professional misanthrope

No one else sees it..

Am I the only person here who sees your perfection?

How you matter in this world?

How you change my life with such subtle tid-bits that I can’t believe my own eyes.

No one else sees your perfection.. not even you.. But I do.

I just wanted to say that I can still smile even on the darkest of days..

because I know perfection exists..

Because I know you exist.

Thank you for not leaving... Thank you for always being there and staying by my side no matter how badly I fucked up. Thank you for tolerating me, even getting together with after I discovered past my shy mind what and who my true love is. Thank you for dealing with my smothering psychosis after the scenery change between Madison to You.. Thank you for giving me a second chance, and letting me improve. Thank you for staying by me even when most girls would get up and leave. Thank you for loving me, without you I feel that I don't know what else I could do in my life.

Thank You.