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One Direction: [WUHN dih-REK-shuh-n]

Popular boy band originating from England, Ireland, and most likely the depths of hell.  Consists of five physically perfect (though often clumsy) specimens (in alphabetical order): Harry, Liam, Louis, Niall, Zayn.  Appreciated most commonly for their specific features, such as:  arms, legs, hands, jawlines, mouths, well…everything really.

Common behaviors include (but are not limited to)

  • inappropriate touching 
  • awkward unsynchronized movements (aka “dancing”)
  • outbursts of laughter
  • hip thrusts and/or air-humping
  • occasional twirling and/or tumbling
  • frequent acts of dumb

WARNING: Regular viewing of One Direction in their natural habitat is known to cause chronic feels followed by a deep shame spiral.

When people talk about addiction, they tend to ask, “How bad did it get?” “What made you hit bottom?” For me, I didn’t bottom out when I was getting drunk and doing drugs. Right up until the time of my intervention, I was pretty sure I was still having a blast. I hit bottom when I’d been clean for a hundred days and finally saw what I’d become.
—  Steve-o Professional Idiot: A Memoir

“So give it up, start beating, hearts have gone cold
Had enough repeating, it’s all been done before “

Low-key dedicated to @kickingshoes since it was their gorgeous comic that finally seduced me into the fandom. Here’s hoping we get to see those two reunited next season!

Things To Use Instead of President Trump

Donald Trump doesn’t deserve to share the honor of being called President so here are some alternative terms for his position

- Chief Asshole
- Commander In Whining
- Our Orange Dictator
- #1 Bigot In America
- Least Attractive Man In America
- Chief Idiot
- Professionally Licensed Douche
-Winner Of The Worst American Contest
- America’s Biggest Blunder Yet
- Top Ten Ranked Worst Male Human Finalist

Reblog with more because if we can disrespect him out of office I’m all in for that


30 Days of OTP ♦ 02: Love Confession

this happens … less five minutes after Luffy figures out his feelings for Law


@saffreelove don’t want you to miss this😇

Film Önerileri
  • V for Vendetta

Fikirlerin gücüne bizzat şahit oldum. Fikirler adına öldürülen ve fikirleri savunurken ölen insanları gördüm. Yalnız, bir fikri öpemez, ona dokunamaz veya onu tutamazsınız. Fikirler kan ağlamaz. Acıyı hissetmezler. Sevmezler.

  • Leon: The Professional

Hayat her zaman mı bu kadar zor, yoksa sadece çocukken mi? 

  • 3 Idiots

Psikolojik baskıyı ölçecek bir makine icat etmediler. Çünkü etselerdi, o zaman herkes bilirdi; bunun intihar değil, cinayet olduğunu.

  • Into the Wild

Eğer yaşama sevincinin insan ilişkilerinden kaynaklandığını düşünüyorsan, yanılıyorsun.

  • Bridge to Terabithia

Sadece gözlerini kapat ve zihnini tamamen açık tut.



this is taking too long. maybe we should do your hypnotism-eye-voodoo thing to get them talking. yes, you would expect that sort of behavior from me, wouldn’t you?

Many and various non-human groups and races have come to the Earth and interacted with the people. Outer form is only limited by the nature of the information encoded at the waveform level and so the potential for ‘physical’ forms that look nothing like humans is infinite. Observe the many very different human races and the fantastic range of different species in the animal, bird and insect worlds and this is only on one planet and within the tiny frequency range of visible light. Those ‘journalists’ and members of the public who laugh about ‘little green men’ and dismiss any idea that other forms of intelligence with two legs and two arms can exist are professional idiots. Many non-human or extraterrestrial / interdimensional races have added their genetics to the human form and this is why various human races can look so different. Are we really saying that black Africans, Chinese and Caucasian ‘whites’ came from exactly the same genetic source? It is another elephant on the sofa.
—  David Icke - The Perception Deception

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A little self positivity and promo fun. List your 5 favorite fics and/or art pieces that you’ve done so far(and say why if you want) and then tag some friends!

1. This is one of my favourites done recently. I really like the details, and the shift of the style that happened. Also I generally like such flower ornaments, and such pseudo-artsy compositions and elements. I really want to play more with this style, but I guess it doesn’t fit OPM at all orz. There are still mistakes, I need to find out what kind of line thickness I should use. For example here, hair might have been done using too thin lines, and as such gets really pixaleted and unreadable after scaling down the picture.

2. Still best coloring I’ve done recently. Oh sure she’s still kind of 2D I could work more on better shadows and contrast.. but I kinda like the low contrast, not overly shiny version. I’d fix her hair and stuff, but I kinda want to paint something so soft and pretty again. I need to start drawing other stuff than OPM I know. But I love the fandom so much, can’t quit it.

3. In a sense this was my first Genos. He doesn’t even yet look much like Genos, it was before I got more practice drawing him haha. But I really like it as a painting.  The colors, the shading. Also his eyes were a lot of fun. Could use work on hair.

4. Another case of I WANT TO DRAW SOMETHING LIKE THIS AGAIN. No seriously I was on such a roll initially and drew like 4 pairing pictures. in week or two. Then I lost it, and I no longer can do that sensualy pairingy things. OTL. I guess I started making them more like the dorks they are but…. COME BACK TO MEEEEEE

5. Speaking of dorks, yeah this is how I more started to portray them later hahaha. I really like the soft and simple coloring here. I want to experiment with this too, because I miss color works, but at the same don’t have much time for fully rendered pieces like no 2.

