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Spot these:

Changing colors = changing perspectives, mental states

Blurring images and short blackouts = losing focus, fleeting reality

External image

External image

Camouflaging iguana = people’s need to change ased on surroundings for protection/happiness

Owl in white background = pure, somber state of clarity and wisdom/innocence

Lovers in a pool that changes colors = love and relationships as quick doses of happiness and escapism

Sports and smoking in the middle of the night = obsession with success that leads to depression and escapism in the form of unhealthy substances

Montage of a Black cloth fluttering and dominating the screen, owl flying away, and Troye floating/jumping on white background = freedom and weightlessness

External image

External image

Stranger on a bridge watching cars, Ceiling fan rotating faster to the beat = time/life passing by

***DISCLAIMER: These are just some of my own interpretations of the music video. If you put all the images and montages together, you can create a narrative. What’s yours? What do you think of Troye’s new single and music video??? 

*Credits to GIF uploaders on Tumblr 9these aren’t mine, only the JPG ones are mine.