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Kyungsoo’s necklace gets stuck on his mic and his rips it off like it was part of the choreo 😎 PROFESSIONAL👍

He’s like f*ck this shit😂


a comparison version of my earlier post on the latest Persona 5 trailer and figure skating techniques not in sync because reasons and also because i’m mcfucking losing it

Anyways I’m pretty sure the first protag gif is a lutz because the gif couldn’t capture it and the clip itself was pretty vague but i’m pretty sure he does a back entrance but either way he does FOUR ROTATIONS WHAT THE FUCK

in order, correct me if i’m wrong: the [quadruple lutz] [one-handed biellmann spin] [spiral] [ina bauer] [camel to sitting spin]

EDIT: thanks to nicayall for telling me the proper name for a figure skating arabesque!
'Grey's Anatomy': A Look Back at THAT Bomb Scene | EW

One of the tensest events in the history of Grey’s Anatomy is the infamous scene from “As We Know It,” which premiered following Super Bowl XL in 2006, the second half of a two-part episode. After surgically removing a bomb from a man’s torso, Meredith Grey (Ellen Pompeo) hands it over to defuser Dylan Young (Kyle Chandler) — and it blows up before he even makes it out of the ER.

Executive producer Shonda Rhimes, Pompeo, and episode director Peter Horton recall the details.

SHONDA RHIMES: I remember having to talk it through with [then ABC Entertainment Group president] Stephen McPherson. It was a big deal that we were doing the Super Bowl episode, so I wanted to make sure it was something they wanted to do. He seemed fine with it.
PETER HORTON: It was a very ambitious proposition. There were a number of long days because of that. When that explosion scene came up, the only way you get through it is with a tremendous amount of prep. We worked on how we wanted to do it, what walls we wanted to collapse, what lights we wanted to fall.
RHIMES: I always knew the [bomb] moment was going to involve Ellen. I don’t know if anyone else was jealous. I don’t think anyone thought like, “Oh, great, I want to have my hand stuck in a body cavity and stand there with all those horrors.”
ELLEN POMPEO: It was very late at night when we filmed it. I had been working something like 17 hours. I was exhausted, so I was excited that I didn’t have to do the stunt. They had this amazing stunt girl who was going to do it for me. They strapped her to a cable so they could pull her back when Kyle blows up.
HORTON: The stunt double was fairly young. She wasn’t quite prepared for when she got yanked, having landed on her back and getting her head snapped back. And boy, did it. You could hear it. As stunt people do, she immediately sat up and said, “I’m fine.” But clearly she had whacked her head hard, so she had to go through concussion protocol. We’d only had one take of this thing, and I needed to have a couple of things adjusted from that one take, so I had Ellen do it.
POMPEO: We had a knock-down, drag-out fight because he insisted I do the stunt. I said, “A f—ing professional stuntwoman just gave herself a concussion doing it. I’ve been working 18 hours. I can barely see straight. Now you want me to try it?” He was adamant. I was adamant. We were screaming at each other. I even said to him, “Why are you even making me do this? You’re going to use that take with her head bouncing off the floor,” because it looked amazing. It was like slow motion. Anyway, I ended up doing it, despite me not wanting to. And of course they used the first take.
HORTON: If you look in the episode, you will see the stunt girl hit her head. We left that in. It had been very effective. But we used part of Ellen’s take, which is the part she never remembers. We never would have put her in jeopardy. We pulled her much slower than we pulled the stunt double.
POMPEO: I remember thinking Kyle Chandler was amazing. I wasn’t surprised his career really took off after that because he was so natural.
RHIMES: He would pitch me ideas on how Dylan, his character, could maybe not explode, and I would show him the line in the script that said, “Dylan explodes.” That’s literally all it said. He was written to explode. But I did not expect to have Kyle Chandler. I didn’t want to explode him.
HORTON: Whenever you direct anything, some of your best moments are accidents. When we did the blast, all of these bits of debris fill the air and come slowly down like a rainstorm. It added such a fabulous texture to that moment, when Ellen is sitting up and looking at the remains of poor Kyle Chandler.
POMPEO: Nothing seemed as monumental back then because we had no idea how long this show would run or how iconic these moments would become.
HORTON: It was the highlight of Grey’s Anatomy in all of its 12 years. It was a special moment when it all came together in just the right way.

{Reaction} f(x) finding out you pole dance professionally

How about an f(x) reaction where you casually let slip that you can poledance at a professional level? Or they witness it for the first time? Thank you so much and I love the aesthetic of this blog and the quality of your writing!

Disclaimer: I don’t own the gifs/images used

Song Qian/ Victoria

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Victoria: “Jagi… that’s so hot.” 

