professional drawings

💮~professionally scanned this hand drawing of mine~💮

(the idea for this hand post is by a tattooer called “suflanda” on instagram and i instantly fell in love with it!!)

i love hands, they’re one of those things you spend so much time on trying to get them right but even after  years you still struggle.🌸 

the cool thing about drawing is that you can get better at it every day !  Everything you see influences your imagination and gives a new unique style to your art.!!!!

You will basicly develop you drawings skills your entire lifetime!🌸 

Lance was anxious because of his debut as a professional merman so Keith kissed him good luck and accidentally broke him

the idea is taken from this post from @steviecap because I fell in love with it at first sight ❤

Inktober day 2: Divided - based on @infriga’s idea for a werewolf Stan who’s stuck as a wolf until he gets burned by the symbol in the basement

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I’ve been doing these sketchy portraits of my favourite fictional ladies over the last few days and having so much fun. I think I’ll probably do a couple more.

I’ve also been posting progress videos while I work on these. You can see those (and more tiny videos about stuff I do) if you follow me on Instagram.


This is for @dizzy-redhead, and it’s from one of my favorite pieces of writing from this fandom. The Closer series can be found here, and this scene is from the last part, titled Can’t Stop.

me: this fic is so hot

me: draws like the only part where they’re clothed

me, later: draws a slightly nsfw part for under the cut

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