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Haha, my brain finally caught on to the fact Rachael Taylor has adorable dimples (ya’ll, I am a sucker for dimples) then I collapsed to the floor craughing with the realization I hadn’t picked up on it until now because Trish didn’t smile often enough in the show to make it obvious.

To Sing

Hi hi there!!! Just wanted to write something fluffy and different to take a break from angst!! To the wonderful Nonny who sent this in, forgive me- I changed a couple of them to not all be in the shower… I started writing them in one sitting and this is what I saw, my apologies… 

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117. We are not allowed to quit school to become professional musicians.

Which is really too bad, because we’d make a lot more money as a band than we would at any other profession we’d chose if we stayed in school. - SB

I can’t disagree with you there. - RL

Not to mention that it’d be way more fun doing that than the crap they’re teaching us now. - JP

Plus, think of all the girl fans! - PP

Ah yes. So glorious. So much love. - SB

Hey y’all!

So time for my next list of… Disabled Magical Girls!

I’m including girls with physical and neuro related disabilities- even if they’re not out right mentioned but heavily coded/address through the series.

I’m also included Magical Girls With Glasses who keep their glasses when they transform because technically this is a disability- albeit an “accepted” one.

Other lists:

The girls are under the cut!

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In celebration of reaching 555 followers I will be giving away this portrait of Tyler Oakley made using only my hangover coffee. 

If you would like to win it all you have to do is follow me and share this post before April 12th 2015!!!! Winner will be chosen at random. I will post it to anywhere in the world. Good luck! You can share as often as you like!

The Lanyard for Who Runs the World: The Lesser Known Magical Girl Zine has been revealed!

It features some of our favourite mascots from:

  • Sugar Sugar Rune
  • Magical Girl Raising Prodect
  • Lolirock
  • Fancy Lala
  • Yuki Yuna is a Hero
  • Creamy Mami
  • Magical Girl Pretty Sammy/Sasami Mahou Shoujo Club

And more!

Lanyard done by @grimmfirefly

As a reminder all profits go to the Direct Relief Charity!

🌟You can pre-order the bundle by checking out the blog here 🌟

Pre-orders close at the end of this month May 31st



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Tyler Oakley is my number one fangirl role model. Like for real.

I look up to him as a gender equality hero, a social media diva and a professional fangirl.


My queen,

Show me your ways…

Dear Beloved Fangirls,

There will come a time when the people you follow will be viral. And I know that you will feel a bit sad because it feels like people are taking them away from you. Well here’s a quick fact: the mere fact that you follow them means they’re good. And If they’re good and worth following, you need to share them with others. 

It’s one fangirl sickness that’s hard to cure. It’s that feeling that you own something in your heart and you feel a bit possessive about it simply because it’s something you really really love. It’s a lot like having a boyfriend, actually. Only, it’s a one way thing… or something. It’s a bit disturbing that many fangirls, when their fandom get’s too viral,  just stops being a fangirl. 

But think about this: When your idols get huge and viral, they get more followers. And the more followers they get, the more they are compelled to make great content, great stuff, for your consumption! So it’s actually a win-win situation. Your fandom thrives, you get more from your idols and your idols get more from you too! (From the millions and millions of YOUS who love them).

But remember, they are people too. Human beings, just like you. Just imagine how this huge thing is making them feel right now. IDK… But I have an idea.