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Why would you ever encourage using stimulants that are for people with ADHD in your college tips?? Congrats on making it harder for students who actually need it to get their hands on it!!!!!!

when the fuck have i ever encouraged people to use adderall?!

show me some fuckin reciepts or get the fuck off my blog and stop riding my dick with false accusations.

Guess this was a blessing in disguise

(A/N): more scoot summers!
Warnings: angst (just a lil bit), fluff other than that

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    There were only 3 things Scott hated: School, training, and (Y/N). He didn’t know why he despised the mutant so much, he just did, from the moment he met them he hated their guts. And apparently so did they. The two weren’t very nice to each other, their relationship was close to being that of enemies and neither had a clue why. The two tended to avoid each other at all costs, things usually turned to shit if they didn’t. Unfortunately, that rule changed quickly when Scott, professional dumbass at your service, shattered his glasses.

    “We can’t get our hands on any of the materials to rebuild your glasses,” Hank begins, his hand gingerly holding the broken glasses. “So for a few weeks you’ll just have to stick it out with that blindfold and someone to help you along.” Scott groaned, throwing his head back dramatically. 

    “Fiiiinnneee,” he folds his arms over his chest, pouting like a child. “Who are you setting me up with?” Hank looks to Charles, a devilish smirk upon his face.

    “I think (Y/N) would be great for the job,” Charles gives Hank a smirk, his eyes twinkling mischievously. 

    “Hell no.” Scott stated immediately. “Absolutely not. I hate them, I’d rather have a pile of trash guide me around rather than (Y/N).” Charles and Hank share a look before nodding in unison.

    “Perfect. We’ll have (Y/N) be your guide from now on.”

    The first few days were rough on both (Y/N) and Scott. The constant bickering, (Y/N) always making him bump into walls or miss a step or two, the sarcastic insults, it was more than difficult to get along.

    “Can you stop stepping on my feet Summers?” (Y/N) grumbles as they push him forwards slightly. 

    “If you didn’t notice (Y/N) I’m kind of blind at the moment so,” Scott grumbles back, just as unhappily. With a few more unhappy huffs from (Y/N) the two continued on their way to class.    

    As the days went by the two began to grow weary of the constant fighting and decided they should remedy their little problem. 

    “Hey Scott?” (Y/N) asks softly, not wishing to startle the blind man. 

    “Yeah?” Scott turns his head in the direction of (Y/N)’s voice.

    “I’m over here dipshit,” (Y/N) grumbles as the grab his head and not so gently twist his face to meet theirs.

    “Ow!” Scott yelps, slapping away (Y/N)’s hands. “Be a little more gentle next time!” He gingerly rubs at his sore neck, a very prominent frown upon his face.    

   "This is what I wanted to talk to you about,“ (Y/N) murmurs, "I’m sick of fighting all the time. Can we just- just stop for once and try to get along?” Scott hums thoughtfully, contemplating his answer. Sure, he hated (Y/N)’s guts but it wouldn’t hurt to get along just until he could get his glasses back. 

   "Sure,“ Scott shrugs his shoulders, "why not.” (Y/N) smiles widely, a small sliver of hope bubbling within them. Maybe just maybe they could make this…whatever they had, work. 

   Weeks went by and Scott still didnt have his glasses and (Y/N) was still attempting to guide him around. But something was different…Scott wasn’t entirely repulsed by everything (Y/N) did in fact he actually was beginning to…like what they did. From the way they laughed at his shitty jokes to the way they would teasingly direct him Into the wrong class. What he usually found more than irritating he now found…adorable?

    Scott was more than confused as to his new feelings towards (Y/N). He was usually disgusted by (Y/N) but now…now he actually liked him. Scott wrinkled his nose in distaste, his confusing thoughts clouding his mind. 

    “Whatcha thinkin’ ‘bout summers?” (Y/N) whispers as they gingerly nudge his elbow. Scott smiles softly, a warm fuzzy feeling spreading throughout his chest.

    “None of your business (Y/L/N),” Scott replies, his tone playful.

    “C'mon, teeellll meee,” Scott sighs, shaking his head lightly. 

    “You’re not gonna like what I tell you,” Scott looks back to (Y/N), or relatively close to where they were.

    “Try me,” Scott sighs again, 'looking’ up to the ceiling in exasperation.