Yoo Il Woon/ Amber

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Amber: “That’s really hot, but like, also please teach me it’s so cool.” 

Jung Soo Jung/ Krystal

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Krystal: *Watches you in awe*

Choi Jin Ri/ Sulli 

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Sulli: “That’s so talented, Jagi! That’s amazing!” 

Park Sun Young/ Luna

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Luna: “We should do a double act! you and I, you pole dance and I’ll sing and watch you. God, I could watch you all day.”


got 99 filters but subtle ain’t even one of them tbh

pics by @cheerfulhitsuji <3 

In the end, I still love you. (Eowells x  Allen!reader)

Wow, 58+ little wings?! That’s crazy! I love you soooo much!.

Remember, the prompts are still open!

First Eowells imagine, hope you like it!

Imagine being Barry Allen’s sister and Eowells is in love with you.

When Eobard Thawne decided he was going to travel back to the past to kill Barry Allen he hadn’t thought in the end he was going to kill Allen’s mom in his place, he hadn’t thought Flash was going to save him, less that he was going to be trapped in the XII century  for 15 years.

Imagine his surprise when, after usurping the identity and appearance of Harrison Wells, living his life as director of S.T.A.R. Labs and working on  the creation of a particle accelerator to ensure the conversion of Barry Allen in Flash, young (y/n) Allen came to S.T.A.R Labs, to work for him.


Not him

But you get his drift.

Working so close to his nemesis’ sister was frustrating. His enemy’s weakest spot he could use against him, kill her to get to The Flash, making him angrier at the Reverse Flash and working in his speed and then he could get back home.

But, after working with her for a few years…

He got a soft spot for her.

He loved her.

But, there were a few problems.

1.      He was going back to the future, and you couldn’t come with him.

2.      He was using you and your friends for his benefit.

3.      He tried to kill your brother.

4.      In the end he killed your mom and blamed your dad.

Not cool, Eo, not. cool.

“Dr, Wells? Are you here?”

“Dear (y/n), how many times do I have to say, call me Harrison.” He said as his chair speed out of the laboratory and went where you were.

“Sorry, Dr.-I mean, Harrison. I was wondering if you have seen my notebook. It’s seems I misplaced it.”

“It’s that the reason why you are here instead of celebrating with the team?”

“Yes.” You blushed a bit. How adorable.

“I help you find it, if you want.”

“You would?” You asked.

“I would for you”

He loved seeing you blush like that.

In his lonely nights he often wondered what other types of blushes he could got out of you.

What if his hand wandered a little ?

What if he kissed you?

And if his kisses wandered to the southern part of you?

What if YOU kissed his neck?

And if your kisses went a little to the south?

What if you found out what he did?

That broke all his daydreaming. He couldn’t let you wander around and discovering the time vault.

“Why don’t you go searching that way? I’ll go this way and if I found it I’ll come for you.”

“Alright. Thank you, Harrison.”

After a while, he found your notebook. His curiosity got the best of him and he decided to read a bit…

For science

Of course.

Dear diary,

Today I meet the famous Dr. Wells. His mind is as beautiful as him. His eyes are so blue!

Tomorrow I’ll start working with him in S.T.A.R. Labs. And I’m excited to work along him.

I just hope my “teenager crush” as Barry calls it won’t get in the way of professionalism.




“…I found it…?”

“I-I’m so sorry, Dr. Wells. W-Whatever you read there, i-it doesn’t affect my professionalism!”

Aghh…F*ck it

Harrison’s hands pressed your face against his, making your lips touch passionately, saliva mingling. You moaned against his mouth and he swallowed it down, loving every minute of it.

He pushed you against him, making you fall into his lap. His arms made their way to your waist as yours went to his hair. Kissing became a make out session and soon your shirt was on the floor and Harrison’s was opened, your hands caressing his chest lovingly.

Clothes were forgotten on the floor, sweat caressed your bodies, as the two of you shared a sweet, loving night of never ending passion.

You know what happens next.

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)


Your relationship didn’t end there as you two shared more than one kisses, hugs and passionate nights.

The two of you were discreet about it, but Cisco always smirked knowingly at the two of you.

Little sh*t.

But you love him.

After month of secret relationship the team found out.

Everyone was happy

Well, except Joe.

Barry had to stop Joe of arresting Harrison for cradle robbing

Cue you blushing in Harrison neck with Joe shouting in the background


You got hurt when Captain Cold and Heatwave kidnapped you to get to The flash. You had to be hospitalized for a few days after a bad concussion.

Saying than Eowells was mad was an understatement.

Just because he was supposed to keep his façade than he didn’t bolt out of his chair and run to find the criminals and kill them.

