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Ill-prepared Grunkles

Summary: Stan and Ford have dealt with a lot of crap in their days- they feel they can handle just about anything… they’re about to be put to the test.

It’s a peaceful day in the Mystery Shack. Stan’s making breakfast for everyone while occasionally stopping to sip on his coffee and Ford is nursing a cup of coffee at the table. Neither speak- Stan learned a while ago that Ford isn’t exactly a conversationalist when he hasn’t had a decent amount of coffee in his system.

That peaceful silence is broken when they hear Dipper running downstairs shouting for them.

Grunkle Stan! Grunkle Ford! Grunkle Stan! Grunkle Ford!” Dipper shouts with more panic in his voice than either one’s heard in a while.

Stan turns off the stove and puts the now empty pan on the back burner and rushes to the door. Ford stands and rushes to the door and catches Dipper as he runs into the kitchen.

“Dipper, Dipper,” Ford says, kneeling in front of the crying boy. “Breathe.”

“What’s goin’ on?” Stan asks after the boy follows Ford’s instructions.

“I-It’s Mabel,” Dipper stutters.

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Waiting for the night pharmacist to make extremely important IV meds and your bag runs dry even though you asked for a new bag well in advance...

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2a: While it was funny the first time, wearing Viper heads over your helmet and shouting ‘COOOOOOBRA!’ Is now prohibited.
2b: No, just because the Commander did it too, it does not make him the 'Cobra Commander’.
2c: No. Just because we are not COBRA does not automatically make us G.I. JOE. We’re all adults here people, show some professionalism.
2d: While humorous, Cobra Commander is not a effective call sign for any reptilian enemy.
—  Things XCOM Operatives Are No Longer Allowed To Do: Part 2

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I am going to the see ariana for the first time and now I don't know if I really want to. Watching the honeymoon tour everything seemed so professional and humorous at the same time. Not saying that the DWT is not, but I don't get the same feeling because she isn't really interacting on stage or social media. And she decided to only make 1 minute diaries for the DWT. How is that fair? I think it's just me but ariana has honestly been such a flop this year, socially and musically

You’ll love it!! Concert atmopheres (as long as you’re not claustrophobic) are always a hyped time no matter who you’re seeing. And you’ll experience all the songs and it’ll be great. 

lol she doesn’t owe us any diary material but I agree that it feels a bit like a rip off in comparison to last tour’s stuff.