    “I think…” Scott licks his lips, contemplating his words. “I think I’m starting to like you…” (Y/N) is silent and Scott’s afraid he’s messed everything up, messed up the almost friendship he had with (Y/N). And then suddenly (Y/N) has tilted his head to the side, pressing their lips against his. 

  scott nearly moans, melting into the kiss immediately. Scott’s fingers tangle in (Y/N)’s hair pulling them closer to him. Scott finally breaks away, gasping for air. 

    “Guess this was a blessing in disguise, huh?” (Y/N) pants, a goofy smile on their face. 

    “Guess so,” Scott smiles before pressing another kiss to (Y/N)’s lips.

i’m a professionally diagnosed dumbass i thought it was friday. i called the MN insurance help line and it was closed so i was like uuuu i can’t call back until monday. hdbdhdjdbd it’s thursday
i really hope i can figure this out i’m so freaked out

Title: If We Can’t Protect This World… It’s Probably Because Gavin’s A Fucking Idiot

Word Count: 11041


Summary: There was an idea to bring together a group of remarkable people to see if they could become something more, to fight the battles that others never could… in hindsight, it might not have been the best idea Burnie ever had.

Notes: Okay so this idea rapidly got away from me but I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out and might do a few little ficlets in this verse in future. Enjoy!

Geoff- Captain America 

Jack- Hulk 

Michael- Iron Man 

Ryan- Thor 

Gavin- Hawkeye

Ray- Black Widow

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Children can be a hassle

(A/N): I love fics where people digress into children, I have no clue why….

Request:  Would you like to write another imagine with Steve? Where all the Avengers except Steve and (y/n) are turned into children for 24 hours and they have to take care of them? The children giving them a hard and stressful time. And after they turned back Steve and (y/n) lay on the floor next to each other and steve says that he wants children with (y/n) spilling to the others that theyre in a relationship?

Warnings: some swearing

Originally posted by natashasromanoff

   How had this happened? You knew how this had happened actually, Tony Stark, professional dumbass at your service, was once again tinkering around with something in the lab, ‘something big’ as he had said earlier. All you knew is one moment Tony is presenting his invention to the Avengers and then next Steve had knocked you to the ground to keep you out of the blast Tony’s invention. 

  You groan softly as everything settles down, the light around you dissipates and everything seems to be back to normal, until…

   “Tony? What the hell did you do to us?” The voice is quiet and unlike any you’ve ever heard, it sounded childlike really but something about it was so oddly familiar you just couldn’t place it, like an itch you couldn’t quite scratch. 

   “I didn’t do anything, the machine must have messed up!” 

   “You’re such an idiot Stark!” You look over to Steve who has jolted upright, shield clutched tightly. He reaches one hand out for you to take all the while scanning the lab suspiciously. 

   “Where’s Cap and (Y/N)?” That voice…although it sounded far more higher and quieter you knew it anywhere. 

   “Sam?” You ask incredulously as you take a step away from Steve, further progressing into the room. There’s the soft sounds of small feet and suddenly a bushy mess of black hair is poking out from one of Tony’s tables. 

   “(Y/N)?” Sam questions softly as he takes another step outwards, slowly revealing his…new self. You now understand why the other Avengers were so upset, seeing as how they were now under 5 feet and looked a ridiculously amount like children. Soon there are more soft pitter-patters and another familiar face appears, this one housing a head of curly red hair. 

   “Nat?” You ask once again, a hint of a smile playing at your lips. “What happened?” 

   “I’ll tell you what happened,” Tony suddenly appears only now small and much, much younger. “My stupid machine freaked out and now we’re all kids, that’s what.” Your smile widens as you try not to laugh, you really do but watching your teammates waddle around in now too big clothes and untamed hair was too cute not to smile. 

   “Don’t give us that smile!” Sam snaps, obviously very disgruntled by all of this. 

  “I’m sorry,” You chuckle softly, “You guys are just too cute!” All parties end up blushing, their little cheeks burning red. Up until this moment you had completely forgotten about Steve but suddenly his normal sized hand is on your shoulder, reminding you of his presence. 

   “What are we gonna do?” He asks softly all the while eyeing the Avengers suspiciously. “I don’t think they can take care of themselves and-” 

   “You guys aren’t looking after us,” Tony interrupts, folding his small arms over his chest. “We can take care of ourselves just fine,” You can only smile at the small thing, his little brows furrowed angrily, his bottom lip jutting out in a pout. 

   “Oh come on,” You ruffle Tony’s hair a little bit. “Steve and I are perfectly capable of taking care of you guys,” 

   “He burns toast (Y/N)!” Tony squeals, his voice cracking slightly. You only smile a bit wider, no doubt looking like a kid on christmas morning. 

