professional illustration

me according to myself: i can draw sorta and i bullshit everything i can
me according to my family: professional illustrator, poster and invitation card designer, architect and interior designer (adept with the IKEA kitchen planner)


Selections from a 6-image series of illustrations done for Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo exhibit signage, showing a male village weaver (Ploceus cucullatus) building a nest, and ending with the female weaver and her clutch of eggs. Graphite and digital, 2017. 

Very excited to show you all my book cover for the newly-released Case of Domestic Pilfering! It’s a brilliant queer Holmes pastiche by my friend Rohase Piercy and the wonderful Charlie Raven.

Rohase is also releasing her novel Before Elizabeth: The Story of Anne de Bourgh, with a beautiful cover which just so happens to be the work of my shockingly talented partner.


I’ve been doing these sketchy portraits of my favourite fictional ladies over the last few days and having so much fun. I think I’ll probably do a couple more.

I’ve also been posting progress videos while I work on these. You can see those (and more tiny videos about stuff I do) if you follow me on Instagram.


Movie Tattoo Flash Paintings by Quyen Dinh -ParlorTattooPrints