I don’t know how to people. I’m afraid of tagging people s-s-so if you want to take it, and do the meme please do!

trained professional idiot - Another collection of songs that PJ uses in his videos old and new; aka the sequel to “let’s go on an adventure at 4am” (Also, make sure check the annotations for the list of videos that the songs were included.) {listen}

1. I Wonder Why - Robot Orchestra, 2. Listen Up (Rawmania Pt. XIII) - Robot Orchestra, 3. Pantyhose - TV Girl, 4. Dueling Duality - Cullah, 5. Color Sky - Monster Sky, 6. luciddreams - weirddough, 7. Mama Told Me Not To Come - Tom Jones & Stereophonics, 8. Can’t stop me - ProleteR, 9. Tonight You Belong To Me - Haley Blais, 10. J'ai Pas Envie - Luce Tg

New Fic

Yes, yes I know I’ve been neglecting my other fics.  Honestly, you all wouldn’t be getting this one, either, but it’s actually a complete multi-chapter fic, so I thought I’d finally post it after it’s been sitting on my computer for…over a year.

Bleach/HP crossover.

Title: Five Idiots, Four Professional Problem Solvers, and One Cup to Cause the Chaos

Summary: The Japanese decided that the Triwizard Tournament is the opportune time to re-enter the European magical sphere.

Except, it’s actually the Shinigami, Kurosaki Ichigo is the Headmaster assigned to the group of academy students, and the combined luck of two main characters means that maybe things will actually go right for once.

(Note: This is pretty cracky, for the record.  Ichigo is posing as the Headmaster of the Shinigami Academy.  Also there is an OC….)

So let’s say you’re this guy on the right side of the image and you said to yourself, I’ll go toe to toe with that moron known as Piers on some TV show. Well, good for you, it takes some bravery I’ll say that much. But, these people are professional idiots and you cannot beat them at their own game. Why? Because you are not an idiot and he will just double face palm you into submission. See, it’s already kinda working in the screen shot.

First thing out of Piers’ mouth, “How many boooollits, I say just how many booollits can this assault weapon of mass destruction fire in one minute?” Or something to the effect of, what is the rate of fire? The underlying assertion is that because this gun is capable of a particular rate of fire, it is therefore terrifying and dangerous. Then our brave soul on the right side goes on about some rate of fire number that I feel like he also pulled out of his ass. Here is the correct answer when some fucktard like Piers asks you what the rate of fire is for an AR15. ONE. The rate of fire for all semi automatic firearms that ever existed and will ever exist is ONE, by definition. You can hold the trigger down until your tiny British dick dries up and falls off, if it hasn’t already, or if it ever existed in the first place, and that semi auto firearm will fire once. It will fire one round per minute, one round per hour, one round per fucking lifetime if you’re that bored. Any firearm which has a rate of fire greater than one, is fully automatic. For the brain dead, that’s a “machine gun”. The AR15 is not a machine gun. But do not explain this to him. When he asks you say; one. When he makes a stupid face, and he will, you say; if you didn’t already know that, then you’re a fucking moron. Your entire argument about how scary this gun is, is based entirely on your lack of understanding the subject matter. In other words, you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about, so please stop talking. When numbers work for them, they love them, but you are wasting your time trying to get these people to even acknowledge actual facts. So when he makes a shift and starts going on about well yeah but you can shoot it really fast so it’s basically like a nuclear weapon man. Yes Piers, I get it, you want to ban guns because they scare you. Fortunately, in America we don’t concern ourselves with the fears of some bed wetting Brit.

Next. “Why would you want to make it EASIER for terrorists to get guns!!! OMG!” Brave soul once again goes off in some effort to “answer” such a loaded question. Here is the correct answer. “I don’t. Next question.”

Next. “Just take a look at these other countries. Take away the means, then you take away the murders (by gun, of course). Why is that not a compelling enough reason for a gun ban?” Simple, gun bans, and therefore the people who support them, are now responsible for every OTHER murder and violent crime that takes place from that point forward. Once again, they will make stupid faces. Ignore their bullshit, people are still getting murdered, raped and robbed in all these wonderful places they will mention. We already know that far and away more people protect themselves with firearms than are murdered with them in America. Far and away more. You are not taking away the right to own a gun, you are taking away a human being’s natural right to self preservation and the right to choose. Murder and violent crime by other means are the trade off (and it is not a good one) you make when you ban guns. You’ve taken one option, possibly the best option for self defense off the table, so you are directly responsible for every death which occurs now that self defense is no longer an option for the victim. That’s right, the people who hung the signs in every gun free zone where virtually every mass shooting has taken place, are directly responsible in my view.

“Why do you NEEEEEEED? NEEEED!!!! NEED!!!” Rights are not predicated by ownership of an object. We aren’t Communists - neither you nor the government get to choose what I need. In America we believe all human beings NEED just one thing. Liberty. Everything in the Bill of Rights is in direct correlation to this belief, including my right to write this post and defend my life against violence. Since I have now established that you support murder, I am now suggesting that you also support murderers because you seem to want me to be helpless against them. Why do you like murderers so much? Why do you sensationalize horrible acts of violence? Why are you not in prison? Turn the narrative around on them.

America has the mass shootings that it has thanks to weak leadership and most importantly, scum like Piers Morgan who sensationalize the perpetrators of mass shootings.


“Of Shahid Afridi it can safely be said that cricket never has and never will see another like him. To say he is an allrounder is to say Albert Einstein was a scientist; it tells a criminally bare story.”- Osman Samiuddin.


Louis:  GRRR…Niall I’m gonna get youuuu.  Oh wait, Harry’s singing gotta go watch him.

Niall:  GRRR…Louis I’m gonna get youuuu.  Oh wait, I have to go do my leap thingy real quick.

Liam:  Harrreh! I just want to cuddle, please pet me.

Harry:  The way that you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed but when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell…

Zayn:  Yeah, I’m just chillin’ over here until it gets to my part cuz I’m gonna nail it.