   “Well then, I am perfectly capable of taking care of you guys,” Tony grumbles something under his breath, his words garbling together. 

   “Come on, I know how to take care of kids, I used to babysit all throughout my teenage years, this’ll be fun!” The Avengers eye you suspiciously before hesitantly agreeing, all grumbling unhappily about the situation they were in. 

   Whatever had affected their bodies were now affecting their minds too, instead of a team of well rounded, intelligent people you were now stuck with a group of hyperactive children. They were either causing mass destruction to the tower, demanding attention, or napping in some precarious spot. 

   To say taking care of this many hyperactive and superpowered children was hard would be an understatement, it was the most difficult thing you’ve had to do. They were much more destructive than normal children and they seemed to be the quickest bastards you’d ever seen. One moment Peter would be handing from the ceiling and the next he was down the hall, glued to the wall or Nat would be standing on a table one second and the next she’d jumped to the ground and was already  ahead of you by a good few yards. This left you and Steve running around constantly like a chicken without it’s head. 

   Finally enough was enough and you felt as though you may pass out from exhaustion and frustration. You slide to the kitchen floor after having just given up chasing Vision around for a good 10 minutes, your exhaustion getting the better of you. You bury your face in your hands and groan softly, wishing this day never happened, or wishing Tony the dumbass hadn’t built that stupid machine. You’re pulled from your thoughts as someone softly tugs on your shirtsleeve. 

   “What?” You snap as you turn to glare at the perpetrator. Bucky Barnes, albeir the younger version, stands beside you, looking rather alarmed at your tone. His wide blue eyes have you feeling guilty and you can’t help the sigh that tumbles from your lips. 

   “I’m sorry Bucky,” You attempt to give him a smile, “I didn’t mean to yell at you, I’m just a little frustrated is all.” Bucky nods slowly, that guilty look still glued into his face. You bite your lip as you realized you just snapped at a six year old child, who had been quite lovely in comparison to his peers. “What do you need Buck?” You ask softly, hoping your now quieter tone would soothe him. Bucky whispers something quietly, staring down at the floor shyly. “I can’t hear you Buck, can you speak a little louder-”

   “Can you come cuddle with me…?” The sentence starts out loud but slowly gets quieter with each passing word. You stare at him only for a moment, trying to decide if he was being serious or not. After analyzing him for a moment you nod, having decided that he was indeed being truthful.  

  “Sure thing,” Bucky smiles lightly albeit brightly, his small little cheeks dusted with a blush. You rise from your seat on the ground, following Bucky to one of Tony’s expensive couches. With a sigh of relief you settle down onto the couch, Bucky following after. He immediately snuggles up beside you, tucking his face into the crook of your neck. 

   You smile tiredly as you trail your fingers through Bucky’s hair, listening to the soft hums falling from his lips. Your eyes drift shut as do Bucky’s and you’re nearly, nearly asleep when there’s another soft tug on your clothing. You suppress your groan and instead weakly open your eyes, staring at the child that was pulling at your pant leg. Natasha sat on the floor below you, her eyes wide and pleading as she makes grabby hands at you. 

  “Cuddle?” She asks meekly and find yourself nodding as she smiles happily. She too, curls up beside you, taking the opposite side of your body.

    You realize how pleasant and soothing it is to have these two small bodies curled against you, even if they did belong to your now-deaged teammates. You hum contently as you snuggle deeper into the couch, the two small humans beside you following suit. 

    Steve ran through the tower searching for Bucky and Nat. He’d just gotten all the others to bed and if those two brats ruined this perfect moment for him he swore he’d shank them when they returned to normal size. 

   Steve came to a skidding halt before the living area, his eyes immediately training in on the mass of bodies on the couch. There was Bucky, (Y/N), and Nat all curled up together, sleeping soundly. Steve smiles whether it be out of relief or fondness he didn’t know, All he knew was that he was smiling as his favorite people cuddled together. 

   Steve took slow steps towards the tangle of bodies all the while his smile shone brightly. Bucky and Nat were nuzzled up against (Y/N), their small arms hanging loosely about (Y/N)’s body. Steve crouches down beside them, his hand going to push a strand of hair away from (Y/N)’s face. Leaning forward Steve presses a kiss to their forehead, being careful not to wake them up. Then with the gentlest of touches Steve picks up both Bucky and Nat, the two smaller bodies slumping against him tiredly. Steve smiles affectionately at his two friends as he begins to march them to their rooms, being careful not to wake them.