After you were given medical discharge, you decided to give Harrison a surprise and went to the Lab. In there, you couldn’t find him.

You wandered for a few minutes when you found Harrison in a room you weren’t aware of. You saw him get up of his chair and push a fake wall button to reveal the Reverse Flash suit.

Your eyes clouded with tears, as you tried to muffle your sobs in your hand, your heart broke in a million pieces. Before we felt your presence, you fled to the bathroom.


You tried to act the same with him but he felt something was wrong with you.        But never actually confronted you about it.

He didn’t want to lose you

When actually he already did.


A few weeks later the team found out and Barry and He, who revealed to be Eobard Thawne fought, ending with Barry’s triumph thanks to Eddie Thawne’s sacrifice.

You tried to act surprised at the news, but your heart was broken a long time ago.

Even though you hated him for liying to you, using you and murdering your mom

You still loved him.


When Barry talked you about he going back and saving your mom, you were really excited about it.

But after doing it he bought Eobard back again, who the first thing we did was whisk you away and running away with you. He tried to explain but you didn’t let him, punching him while crying your eyes out. When he was able to grasp your hands he pushed you to him, making you trip and kiss him. Every breath you take he whispered how sorry he was and that we loved you. Your sobbing only got worse.

The Flash came running only to see his nemesis kissing his sister (y/n), angry like no other he ran at full speed and tackled Eobard punching him again and again. You calmed him with tears still falling from your eyes and the two of you bought Eobard back to the Labs as a prisoner, putting him in a metahuman cell, meanwhile he was took away his eyes never left yours.


“He says I shouldn’t have tampered the timeline, that we created a “Flashpoint”, and that we will forget all about the last timeline.”

“Barr, what are you talking about? Timelines?” You said.

“Don’t you remember? The timeline where he killed mom and dad was imprisoned.”

“Barry, what the hell are you talking about? Mom is fine, she is home with dad. Are you sure you didn’t drink anything weird?”

“Oh my god, he is right. You don’t remember.”

After that he took off, running towards Eobard’s cell while you looked at him weirdly.


“(y/n) doesn’t remember, what can I do to undo this?”

“You have to release me”

“No way. You will escape”

“I won’t”

Barry looked sceptic at Eobard but complied.

“Now what?”

“You have to return me to the night Nora Allen died.”


“She must die for the timeline to be restored.”


After having to see, everything happen once again, Eobard taunted Barry that the timeline wouldn’t be the same before running away.

Barry returned to his timeline, to see you in the Lab with Caitlin and Cisco. He smiled and hugged you making you giggle.


Meanwhile Eobard spied the two of you. He knew he didn’t deserve you, but he was pretty selfish and he didn’t want to let you go. After acquiring knowledge of an event in his future and sought to change it by travelling throughout time to collect relics, and form partnerships with various individuals to further his own goals. But never gave up on you.

More often than never, he would go back to when he was Harrison Wells and the two of you were together to once again impersonate Harrison and be able to kiss you and make love to you, continually saying how much he loved and cherished you, and that he never will stop loving you and that, please, please you never stop loving him.

Once again, returning to his own timeline with his new “team”, he bought a hand to his face and started crying silently.

“I love you, (y/n), please, don’t stop loving me.”

“In the end, I still love you, Eobard Thawne. Even though you don’t deserve it.”

He didn’t know if he was hallucinating, but he reached out for your reflection, his hand passing thought it as it was only an hallucination. When he opened his eyes again, he was alone once again. You had leaved him. He was a monster than didn’t deserve you. But he loved you, so so so much.

He broke down, sobbing miserably.

The end?


     Other than the Blackbird family of aircraft, I plan on covering rocket planes, experimental aircraft, any oddball/interesting aerospace items I stumble upon, and prototypes. This is one of my prototype posts, covering the YF-17.

     On the left, we have Northrop YF-17 Cobra, Prototype 72-1570. This prototype, one of only two ever made, would eventually be developed into the F/A-18.

     The bird on the right is McDonnell Douglas F/A-18 Hornet 162417, Snake 407, the first Hornet to see battle.

     In the 1960s, the United States Air Force initiated an acquisition program called the Lightweight Fighter Competition (LWF). This competitive prototyping competition pitted two aircraft together, the General Dynamics YF-16, and Northrop’s YF-17. Both aircraft would conduct flyoffs against each other, competing for an Air Force production contract. Our YF-17 actually lost. The YF-16 won the Air Force contract and went into production as the F-16 we know today. Rather than scrapping the losing YF-17, the United States Navy favored the design for carrier use and developed it into the widely used F/A-18 Hornet.

