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Look At The Stars

A/N: so, fun fact I got a tattoo today, and so I kinda got inspiration from getting my tattoo, to write about my interpretation of it (also this is gonna be v short js)

Genre: sad lol

Word Count: 449 words

Your P.O.V

I walk down the footpath, my heart feeling as heavy as ever, and I don’t know whether it’s from the anxiety, or if something else, or even someone else is still on my mind. I stop in front of the shop, clutch tightly on to my art book in my hands, take a deep breath, and walk through the door, up the two flights of stairs.

I’m greeted with very professional drawings and the sound of a tattoo gun going off, which instantly makes me nervous, and my heart starts to pound, and it feels like it’s going to jump out of my throat, but I should probably do this now, before I chicken out, and never do it.

“Hey there, what can I do for you today?” A lady at the front desk greets me, with a warm smile.

“Hi, so I was wondering if I could possibly get this tattooed on me, today?” I ask opening up my art book and showing her what I wanted to get done, just a simple quote with stars around it.

“Oh yeah definitely, I think we should have some space for you to do it today, so let’s just look at the design, and see what we can do.” She says smiling warmly at my nervous stature.

I wonder off into the waiting room to sign a consent form, so that we can begin. We fitted the stencil on my back, and she began her magic.

Getting this tattoo, made me feel a lot better about everything that has been going on in my personal life, with a lot of tragedies and everything, this tattoo is just kinda a reminder that everything is gonna be okay.

“So what does this tattoo mean to you?” The tattooist asks over the seemingly quiet buzzing sound coming from the tattoo gun.

“Well, recently, my boyfriend, Dan passed away unexpectedly, so this tattoo is just a reminder that, if I look up to the sky at night, and look at the stars, he’s shining and watching over me.” I say starting to tear up slightly.

A couple of hours later and the tattoo is finished, with the words “look at the stars, look how they shine for you” going across my back, with stars all around it.

Now I’ll always have a reminder that, no matter what happens in my life without Dan, he’s always looking down, shining for me.

💮~professionally scanned this hand drawing of mine~💮

(the idea for this hand post is by a tattooer called “suflanda” on instagram and i instantly fell in love with it!!)

i love hands, they’re one of those things you spend so much time on trying to get them right but even after  years you still struggle.🌸 

the cool thing about drawing is that you can get better at it every day !  Everything you see influences your imagination and gives a new unique style to your art.!!!!

You will basicly develop you drawings skills your entire lifetime!🌸 


I am a professional artist. I draw things, and I teach others how to draw things, for a living. And this is how I decided to spend my free art time

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