    Suddenly, as if a switch was being turned on Steve realized something. That man that he “left” back in the forties, the one who wanted family and stability hadn’t really left after all, all it took was being able to care for children for him to realize this. And as he came to this realization a sudden ache ran through his chest when he realized just how much he wanted this; a family, a life outside of captain america. Steve longed for stability, he longed for something as intimate as a family. And he wanted it with (Y/N), his (Y/N). 

    You awoke with a start, the lack of two small bodies against you rousing you from your relaxing slumber. You frantically look around you but find nothing, only met with silence until the sounds of heavy footsteps fill the air. You whip your head around to the hallway and Steve emerges, a concerned expression upon his face. 

    “Hey,” You whisper softly, rusing from your seat on the couch. “Where is everyone?” Steve gives you a smile before gesturing to the rooms behind him. 

   "In bed, finally got all of them to sleep,“ you nod softly, biting your lip when Steve turns his gaze to the floor. "Hey (Y/N),” Steve begins softly, his time even quieter than before. 

    “Yeah Stevie?" 

    "So…have you ever thought about, I don’t know, starting a family…?” Steve looks at you with a gaze that so similarly resembled that of a kicked puppy. You sigh softly, biting your lip in thought. Sure you’d thought about it but Steve had stated from the start that he didn’t want that, that on the low family life, he’d left that man in the ice ages ago. So now that he was suddenly brining it up was a bit of a surprise.

    “…yeah,” you eventually reply. “Why?” Steve sighs as well, turning his head to avoid eye contact with you. 

    “Well…just after today, caring for everyone, it made me realize that I do want a family…and I want it with you.” Steve hesitantly turns to look at you, his eyes alight with something you’d never seen before. Your mouth is suddenly dry and you feel as though you can’t speak, in a not so subtle way Steve was telling you that he wanted a family, with you. He wanted that stability and love and he wanted it with you. “It’s okay if you don’t agree, I understand-" 

   You suddenly spring to life, as though a switch within your body had been switched on. You quite suddenly press your lips against Steve’s hushing him up. He lets out a squeak of surprise before melting against you, his hands automatically settling at your hips. His lips move perfectly against yours, like water coursing over a smooth surface and now your moaning as you grow weak in the knees. Steve pulls away, sucking down air as you followed suit. 

   "So,” Steve states a little breathlessly, “I’m taking that as a yes?” He asks hopefully. You give him a warm smile, your lips twisting upwards in a lopsided grin. 

    “Yes. Most definitely." 

    ~Extended ending~ 

    "What?” Bucky nearly drops the plate he was holding. “You’re pregnant?" 

   "Well technically (Y/N) is but-”

    “Why do you need kids when you’ve got us?” Sam pipes in, folding up the newspaper he’d been reading (he was old fashioned that way).

    “Because we want a family-”

    “Are we not your family? We may as well be your children with how much you ‘parent’ us.” Bucky glares daggers at Steve, squinting those blue eyes. 

   "Oh my god I’m never telling you guys anything ever again.“

Tattoos and piercings

(A/N): I don’t have any of the above listed things (yet) but I wanted to write a fic on them so!
Warnings: swearing, a bit of prejudice, none other than that

Originally posted by luvinchris

   Trying to catch up with the real world was hard, everything was so different from when Steve was around. To him, things were a lot more simple back then, now you had all these social conflicts, all these equality problems, shit like this didn’t happen in Steve’s day. Everything was black and white, none of this weird ass gray stuff that was going on. Steve tried to be tolerant of all the new stuff but it was hard to do when he was surrounded by it everyday. It got even worse when Tony, professional dumbass at your service, invited along one of his weird young hooligan friends to join the team. 

   “This is (Y/N),” Tony announced, gesturing to the young, tatted and pierced girl besides him. “She’ll be officially joining our team today. She’s a engineer, agent, and weapon extraordinaire.  So be nice to her or she’ll probably punch your teeth in.” (Y/N) smiled softly, waving to the group of avengers timidly. As Steve looked over the tattoos that littered (Y/N)’s wrists and fingers he couldn’t help but grimace in disgust. Women in his time were classy and didn’t ever desecrate their body in such a way. Not only that but they would never, ever dress in this immodest fashion that (Y/N) seemed to be supporting. 

    “Welcome to the team,” Nat replied as a small smirk rose to her lips. “Glad to have you with us,” (Y/N) smiled shyly, a blush rising to their cheeks. 

   “It’s good to be here,” (Y/N) spoke softly and shyly, causing the group around Steve to smile. 