     Both of these aircraft are on display at the USS Alabama Battleship Museum in Mobile, Alabama. The museum also contains A-12 #06938, which I’ve covered on multiple previous posts in this project.

open to f. eddie (taron egerton fc) or benjamin (tom holland fc).

the idea of visiting a professional domme was exhilarating. he’d experimented before, but it had all been very unprofessional and awkward. this was the real deal. she really knew what she was doing. his hands were already cuffed behind his back, the cuffs heavy and tight –– there was no way he would accidentally wiggle his way out of those. his cock, which size was slightly below average, already beginning to harden in his tight jeans. “i am a little nervous, mistress,” he admitted. 


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Kise aomine taoko kagami hanamiya watching trashy reality show with s/o (too bored to get remote)

Aomine: He wasn’t really into reality shows and so were you, however since the cable was broken, you two had to put up with the channels that were still working on your television, not to mention that the remote was a bit far away and neither one of you wanted to actually stand up and get it. “This sucks,” he grumbled before pulling you on to his lap. “Let’s just make out, babe. I think that’s a lot more fun.”

Hanamiya: Your boyfriend kept on commenting about how poorly conceptualized everything else in it was. You couldn’t help but laugh every time he used his smart mouth whenever the contestants do something too stupid for his liking. Eventually, you grew entertained with his comments as he became too absorbed in criticizing the whole show.

Kagami: He was silent at first, though in the back of his mind, he was already comparing the local reality show to the ones he saw in America. Since you were really getting bored, you just decided to wrap your arms around him while he was still busy with his thoughts. He immediately snapped out of them as he heard you whine, “Taiga let’s just cuddle. Everything about this show is stupid.” He grew stiff and it took him around thirty seconds before finally melting into the cuddle.

Kise: He was pouting the whole time as he still couldn’t believe that the show you two were watching was so stupid. “(l/n)cchi, let’s do something else,” he whined before pinning you down the couch. “What are you doing?” you asked, trying to wiggle out of his grasp. However, your boyfriend didn’t answer you and instead, he started tickling you. The lazy afternoon was then converted into a long tickle session, which you two obviously enjoyed.

Takao: You two actually laughed at every flaw you saw as the show progressed, from time to time giving off comments about how things should have been done. Soon you two found it actually enjoyable acting like professional critics. “Ne, (f/n)-chan, why don’t we watch it again next week? I’m sure ”


The Jaguar Project 7 Returns to Shelsley Walsh

Jaguar’s F-Type Project 7 is set to return to Shelsley Walsh in Worcestershire, England, home of the Shelsley Walsh Speed Hill Climb, this Sunday (July 19th) as part of The Midland Automobile Club’s Jaguar Celebrations.

The Project 7 concept car was filmed at Shelsley Walsh before its unveiling at the Goodwood Festival Of Speed in 2013. This fastest and most powerful production Jaguar ever built, will be back in action on the hill driven by one of Jaguar’s professional drivers on Sunday.

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PAX Prime update

Good Evening/Morning

Just a quick update as we just stopped for food and need to get some of the 1200 miles under our belt tonight. PAX was amazing, more then amazing. I just don’t have the right words to describe it. Here is what I do know:

1. Being treated like a VIP is amazing
2. Being treated like a professional photographer is f*ucking unbelievable and way better then anything
3. The people I met were awesome
4. Meeting “the boys” and interacting a little bit was………………

I have a lot of pictures, I’m thinking around 2000. These are of the 2 panels plus the grumps panel, the grumps signing, the Pewds signing, Markiplier’s signing and the Polaris booth.

A special thanks to Markiplier, Jacksepticeye, Lord Minion 777 and Muyskerm for letting me take so many pictures of them during all of this, you guys are genuinely nice men.

One more item: if I took pictures of you at any of the signings, please send me an Ask with the reference number I gave you. These pictures are free and will have no watermark, they are yours to enjoy.

     Number 15, the last of it’s type ever made. The Apollo Saturn V Moon rocket was comprised of three stages. This first stage, referred to as the S-IC, was the most powerful section of the rocket. S-IC-15 was built with the intention of a Moon mission, but was ultimately used as a backup for the Skylab Space Station launcher.

     Once number 15 was completed, it marked the end of the Apollo era at NASA Michoud Assembly Facility in New Orleans, where she was built, and where she proudly stands today. I was recently able to take a behind the scenes tour of Michoud for Project Habu, and photographed her up close.

     While I was photographing, a number of dragonflies were flitting about around me. One was gracious enough to momentarily pose for me on a barbed wire fence near the rocket. It was an opportunity to capture two incredible flying machines together. It’s amazing how far we’ve come in the last century, from looking at flying animals and dreaming about putting ourselves in the air, to riding atop a column of 7.5 million pounds of thrust, bound for the Moon.