professional illustration

me according to myself: i can draw sorta and i bullshit everything i can
me according to my family: professional illustrator, poster and invitation card designer, architect and interior designer (adept with the IKEA kitchen planner)


Movie Tattoo Flash Paintings by Quyen Dinh -ParlorTattooPrints

I commissioned the always wonderful @xandrassketchbook for a watercolor portrait of Rennah Shepard in her wedding dress, and I’m so excited about how beautiful it turned out. The detail is stunning! Thank you so much! 

Rennah is from my completed story Lights in the Sky and I’m currently working on her wedding oneshot.


I am officially open for commissions! :D Please refer to the guide above for Pricing details and FAQ, and shoot me an email at:


for commission inquiries, questions, and any of your art loving needs! If you’re unsure about anything or have a different project in mind, please contact me because I’d love to work with you! :) 

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Thanks, and I look forward to working with you~!