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|| 8th March, 2017 ||
7/100 Days of Productivity

Ughh really starting feeling symptoms today which subsequently made me physically unwell.

On the upside - I finished my professional practice framework assessment today! (Although I’m still 400 words over the word count, need to figure out how to cull some).

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So- tonight I have worked very hard on setting up a twitter page for O/N/S (one night stand Ehibition) I even called Benny for some advice, and have set up a new e-mail which is: [which was the best name available!]…and Twitter makes you give an email, and didn’t want to use my personal one.

It’s VERY bright, since we were going for bright… but I’ve had to size things down from the posters etc so images fit in the boxes provided without obscuring text.

I’ve been through various followers of Issy mIll, Metanoia, Verb etc…to try and add lots of people. I will send some personal messages requesting follows back, soon but not tonight!

We are linked up to the facebook page now- where I have revised the wording a little and added a little extra to make it sound as exciting as it WILL be :)

Revised Wording: 


ONE NIGHT of diverse aesthetic stimulation brought to you by Salford University’s level 4 (First Year) Visual Arts students.

Showcasing a variety of experimental work in various mediums; and with the whole year exhibiting- there will be LOTS TO SEE and we would LOVE to see you there!

Open from 6pm till late All creative and curious minds welcome! 
Free entry for all and there is also a bar at the Mill! :)

Please Invite everyone that you know! 

Don’t miss out on this Eclectic and Dynamic Exhibition!

Islington Mill
James Street
Salford M3 5HW

A few of us probably need to sit down together on Monday and decide what colours etc are best where. We currently have 7 followers- lol but I’m just totally burnt out with it now!

                    but please follow: 

Use: #ONSSALFORD   (hashtag lol….too much stuff coming up for better word combinations…and can’t use /’s)

                                                   OVER & OUT!

vote for tax increases that support the mentally ill community. support there being a framework of professionals, funding, and options available for the mentally ill. donate money to good charities that provide homes and therapy and medication. support lawmakers who will in turn support those communities. be there for your mentally ill friends in all the ways that you are capable of, find help and support and community if you yourself are mentally ill, stand up to commentary that demonizes mental illness.

but if you yourself are not a trained, educated professional? if you don’t have the education to fully understand how violent mental illness manifests, if you don’t have the training to de-escalate the situation, if you don’t have the emotional fortitude to deal with something that is already frightening and unmanageable enough for the person in question, if abuse or trauma has made anger or emotional outbursts (or in my case, loud noises of any kind) triggering for you? 

then you are not obligated to do anything other than make sure that the people who are trained and educated and emotionally stable enough to actually help this person arrive as soon as possible.

the person who needs help deserves help from people in a position to actually give it to them. you just need to do your part as a person in a society with woefully inadequate resources for the mentally ill to try as best you can to make those resources available. 

you are not a terrible person if your trauma has made it difficult for you to deal with situations that trigger that trauma. you are surviving. you are taking care of yourself. you are getting yourself to a safe space where you will be able to offer support in ways that are safe for you. 


Documenting some of the upstairs space we have at Antwerp to exhibit in at Story Time Festival. Hope this gives some of you guys hoping to exhibit- that were unable to make last night an idea of the space we have.

I’ll be arranging a viewing of the space in the near future that is convenient for all or most :) 

I was impressed with the simple structure placed in the middle of the space that had projections onto either side, as it really maximised the space available. Apparently we are unable to use this at StoryTime, and was unable to get to the bottom of the reason for this… but I’m hoping this alomg with other questions I have will be answered at the meeting with the owner on Monday.


Poster for Storytime Festival at Antwerp Mansion/25th May. My work, titled ’Order Vs Chaos’, will present an insight into the laws of the physical world through photography and film. The work focuses on the manipulation of elemental materials such as water and light, in order to convey moments of rest and unrest. I’m not entirely sure what the work will consist of at the moment or how it will be presented as I have a few ideas, but this is something I’ll be working on after hand in.