  “She’s shy,” Bucky whispers in his ear, “I like her,” Steve turns to look at Bucky, pure distaste upon his face. 

   “Aren’t you bothered by,” Steve gestured to (Y/N). “By all of that?” Bucky looked (Y/N) over, a contemplative look upon his face. 

  “No, I actually like it. It’s expressive and stuff.” Steve rolls his eyes in disgust before turning his attention back to (Y/N) and Tony. 

   “And this is-” Tony begins only to be cut off by (Y/N)’s quiet voice. 

   “Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes…I learned about you guys in highschool.” (Y/N) offers shyly, another shy smile upon their face. Bucky smiles warmly, grasping (Y/N)’s hand and shaking it. 

   “And you’re (Y/N), glad I could have the pleasure of meeting you,” (Y/N)’s cheeks flush bright red and Bucky can hardly contain the smug smile that forces its way to his lips. Steve wants to gag or say something rude but instead he grasps (Y/N)’s hand, shaking it lightly. 

   “Glad to have you on the team (Y/N),” He forces his smile and he hopes his voice portrays exactly how he feels. Both Bucky and Tony give Steve a strange look but (Y/N) seemingly doesn’t notice, instead their focus is upon the floor. 

   “Well,” Tony begins, pulling (Y/N) into his side. “I think that’s enough socializing for today. How ‘bout we go take some tests to see where you’d fit well on this time, yeah?” (Y/N) nods softly, a quiet ‘okay’ falling from their lips. Tony gives the kid a warm smile, his brown eyes swimming with adoration for them, it made Steve sick. 

   Steve nearly choked on his drink when Tony told him that (Y/N)’s fighting style meshed well with his and now they’d be partners on every. single. mission. 

   “No,” Steve shakes his head, folding his arms over his chest. “I refuse. I don’t want to.” 

   “Oh come on,” Tony whines, stomping his feet like a child. “Why not? (Y/N) is an awesome person and-”

   “I’m disgusted by them,” Steve states, shaking his head. “Put them with Bucky or somethin’ I don’t want them,” Tony sighed, shaking his head as well. 

   “Can’t. You’re the only one on this team without a partner and (Y/N) is the best advocate. You guys are going to have to learn to like each other. And for god’s sake,” Tony grumbles, “Be nice to the poor kid.” 

   Now Steve was standing in the training room, grumbling unhappily about his situation as he wrapped his hands up in tape. 

  “Stupid generation…” He mumbles, “Stupid Tony,” “Stupid everything…” 

   “Is this a bad time?” A quiet voice suddenly asks. Steve snaps his head to the doorway, his eyes narrowing as he studied (Y/N). They were dressed for training, tank top and shorts. Steve’s eyes land on the circular tattoo upon (Y/N)’s thigh and it takes all of his willpower to not roll his eyes in distaste. 

   “No,” Steve murmurs through clenched teeth. “I’m good,” (Y/N) gave him a small smile (albeit hesitant) before further progressing into the room. 

   “So, uh- partners huh?” Steve nodded, trying so hard not to bitch and moan. “Tony wanted me to train with you…” Steve nodded again, finishing wrapping up his hands. “So…what’re we doing-”

   “I’ll stick to one side of the room, you stick to the other, got it?” Steve doesn’t even regret the words as they fall from his mouth, he’s actually rather pleased with himself. (Y/N) winces at his tone, something Steve wasn’t used to. 

   “O-okay…” (Y/N) murmurs before crossing over to one of the many treadmills on the opposite side of the room. Steve sighed softly, shaking his head, this was going to be a long day. 

   As the weeks progressed the team began to include (Y/N) more and more within their daily lives. Nat was always taking (Y/N) out shopping, Tony was always working on engineering with them, Sam and (Y/N) were constantly talking about music, Bucky began to go on runs with (Y/N) in the mornings, Wanda was constantly talking to (Y/N) given that their shy souls related to each other, Vision was always asking (Y/N) about their life and how they had lived, and yet Steve still didn’t like them. 

   He had a strong distaste for them, all because of a few earrings and tattoos. Steve realized that it was petty and stupid but he wasn’t used to it, it wasn’t his normal. He did feel bad whenever (Y/N) avoided him, guess he had made it pretty obvious he didn’t like them. Steve groaned inwardly at his rash decisions. Who was he to judge a book by its cover? He had been tormented all his life for his size and now he was doing the exact same thing. Perhaps it was time he started being nice to (Y/N), get to know the book for it’s pages and words rather than it’s tattered cover. 

