado; Remington Robinson: fine artist from Chagrin Falls, Ohio, now living in Boulder, Colorado; and Jason Graves: co-owner of Boulder, Colorado, graphic design and screen printing company Apollo Ink Printing.  @patmilbery  @remingtonrobinson  @jasontgraves  @pbr_art  @gasa_gasa  

so it’s been a little less than a year since the last time I compiled a fic rec list for these two dweebs. there’s been so much good fic, I figured I should make another one! 

PLEASE BE WARNED that there are a lot of fics and kinks under the cut and if you’re easily triggered, proceed with caution! (◠‿◠✿) 

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This or That: With Hana Beaman

Trekking through the double-digit negative temperature on the icy streets of Jackson Hole, we ran into none other than Vans Snow’s Hana Beaman in her Scotchgard Sk8-Hi Slims. In-between filming a new snowboarding movie and hitting the Jackson Hole Snowboarder Magazine party, we we’re able to steal Hana away for a quick round of “This or That!”

Sk8-Hi or Hi-Standard?

Text or Call?

Sock Sock Shoe Shoe or Sock Shoe Sock Shoe?
Sock Sock Shoe Shoe

Netflix or YouTube?
Netflix, for sure!

Cross-Country or Backcountry?