   Steve eyed (Y/N) as they took a swig of water, having just ran for 30 straight minutes. A thin sheen of sweat covered their skin and their chest heaved as they gulped down air. His eyes, however, were drawn to the intricate pattern upon (Y/N)’s fingers. 

   “What do your tattoos stand for?” Steve asks suddenly, the words spilling from his mouth with no filter. (Y/N) turns to look at hi, a confused expression upon their face. Steve would be confused if the person that supposedly hated him started asking him about himself suddenly. 

   “Um…which one?” (Y/N) asks quietly. Steve points to the design on (Y/N)’s pointer finger, 

   “That one.” (Y/N) smiles faintly, trailing their fingers along the design. 

   “Oh, one of my favorite book characters has this pattern they wear all the time and I just thought I’d get a tattoo in their honor.” Steve nods softly, his eyes then falling to the small eye upon (Y/N)’s wrist. 

   “And that one?” Steve points to (Y/N)’s wrist. 

   “Family tattoo, my sisters and I got them when I turned eighteen.” Steve nodded once again, his eyes remaining upon the inked lines upon (Y/N)’s arm. 

   “…They’re nice,” Steve compliments before turning his attention back to the punching bag in front of him. A smile spread across (Y/N)’s face as they touched their tattoos lightly. Steve casts (Y/N) a side glance, smiling softly as he sees the way (Y/N)’s smiling. Maybe he could learn to like them after all…

   Weeks ticked by and little by little Steve and (Y/N) were starting to become friends. They were beginning to talk more, they started to spend time together out of training, and Steve had almost completely forgotten about (Y/N)’s tattoos. Instead of being some nasty thing he didn’t like, they were just a part of (Y/N) and Steve was really starting to like (Y/N). 

    “So…you and (Y/N), huh?” Bucky smirks softly as he leans forward onto his elbows, resting his chin upon his hands. Steve blushed madly, folding his arms over his chest and turning to look outside Stark Tower. 

   “I don’t know what you’re talking about…” Steve grumbles softly. 

   “Oh come on!” Bucky laughs softly. “You only stare at her like she’s your entire world or something. Why have you so suddenly changed your opinion on her?” Steve shrugged his shoulders, staring down at his folded arms. 

   “I just realized what she was really like…” Bucky hummed softly, leaning back into his chair. 

    “So… when can I expect you to pop the question?” 


    As time ticked by Steve actually began to fall in love with (Y/N). From the way they always smiled shyly to the very ink upon their skin. Steve was in love with (Y/N), all of (Y/N) Even if he hadn’t liked some aspects of them at first. He had just needed some time to get used to the fact that women were not like they were back in his day. They were strong, independent, free thinking people who deserved more respect than he was giving them. Sure, they were different than the women of his time but he actually thoroughly enjoyed women of today. From their fiery personalities to the way they could do and say whatever they wanted. All it had taken for him to realize this was one single person, (Y/N). 

    “Hey,” (Y/N) whispers beside him, their patterned fingers tracing the along his chest. 

   “Whatcha thinkin’ about?” Steve smiled softly, looking down at the woman in his arms. They were beautiful, despite the fact they had more than one piercing, despite the fact that their skin was covered in ink. 

   “Just how much I love you…” Steve whispers, clasping his fingers with (Y/N)’s. (Y/N) hums, snuggling against Steve’s bare chest. 

   “At first I thought you didn’t like me…” Steve chuckles softly all the while pressing a kiss to (Y/N)’s hair. 

   “It’s not that I didn’t like you. I was just…uncomfortable with the fact that you were so different from the women of my time.” (Y/N) hums again, the sound reverberating through their chest. 

   “Do you still think that?”

   “That you’re different from women of my time? Yes. Am I uncomfortable with this? Most definitely not. In fact, I think you’ve inspired me to get a tattoo of my own,” 

   “Really?” (Y/N) perks up, visibly excited. “What do you wanna get?” Steve smiles wickedly, his eyes twinkling playfully. 

   “I’m thinkin’ ‘Patriotism’ In huge words across my chest, Kay? And then I’m gonna put an eagle underneath it-” (Y/N) playfully smacks Steve’s chest, their beautiful laughter filling the room. 

   “You’re such a nerd,” 

   “I’m dead serious (Y/N).”

   “I can tell you’re lying you dork.” Steve hums softly, rewrapping his arms around (Y/N) and pulling them back down to his chest. 

   “Yeah…but I’m your dork.”